Nutrition in utero and preweaning, and its effects on growth, carcase composition, marbling and beef quality: post weaning performance of Peidmontese x Hereford and Wagyu x Hereford core cattle at Glen Innes

Hearnshaw, H.; Hennessy, D.W.; Dicker, R.W.; Kamphorst, P.; Greenwood, P.L.; Wolcott, M.

Proceedings of the Beef Products Program Technology Our Future, Tocal College, Paterson, Australia, 13th May 2003: 44-47


Accession: 003865660

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The growth, liveweights and changes in body composition of 'core' heifers and steers, born in Grafton (New South Wales, Australia) and grazed at Glen Innes, were studied. At weaning (April 2002), and at postweaning in Glen Innes, the calves weighed 182 kg. However, their weights differed markedly depending on their previous nutrition in Grafton, both in utero and preweaning, and their genotypes and sex. From April to October 2002, core cattle only grew at about 240 g/day; however, from October 2002 to January 2003, growth rates improved markedly to 1090 g/day. This was due to increased supplementary feeding and some pasture growth. The desired growth rates were achieved in only 2 of the 8 months for the time in Glen Innes.