Production, composition and some properties of sheep milk from East Friesian x 1/4 East Friesian x Awassi dairy population

Petrova, N.; Nedelchev, D.

Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science 8(2/3): 295-300


ISSN/ISBN: 1310-0351
Accession: 003898755

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A study was carried out to establish milk production and composition of 39 lactating milk sheep from the East Friesian x 1/4 East Friesian x Awassi dairy breed. Individual sheep milk samples sheep were taken 6 times during the lactation period at monthly intervals from March-August 2000 in Bulgaria. This dairy breed has a 0.604 litres/day (at 6.5% fat) and a 0.595 litres/day (at 5.5% protein) milk production. Mean values for fat (%), protein (%), lactose (%), total solids (%), solids non fat (%), freezing point ( degrees C) and somatic cell count (ml) of investigated milk were 7.27, 5.93, 4.61, 18.9, 11.6, -0.568 and 1 074 000, respectively. No statistically significant differences were found for all investigated parameters between sheep milk from the first and second lactation but there were tendency for higher somatic cell counts in the second lactation for all investigated periods.