Section 4
Chapter 3,862

New species, varieties and reductions in Diospyros (Ebenaceae) in Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia including Peninsular Thailand

Ng, F.S.P.

Gardens' Bulletin Singapore 53(1/2): 291-313


Accession: 003861175

In the genus Diospyros, seven new species (D. beccarioides Ng, D. brainii Ng, D. crockerensis Ng, D. keningauensis Ng, D. lunduensis Ng, D. multinervis Ng and D. parabuxifolia Ng) and six new varieties (D. curranii Merr. var. kalimantanensis Ng; D. ferruginescens Bakh. var. rufotomentosa Ng; D. lanceifolia Roxb. var. iliaspaiei Ng, var. renageorgei Ng, var. saliciformis Ng; D. penibukanensis Bakh. var. scalarinervis Ng) are described.

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