Section 4
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Nucleotide sequence of cryIA gene cloned from Btk isolate of Bacillus thuringiensis and comparison with cryIA (c) gene from B. thuringiensis subsp. kenyae

Budiani, A.; Santoso, D.

Menara Perkebunan 68(1): 10-19


Accession: 003864579

This paper reports sequencing of cryIA gene fragment encoding toxin domain isolated from Btk isolates of B. thuringiensis using PCR technique and cloned with pGEM-T vector. To determine the full sequence of the 2-kb gene fragment, a series of mutants unidirectionally deleted at the 5'-end were constructed. Mutation was done using Erase-a Base-System kit. Three DNA mutants with appropriate degree of deletion and the un-mutated DNA were chosen for sequencing.

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