Nitrate leaching loss from soil and nutrient utilization by tomato in protected field

Li JunLiang; Zhu JianHua; Zhang XiaoSheng; Meng XiangXia; Chen Qing; Li XiaoLin; Zhang FuSuo

Chinese Journal of Applied and Environmental Biology 7(2): 126-129


ISSN/ISBN: 1006-687X
Accession: 003861740

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A field experiment was conducted in Shouguang City, Shandong Province, China to determine the effects of different complex fertilizer types on nutrient utilization by tomatoes and nitrate leaching in soil layer in the protected field. Tomato yield slightly increased by 12.7-18.4% with different types of complex fertilizers due to relatively high soil fertility, and no significant differences were found among the treatments with different application rates. The efficiencies of fertilizer utilization were so low that nearly 90% of applied N and P could not be used by tomato. Excessive water and fertilizer input in the long term could result in nitrate leaching loss in protected vegetable field.