Section 4
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Nitrogen transformations during pig manure composting

Huang, G.F.; Wu, Q.T.; Li, F.B.; Wong, J.W.

Journal of Environmental Sciences 13(4): 401-405


ISSN/ISBN: 1001-0742
PMID: 11723923
Accession: 003862523

Transformations of nitrogen were investigated in co-composting of pig manure with different amendments, such as sawdust and leaves. Samples were analyzed for pH, total-N, soluble NH4-N, soluble NO3-N and soluble organic-N. The total-N increased after 63 days of composting, as well as the soluble NO3-N and soluble organic-N. Soluble NH4-N increased significantly and showed peak values at day 7, thereafter decreased sharply and gradually to lower levels.

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