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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3892

Chapter 3892 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Suresh Kumar; Farzana Parveen, 2000:
Potential medicinal plants for diversifying crop base in the Indian arid zone

Coetzee, N.A.; Brunkhorst, M.J., 2000:
Potential methods of improving the detection of promising sugarcane clones in early selection trials

Godshall, M.A.; Iqbal, K.; Triche, R.; Moore, S., 2002:
Potential new product development using membranes

Weiter, L.; Herman, M.; Sedlacek, F.; Zemek, F., 2002:
Potential occurrence of the birch mouse (Sicista betulina) in the Bohemian Forest (Sumava): a geographical information system approach

Boughton, A.J.; Lewis, L.C.; Bonning, B.C., 2001:
Potential of Agrotis ipsilon nucleopolyhedrovirus for suppression of the black cutworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and effect of an optical brightener on virus efficacy

Pudelska, K.; Hetman, J., 2001:
Potential of Akrygel KM as a component of a rooting medium for Dahlia cuttings

Auger, J.; Dugravot, S.; Naudin, A.; Ahmed Abo Ghalia; Pierre, D.; Thibout, E., 2002:
Potential of Allium allelochemicals for safe insect control

Rinaudo, A.; Prakash Patel; Thomson, L.A.J., 2002:
Potential of Australian Acacias in combating hunger in semi-arid lands

Glare, T.R.; Placet, C.; Nelson, T.L.; Reay, S.D., 2002:
Potential of Beauveria and Metarhizium as control agents of pinhole borers (Platypus spp.)

Quansah, C.F.ning, J.; Ampontuah, E., 2001:
Potential of Chromolaena odorata, Panicum maximum and Pueraria phaseoloides as nutrient sources and organic matter amendments for soil fertility maintenance in Ghana

Gonzalez Velez, A.; Ortiz, C.E., 2002:
Potential of Colocasia esculenta var. antiquorum as a crop in Puerto Rico

Holmann, F.; Lascano, C.E.; Plazas, C., 2002:
Potential of Cratylia argentea in dual-purpose production systems in the piedmont region of the eastern plains of Colombia

Luginbuhl, W., 2002:
Potential of FT-IR spectrometry for rapid analysis in whey concentration

A.L.wati, H.T.; Azam, K.M.; Deadman, M.L., 2002:
Potential of Omani flora as source of natural products for control of pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis

Lahlou, M., 2002:
Potential of Origanum compactum as a cercaricide in Morocco

Kudagamage, C.; Munasinghe, R.S.; Rohan Rajapakse; Disna Rathnasekara, 1996:
Potential of Paecilomyces fumosoroseus in control of cabbage caterpillars

Kumar, M.S.ngh, R., 2002:
Potential of Pongamia glabra Vent as an insecticide of plant origin

Morales, M.S.; Villalba, R.; Grau, H.R.; Villagra, P.E.; Boninsegna, J.A.; Ripalta, A.; Paolini, L., 2001:
Potential of Prosopis ferox Griseb (Leguminosae, subfamily: Mimosoideae) for dendrochronological studies in high-montane subtropical deserts

Niederwieser, J.G.; Terblanche, M.; Spreeth, M.H., 2002:
Potential of South African members of the Amaryllidaceae for new crop development

Booth, S.R.; Tanigoshi, L.; Dewes, I., 2000:
Potential of a dried mycelium formulation of an indigenous strain of Metarhizium anisopliae against subterranean pests of cranberry

Fujii, K.; Yamamoto, R.; Tanaka, T.; Hirakawa, T.; Kikuchi, S., 2003:
Potential of a new biotreatment: Sphingomonas cloacae S-3T degrades nonylphenol in industrial wastewater

Beuchat, L.R.; Scouten, A.J.; Allen, R.I.; Hussey, R.S., 2003:
Potential of a plant-parasitic nematode to facilitate internal contamination of tomato plants by Salmonella

Correa, R.M.; Pinto, J.E.B.P.; Bertolucci, S.K.V.; Reis, E.S.; Souza, A.V. de, 2003:
Potential of active charcoal, yellow filter and interaction photoperiod/temperature on the formation of tuber roots of sweet potato in vitro

Dano, A.M., 1999:
Potential of agroforestry in the upland of Manupali watershed

Peralta Videa, J.R.; Gardea Torresdey, J.L.; Gomez, E.; Tiemann, K.J.; Parsons, J.G.; Rosa, G. de la; Carrillo, G., 2002:
Potential of alfalfa plant to phytoremediate individually contaminated montmorillonite-soils with Cadmium(II), Chromium(VI), Copper(II), Nickel(II), and Zinc(II)

Ghodake, R.D., 2001:
Potential of and challenges to the development of agricultural research information in Papua New Guinea: the case of NARI

Geldenhuys, C.J., 1999:
Potential of and development for ecotourism in the Tsingy de Bemaraha near Bekopaka, Madagascar

Villegas Torres, O.G.; Rodriguez Mendoza, M. de las N.; Trejo Tellez, L.I.; Alcantar Gonzalez, G., 2001:
Potential of bee-honey in the nutrition of tomato plants

Chattopadhyay, C.; Varaprasad, K.S., 2001:
Potential of bioagents in castor wilt management

Purwar, J.P.; Yadav, S.R., 2002:
Potential of biorational insecticides against leaf folder, Nacoleia spp. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) on soyabean

Rosellini, D.; Veronesi, F., 2002:
Potential of biotechnology for alfalfa

Jaimini, S.N.; Tikka, S.B.S.; Patel, J.M.; Patel, N.M.; Patel, P.M.; Patel, S.B., 2003:
Potential of certain multipurpose tree species under rainfed condition in North Gujarat

Adagba, M.A.; Lagoke, S.T.O.; Singh, B.N.; Ndahi, W.B., 2002:
Potential of cinosulfuron and CGA152005 seed treatment for control of Striga hermonthica in upland rice

Osuna Ortega, J.; Mendoza Onofre, L.E.; Castillo Gonzalez, F.; Gonzalez Hernandez, V.A.; Mendoza Castillo, M. del C.; Williams Alanis, H.; Hernandez Martinez, M., 2001:
Potential of cold tolerant germplasm in the adaptation and adaptability of grain sorghum in Mexico: II. Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas; and Celaya, Guanajuato

Casaco, O.; Barbosa, A.; Mexia, A., 2002:
Potential of combining silica aerogels with IGRs as protectants of stored rice (paddy) against Sitophilus oryzae (L.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Silva e Oliveira, J.; Souza Sobrinho, F. de; Pereira, R.C.; Miranda, J.M. de; Banys, V.L.; Ruggieri, A.C.; Pereira, A.V.; Ledo, F. da S.; Botrel, M. de A.; Auad, M.V., 2003:
Potential of commercial hybrids of corn for silage utilization in southeastern Brazil

Tarwadi, K.; Agte, V., 2003:
Potential of commonly consumed green leafy vegetables for their antioxidant capacity and its linkage with the micronutrient profile

Whiting, D.C., 2003:
Potential of controlled atmosphere and air cold storage for postharvest disinfestation of New Zealand kiwifruit

Riga, E.; Whistlecraft, J.; Potter, J., 2001:
Potential of controlling insect pests of corn using entomopathogenic nematodes

Kreber, B.; Chittenden, C.; Eden, D.; Wakeling, R.; Waals, J. van der, 2001:
Potential of dairy products and integrated systems for in-forest applications to protect Pinus radiata from fungal degrade

Zainal Abidin, M.Y.; Zulaikha Paidi; Ropien Jokiman, 2002:
Potential of developing cosmetics and cosmeceutical products from medicinal plant

Sallah, P.Y.K.; Obeng Antwi, K.; Ewool, M.B., 2002:
Potential of elite maize composites for drought tolerance in stress and non-drought stress environments

Zaki, F.A.; Mantoo, M.A., 2003:
Potential of entomopathogenic nematode utilization against fruit crop pests

Ekanayake, H.M.R.K.; Abeysinghe, A.M.C.P.; Toida, Y., 2001:
Potential of entomopathogenic nematodes as bio-control agents of sweet potato weevil, Cylas formicarius (Fabricius) (Coleoptera : Brenthidae)

Shylesha, A.N., 2003:
Potential of entomopathogenic nematodes for insect control in North Eastern Hill region of India

Rajani Chauhan; Chauhan, S.K.; Khajuria, H.N.; Gera, M.K., 2000:
Potential of exotic forest tree species in Punjab

Singh, T.P., 2003:
Potential of farm forestry in carbon sequestration

Bangarwa, K.S., 2002:
Potential of genetic improvement for stem form in Dalbergia sissoo Roxb

Changadeya, W.; Malekano, L.B.; Ambali, A.J.D., 2003:
Potential of genetics for aquaculture development in Africa

Mallet Rodrigues, F., 2001:
Potential of germination of Ficus microcarpa seeds, with Rufous-bellied Thrush, Turdus rufiventris, as a dispersor

Gautam, R.D.; Tesfaye, A., 2002:
Potential of green lacewing Chrysoperla carnea (Stephens) in crop pest management

Obert, B.; Pret' ova, A.; Zofajova, A.; Benova, Z., 2001:
Potential of haploids to assist maize and barley breeding

Jyotsana Sharma, 2001:
Potential of homoeopathic drugs for the control of storage rots of potato under non-refrigerated conditions

Sangeeta Paul; Verma, O.P.; Rathi, M.S., 2002:
Potential of homologous and heterologous Azotobacter chroococcum strains as bioinoculant for cotton

Achuo, A.E.; Hofte, M., 2001:
Potential of induced resistance to control Oidium lycopersici on tomato and tobacco

Ssekabembe, C.K.; Sabiiti, E.N., 2002:
Potential of intercropping napier grass with maize during the establishment phase of napier grass

Aber, J.S.; Aber, S.W., 2001:
Potential of kite aerial photography for peatland investigations with examples from Estonia

Bison, O.; Ramalho, M.A.P.; Raposo, F.V., 2003:
Potential of maize single hybrids to generate inbred lines

Kranthi, K.R.; Sandhya Kranthi; Mohan, K.S., 2001:
Potential of mango leaf extract containing flavonoids as UV protectant against inactivation of Heliothis armigera (Hubner) NPV

Barman, K.; Rai, S.N., 2003:
Potential of mango seed kernel (Mangifera indica) as an animal feed

Ibrahim, A.E., 1997:
Potential of milk production from Sudanese she-camels (Nagas)

Rossi, L.; Bindler, G.; Pijnenburg, H.; Isaac, P.G.; Giraud Henry, I.; Mahe, M.; Orvain, C.; Gadani, F., 2001:
Potential of molecular marker analysis for variety identification in processed tobacco

Ito, H.; Morimoto, S.; Yamauchi, R., 2001:
Potential of near infrared spectroscopy for non-destructive estimation of soluble solids in growing melons

Ito, H.; Morimoto, S.; Yamauchi, R.; Ippoushi, K.; Azuma, K.; Higashio, H., 2002:
Potential of near infrared spectroscopy for non-destructive estimation of soluble solids in watermelons

Ito, H., 2002:
Potential of near infrared spectroscopy for nondestructive estimation of degrees Brix in strawberries

Martin Gardiner, M.; Rao, P.S., 2001:
Potential of newly enhanced sugarcane germplasm for sugar production in the Caribbean

Akiba, Y., 2001:
Potential of nutrition in the control of growth and meat quality in broilers

Scheffer Basso, S.M.; Floss, E.L.; Cechetti, D.; Barea, K.; Bortolini, F., 2001:
Potential of oat genotypes for dual-purpose

Piara Singh; Srinivas, K.; Victor, U.S.; Patil, J.D.; Virmani, S.M.; Wani, S.P., 2000:
Potential of opportunity double cropping with short duration legumes in the rabi sorghum areas of India

Zude, M.; Herold, B., 2001:
Potential of optical spectral analysis for determining fruit ripeness

Nakisah Mat Amin; Sabri Mahmood, 1998:
Potential of palm oil mill effluent (POME) as an alternative medium for culturing Acanthamoeba sp

Sawazaki, E.; Castro, J.L. de; Gallo, P.B.; Paterniani, M.E.A.G.Z.; Silva, R.M. da; Luders, R.R., 2003:
Potential of popcorn temperate hybrids crossed with the semitropical IAC 12 tester

Seigner, E.; Seefelder, S.; Haugg, B.; Engelhard, B.; Hasyn, S.; Felsenstein, F.G., 2003:
Potential of powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca humuli) to infect hops (Humulus lupulus) in various developmental stages

Qamar uz Zaman ; Shumann, A.W.; Shiel, R.S., 2003:
Potential of precision fertilization of fields with P and K based on spatial variation in nutrient content and crop yield

Noda, T.; Kimura, Y.; Lopez, M.B.R. de; Evert, M.T. de; Palacio, C., 2002:
Potential of predatory natural enemies for biological control of sap-sucking insect pests in Paraguay

Dutta, T.K.; Kundu, S.S.; Sharma, D.D., 2001:
Potential of probiotics supplementation on in vitro rumen fermentation and 35S incorporation in microbial protein

Kalyan Singh; Yashwant Singh; Sarangi, S.K., 2002:
Potential of problem soils in augmenting food production in India

Pandey, S.K.; Gaur, P.C.; Singh, S.V.; Dinesh Kumar, 2002:
Potential of processing potato varieties in different agroclimatic regions

Thiellement, H., 2001:
Potential of proteomics for plant improvement

Kreuzer, M., 2002:
Potential of rarely used animal feeds

Kler, T.K., 2002:
Potential of reflective ribbon and scarecrows as bird deterrents in sunflower crops

Lockwood, M.; Hawke, M.; Curtis, A., 2002:
Potential of revegetation incentives to meet biodiversity and salinity objectives: a study from the Goulburn Broken Catchment

Koocheki, A., 2000:
Potential of saltbush (Atriplex spp.) as a fodder shrub for the arid lands of Iran

Abang, M.M.; Iloba, C., 2002:
Potential of seed treatment fungicides for the control of foliar diseases of tomato under late short growing season conditions of a tropical derived savanna

Meksumpun, S.; Srisomwong, J.; Meksumpun, C., 2003:
Potential of shellfish culture areas at Wain Estuary, Chantaburi and Trat Provinces

Roth, G.W.; Harper, J.K.; Hower, A.A.; Kyper, R.A., 2002:
Potential of shorter corn/alfalfa rotations for dairy farms

Berger, F.; Vanneste, J.L., 2002:
Potential of slaked lime for control of fire blight

Chattopadhyay, C.; Sastry, R.K., 2001:
Potential of soil solarization in reducing stem-root rot incidence and increasing seed yield of sesame

Harrison, R.C.; Harrison, S.R., 2001:
Potential of some Australian tree species for agroforestry in the Philippines

Anim Kwapong, G.J., 2003:
Potential of some Neotropical Albizia species as shade trees when replanting cacao in Ghana

Ugwu, B.O.; Ukpabi, U.J., 2002:
Potential of soy-cassava flour processing to sustain increasing cassava production in Nigeria

Smiderle, O.J., 2001:
Potential of sunflower production in two sowing dates in the savanna ecosystem of Roraima

Perla, J.; Finegan, B.; Delgado, D., 2002:
Potential of teak and paja blanca for avifauna diversity conservation. Gatun lake sub-watershed, Panama Canal

Mittelmann, A.; Miranda Filho, J.B. de; Lima, G.J.M.M. de; Hara Klein, C.; Tanaka, R.T., 2003:
Potential of the ESA23B maize population for protein and oil content improvement

Lindstrom, K.; Jussila, M.M.; Hintsa, H.; Kaksonen, A.; Mokelke, L.; Makelainen, K.; Pitkajarvi, J.; Suominen, L., 2003:
Potential of the Galega - Rhizobium galegae system for bioremediation of oil-contaminated soil

Rosa, L. dos S.; Oliveira, F. de A.; Velasco, V.; Alberio, V.E.V., 2000:
Potential of the alley cropping system to rehabilitate soils altered by agricultural activities in the municipality of Igarape-Acu, Para

Aditya, G.; Raut, S.K., 2002:
Potential of the leech Glossiphonia weberi (Blanchard) in controlling the sewage snail Physa acuta Draparnaud

Sateikis, I., 2001:
Potential of the output and usage of renewable energy in Lithuanian agriculture

Balastreire, L.A., 2003:
Potential of the use of precision agriculture concepts for vegetable crops

Baggio, A.; Montoya, L.; Masaguer, A., 2002:
Potential of timbo (Ateleia glazioveana) and marica (Mimosa bimucronata) for green manure production on subtropical zones. I: Productivity and persistence

Baggio, A.; Carpanezzi, A.; Masaguer, A., 2002:
Potential of timbo (Ateleia glazioveana) and marica (Mimosa bimucronata) for green manure production on subtropical zones. II: Decomposition and quality

Ramos-Santana, R.M.rtinez, G.M.cchiavelli, R.R.driguez, J.; Guzman, J., 2003:
Potential of trees, grasses, and turf legumes for restoring eroded soils

Susanta Kundu; Subrata Maity, 2002:
Potential of true potato seed production in Eastern Plains

Dissanayake, U.S.; Tennakoon, K.U.; Priyantha, N., 2002:
Potential of two invasive plant species, Lantana camara L. and Wedelia trilobata L., for selective heavy metal uptake

Peng RenKang; Christian, K.; Gibb, K., 2001:
Potential of using colonies of the green ant, Oecophylla smaragdina (F.), to control cashew insect pests

A.Uqaili, J.K., 2003:
Potential of using drainage water for wheat production in Iraq

Pandey, D.K.; Roy, D., 2002:
Potential of varietal mixture(s) in raising productivity in groundnut (A. hypogaea)

Prematilake, K.G.; Prematunge, P., 2000:
Potential of various green matter as sources of mulch and green manure

Ito, H.; Horie, H.; Ippoushi, K.; Azuma, K., 2003:
Potential of visible-near infrared (VIS-NIR) spectroscopy for non-destructive estimation of nitrate content in Japanese radishes

Downs, K.M.; Norton, R.A.; Macklin, K.S.; Hess, J.B., 2003:
Potential of vitamin E and zinc-amino acid complex for the reduction of cellulitis in broilers

Woolwine, A.E.; Reagan, T.E., 2001:
Potential of winter cover crops to increase abundance of Solenopsis invicta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and other arthropods in sugarcane

Mendes, L.M.; Mori, F.A.; Trugilho, P.F., 2002:
Potential of wood to add value to still rum

Holmer, L.; Stenlid, J.; Woods, C.; Pettersson, O., 2001:
Potential of wood-decaying fungi to control Heterobasidion annosum

Parajulee, M.N.; Slosser, J.E., 2003:
Potential of yellow sticky traps for lady beetle survey in cotton

Sifundza, J.T.; Ntuli, P.B., 2001:
Potential of, and constraints to, smallholder sugarcane production in Swaziland

Mandal, M.K., 2001:
Potential options for the betterment of agricultural marketing in the new economic environment - the case of Bihar and Jharkhand

Agur, M.; Villemson, S., 2000:
Potential pathogens on potato in Estonia

Volodin, A.B.; Zhukova, M.P., 2002:
Potential possibilities of sweet sorghum

Kapur, B.; Soldin, O.Porat.; Koren, G., 2002:
Potential prevention of neural tube defects by assessment of women of childbearing age through monitoring of folate

Moojen, E.L.; Maraschin, G.E., 2002:
Potential production of a Southern Brazil rangeland submitted to forage on offer levels

Rincon Castillo, A., 2001:
Potential production of ecotypes of Arachis pintoi in the piedmont of the Eastern Plains of Colombia

Reis, J.C.L.; Cruz, F.P. da, 2001:
Potential production of warm season forage legumes naturally occurring in the region of Pelotas, RS, Brazil

Sauk, I.B.; Anokhina, V.S.; Timoshenko, M.K., 2002:
Potential productivity of the plant Lupinus luteus and its realization at different sowing rates

Ledwon, K.; Szwedziak, K., 2001:
Potential reduction of wheat grain moisture content using a heated natural sorbent

McGary, S.; Estevez, I.; Bakst, M.R., 2003:
Potential relationships between physical traits and male broiler breeder fertility

Pucci, M.; Martino, A. de; Capasso, R.; Pigna, M.; Violante, A., 2003:
Potential remediation of waters contaminated with 2,4-D by adsorption on polymerin and its derivatives

Tsukada, H.; Hamazaki, K.; Ganzorig, S.; Iwaki, T.; Konno, K.; Lagapa, J.T.; Matsuo, K.; Ono, A.; Shimizu, M.; Sakai, H.; Morishima, Y.; Nonaka, N.; Oku, Y.; Kamiya, M., 2002:
Potential remedy against Echinococcus multilocularis in wild red foxes using baits with anthelmintic distributed around fox breeding dens in Hokkaido, Japan

Mondedji, D.; Amevoin, K.; Nuto, Y.; Glitho, I.A., 2002:
Potential reproducer of Dinarmus basalis Rond. (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) in the presence of his host Callosobruchus maculatus F. (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) in the guinea zone

Smyth, J.; Bonn, F.; Hardy, S.; Remond, A.; Clement, P., 2001:
Potential retrieval of tillage direction as a runoff indicator using Radarsat data

Castane, C.; Alomar, O.; Riudavets, J., 2003:
Potential risk of damage to zucchinis caused by mirid bugs

Shim SangIn; Lee ByungMoo; Kang ByeungHoa, 2001:
Potential risk of genetically modified plants in Korean ecosystem: a proposal for unintended effects on Korean wild species

Cassidy, A., 2003:
Potential risks and benefits of phytoestrogen-rich diets

Y.Tang, 2001:
Potential risks with development of cash crops

Alway, S.E.; Degens, H.; Krishnamurthy, G.; Smith, C.A., 2002:
Potential role for Id myogenic repressors in apoptosis and attenuation of hypertrophy in muscles of aged rats

Steele, C.; Leigh, J.; Swoboda, R.; Ozenci, H.; Fidel, P.L., 2001:
Potential role for a carbohydrate moiety in anti-Candida activity of human oral epithelial cells

Timmerman, M.M.; Woods, J.P., 2001:
Potential role for extracellular glutathione-dependent ferric reductase in utilization of environmental and host ferric compounds by Histoplasma capsulatum

Chen WeiJune; Dong ChihFong; Chiou LiYin; Chuang WenLing, 2000:
Potential role of Armigeres subalbatus (Diptera: Culicidae) in the transmission of Japanese encephalitis virus in the absence of rice culture on Liu-Chiu Islet, Taiwan

Srivastava, J.N.; Manish Mathur; Nidhi Govil; Bhatnagar, V.P.; Bhatnagar, A.K., 2001:
Potential role of Chrysosporium tropicum in soil fertility

Swann, K.; Parrington, J.; Jones, K.T., 2001:
Potential role of a sperm-derived phospholipase C in triggering the egg-activating Ca2+ signal at fertilization

Prabhu, T.M.; Paul, S.S., 2001:
Potential role of fungi in ruminant nutrition - a review

Lynch, C.J.; Halle, B.; Fujii, H.; Vary, T.C.; Wallin, R.; Damuni, Z.; Hutson, S.M., 2003:
Potential role of leucine metabolism in the leucine-signaling pathway involving mTOR

Kipp, W.; Flaherty, A., 2003:
Potential role of male community-based distributors in a family-planning programme in western Uganda: results of a pilot study

Ehlert, P.; Morel, C.; Fotyma, M.; Destain, J.P., 2003:
Potential role of phosphate buffering capacity of soils in fertilizer management strategies fitted to environmental goals

Mgumia, F.H.; Oba, G., 2003:
Potential role of sacred groves in biodiversity conservation in Tanzania

Namboodiri, N.V.; Shiyani, R.L., 2001:
Potential role of self-help groups in rural financial deepening

Chen, Y-Jen., 2002:
Potential role of tetrandrine in cancer therapy

Gibot-Leclerc, Séphanie.; Brault, M.; Pinochet, X.; Sallé, G., 2003:
Potential role of winter rape weeds in the extension of broomrape in Poitou-Charentes

Silk, P.J.; Lonergan, G.C.; Allen, D.C.; Spear O.M.ra, J., 2000:
Potential sex pheromone components of the saddled prominent (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae)

Fitzgerald, B.P.; Reedy, S.E.; Sessions, D.R.; Powell, D.M.; McManus, C.J., 2002:
Potential signals mediating the maintenance of reproductive activity during the non-breeding season of the mare

Romero, C.H.; Meade, P.N.; Homer, B.L.; Shultz, J.E.; Lollis, G., 2003:
Potential sites of virus latency associated with indigenous pseudorabies viruses in feral swine

Randall, C.W., 2003:
Potential societal and economic impacts of wastewater nutrient removal and recycling

Kadir, W.R., 2002:
Potential soil nitrogen mineralisation as influenced by tree canopy development

Seiler, G.J., 2002:
Potential source of reduced palmitic and stearic fatty acids in sunflower oil from a population of wild Helianthus annuus

Aekatasanawan, C.; Aekatasanawan, C.; Balla, C.; Thonglarp, T., 2003:
Potential source of shrunken-2 sweet corn for inbred and hybrid development for the fresh market and processing

Diaz, J.A.; Mallor, C.; Soria, C.; Camero, R.; Garzo, E.; Fereres, A.; Alvarez, J.M.; Gomez Guillamon, M.L.; Luis Arteaga, M.; Moriones, E., 2003:
Potential sources of resistance for melon to nonpersistently aphid-borne viruses

Brault, A.C.; Powers, A.M.; Medina, G.; Wang, E.; Kang, W.; Salas, R.A.; De Siger, J.; Weaver, S.C., 2001:
Potential sources of the 1995 Venezuelan equine encephalitis subtype IC epidemic

Göttfert, M.; Röthlisberger, S.; Kündig, C.; Beck, C.; Marty, R.; Hennecke, H., 2001:
Potential symbiosis-specific genes uncovered by sequencing a 410-kilobase DNA region of the Bradyrhizobium japonicum chromosome

Calderon, P.Buc.; Cadrobbi, J.; Marques, C.; Hong-Ngoc, N.; Jamison, J.M.; Gilloteaux, J.; Summers, J.L.; Taper, H.S., 2002:
Potential therapeutic application of the association of vitamins C and K3 in cancer treatment

Herd, R.M.; Arthur, P.F.; Hegarty, R.S.; Archer, J.A., 2002:
Potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from beef production by selection for reduced residual feed intake

Arzul, G.; Gentien, P.; Bodennec, G., 2000:
Potential toxicity of microalgal polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs)

Battaglin, W.; Fairchild, J., 2002:
Potential toxicity of pesticides measured in midwestern streams to aquatic organisms

Belenyesi, M.; Centeri, C.; Gronas, V., 2002:
Potential use of GIS in sustainable land use planning

Hernandez Pinero, J.L.; Maiti, R.K.; Verde Star, M.J.; Garcia Diaz, G.; Nunez Gonzalez, A.; Cardenas Avila, M.L.; Foroughbakhch, R., 2002:
Potential use of Phaseolus vulgaris L., Avena sativa L. and Medicago sativa L. in the removal of lead and cadmium from soils

Dufour, M.; Hamon, P.; Noirot, M.; Risterucci, A.M.; Brottier, P.; Vico, V.; Leroy, T., 2001:
Potential use of SSR markers for Coffea spp. genetic mapping

Reents, R., 2002:
Potential use of an identification and registration system for safety of animal products

Gil P.Y.E.; Gonzalez, H.; Rodriguez, G., 2002:
Potential use of animal traction in Biruaca, Venezuela

Salas Alvarado, E., 2002:
Potential use of arbuscular mycorrhizas in the micropropagation of agricultural and forest plants

Scholler, M., 2002:
Potential use of biological control of beetles in European grain storage

Chastagner, G.A.; Riley, K.L., 2002:
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Practical notes

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Practical practise of precision agriculture and priorities to promote technological innovation in P. R. China

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Practical safety in the animal facility

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Practical seed trial 2002

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Practical solutions to impossible problems? Lessons from ten years of managing the United Kingdom Tourism Survey

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Practical tests KwaliCon give guidance for storage season

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Practical use of starter cultures

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Practice test in the forest dstrict Schlemmin : new methods for preventing further splitting of quality timber

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Prawn culture in Central and South America

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Pre- and periconceptual nutrition

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Pre- and post-emergence weed control in maize and sorghum

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Pre- and postnatal sensitisation to foods

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Pre- and postprocessor FEM for the AutoCAD environment

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Pre- and probiotics in the nutrition of farm animals

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Pre- to post-season changes in the intrinsic motivation of first year college athletes: relationships with coaching behavior and scholarship status

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Pre-, pro- and synbiotics

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Pre-Sidedress Soil Nitrate Testing to determine yield response to fertilizer applications in processing tomatoes

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Pre-Suppose: preprocessor to suppose

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Pre-abattoir and pre-slaughter status of pigs affecting Salmonella contamination of pork

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Pre-agricultural grassland in Central California

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Pre-budwood collection twig manipulation: a new procedure for increased budding success

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Pre-cleaning effect on physiological quality of annual ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) seeds submitted to drying delay and storage

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Pre-conception consultation and optimisation of male and female fecundity

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Pre-cooked maize flours for human nutrition in Venezuela

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Pre-emergence control of broad-leaved weeds, grasses and Cyperus rotundus in sugar cane with sulfentrazone

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Pre-emergence insecticides improve seedling emergence in the Imperial Valley

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Pre-exposure modulates attraction to sex pheromone in a moth

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Pre-fattening growth and integral assessment of three swine maternal hybrid genotypes under non-conventional feeding

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Pre-harvest application of calcium compounds on storage behaviour of tomato cultivars (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

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Pre-harvest biocontrol of Fusarium pathogens of maize

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Pre-harvest factors influencing the acid resistance of Escherichia coli and E. coli O157:H7

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Pre-harvest food safety diagnostics for Salmonella serovars. Part 1: Microbiological culture

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Pre-harvest food safety diagnostics for Salmonella serovars. Part 2: Molecular diagnostics

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Pre-harvest seeding of winter rapeseed

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Pre-harvest sprouting in soft red winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grown in the US Mid-Atlantic

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Pre-heating characteristics in wood vacuum-superheat steam drying

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Pre-hospital management of sickle cell anaemia

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Pre-hydration and dehydration effect on Senna macranthera (Collad.) Irwin et Barn. (Caesalpiniaceae) seed germination under saline stress

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Pre-infection and curative activity of sterol inhibitor fungicides against Venturia inaequalis on apples

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Pre-infectional anatomical characteristics in cluster bean leaf in relation to Alternaria blight resistance

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Pre-irrigation of a severely-saline soil with in-situ water to establish dryland forages

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Pre-monsoon western disturbances in relation to monsoon rainfall, its advancement over NW India and their trends

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Pre-oviposition factors influencing the fertility and hatchability in Japanese quail

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Pre-packaged fresh fruits and vegetables: insufficient awareness of the product

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Pre-packaging of fresh fruit and vegetables: focus on ready-to-eat fruit

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Pre-plant crop rotation and compost amendments for improving establishment of red raspberry

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Pre-purchase examination in the horse - orthopedic pre-purchase examination: tendons and muscles

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Pre-sampling for large field trials - a valuable instrument to chose the 'perfect' site?

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Pre-season soil establishment of legume inoculant rhizobia is not effective for the nodulation of lupin and faba bean crops in acidic soils

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Pre-selection of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viceae strains in forage vetch for use as green manure

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Pre-sidedress soil nitrate testing identifies processing tomato fields not requiring sidedress N fertilizer

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Pre-signs of physiological maturity for early harvest

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Pre-slaughter feed withdrawal in broiler chickens

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Pre-slaughter handling of pigs

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Pre-sowing hardening treatment of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) seed on germination and seed yield performance

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Pre-sowing soil preparation for sugarbeet in light loam soils

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Pre-sowing treatments to improve germination of intact seeds in burcucumber (Sicyos angulatus L.)

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Pre-sown sugarcane varietal response to different seed rates

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Pre-synchronization with GnRH 7 days before ovsynch protocol for timed insemination in buffalo

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Precision soil and plant nutrition management

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Precision viticulture for quality of Franciacorta

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Precocious dieback of apricot trees in some cultivars and new selections at Holovousy

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