Path-coefficient analysis for seed yield and related characters in a population of determinate and indeterminate types of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Uzun, B.; Cagrgan, M.I.

Turkish Journal of Field Crops 6(2): 76-80


ISSN/ISBN: 1301-1111
Accession: 003876610

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Seed yield and related characteristics of sesame population involving 8 determinate and 4 indeterminate types were studied by simple correlation coefficients and path coefficient analysis. The genotypes were grown in Antalya, Turkey, during 1998, 1999 and 2000. Observations were recorded for seed yield, number of capsules per plant, number of seeds per capsule, stem height to the first capsule, plant height, fruiting zone length, 1000-seed weight, and number of fruiting branch. Number of capsule per plant was highly correlated with seed yield based on the correlation analysis. However, plant height had the greatest direct effect on seed yield of determinate growth habit regarding the result of path coefficient analysis, differing from the results of earlier reports on indeterminate sesame types.