Parasitoids in biological control of lepidopteran crop pests

Singh, S.P.

Biological control of lepidopteran pests Proceedings of the Symposium of Biological Control of Lepidopteran Pests, July 17-18, 2002, Bangalore, India: 51-65


Accession: 003875576

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This paper focuses on the parasitoids and their associations in different agro-ecosystems. Brief discussions are presented on the biodiversity of parasitoids and their uses; their economic importance; use in classical biological control; importation; host range, age preference, biological parameters, life tables, growth rate patterns, developmental response to temperature and humidity, storage, diapause termination, interaction between parasitoids, dispersal and searching ability, host plant preference and low temperature storage; breeding or mass production techniques (such as in vitro methods, chemically defined diets and factory scale production with mechanical delivery systems); tritrophic interactions and semiochemicals; development of superior strains; methods of conservation; biological pest suppression systems; and commercial production of parasitoids in India.