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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 3913

Chapter 3913 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Sarrailh, J.M.; Ayrault, N., 2001:
Rehabilitation of nickel mining sites in New Caledonia

Nodari, R.O.; Fantini, A.C.; Reis, A.; Reis, M.S. dos, 2000:
Rehabilitation of populations of de Euterpe edulis Martius (Arecaceae) in the Atlantic forest

Delgado, M., 2003:
Rehabilitation of reasoned productivity

Quiroz, V.J.; Amores, F., 2002:
Rehabilitation of traditional cocoa plantations in Ecuador

Azani, A.M.; Nik Muhamad Majid; Meguro, S., 2001:
Rehabilitation of tropical rainforests based on indigenous species for degraded areas in Sarawak, Malaysia

Baccini, S.; Linoli, A.; Mazziotta, C., 2002:
Rehabilitation, modernisation and extension of Selguapa Irrigation District (Honduras)

Krokida, M.; Marinos-Kouris, D., 2003:
Rehydration kinetics of dehydrated products

Luz, C. da; Baudet, L., 1998:
Rehydration of bean seeds in a germination chamber

Schuck, P.; Davenel, A.; Mariette, F.; Briard, V.; Mejean, S.; Piot, M., 2002:
Rehydration of casein powders: effects of added mineral salts and salt addition methods on water transfer

Hogekamp, S.; Schubert, H., 2003:
Rehydration of food powders

Taiwo, K.; Angersbach, A.K.orr, D., 2002:
Rehydration studies on pretreated and osmotically dehydrated apple slices

Greer, F.R., 2003:
Reimbursement for foods for special dietary use

Flydal, K.; Kilde, I.R.; Enger, P.S.; Reimers, E., 2003:
Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) perception of noise from power lines

Heggberget, T.M.; Gaare, E.; Ball, J.P., 2002:
Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) and climate change: importance of winter forage

Shipka, M.P.; Rowell, J.E.; Ford, S.P., 2002:
Reindeer bull introduction affects the onset of the breeding season

Stark, S.; Strommer, R.; Tuomi, J., 2002:
Reindeer grazing and soil microbial processes in two suboceanic and two subcontinental tundra heaths

Bostedt, G., 2001:
Reindeer husbandry, the Swedish market for reindeer meat, and the Chernobyl effects

Hagemoen, R.I.er M.; Reimers, E., 2002:
Reindeer summer activity pattern in relation to weather and insect harassment

Bouton, J.; Latch, G.; Hill, N.; Hoveland, C.; Mccann, M.; Watson, R.; Parish, J.; Hawkins, L.; Thompson, F., 2002:
Reinfection of tall fescue cultivars with non-ergot alkaloid-producing endophytes

Liddell, A.M.; Sumner, J.W.; Paddock, C.D.; Rikihisa, Y.; Unver, A.; Buller, R.S.; Storch, G.A., 2002:
Reinfection with Ehrlichia chaffeensis in a liver transplant recipient

Speijer, P.R.; Nampala, P.M.; Elsen, A.; Ekwamu, E.; Waele, D. de, 2001:
Reinfestation by nematodes and performance of hot-water-treated East African Highland cooking bananas as perceived by farmers in Ikulwe, Iganga district, Uganda

Sclafani, A.; Ackroff, K., 2003:
Reinforcement value of sucrose measured by progressive ratio operant licking in the rat

Serna, L.; Fenoll, C., 2002:
Reinforcing the idea of signalling in the stomatal pathway

Marino, F.; Ferrara, G.; Rapisarda, G.; Galofaro, V., 2003:
Reinke's crystals in an interstitial cell tumour of a rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Jordaan, M.; Wyk, A.E. van, 2003:
Reinstatement of Gymnosporia (Celastraceae): implications for the Flora Malesiana region

Block, P. de; Degreef, J.; Robbrecht, E., 2001:
Reinstatement of the Afro-Malagasy genus Coptosperma (Rubiaceae, Ixoroideae, Pavetteae)

Sunseri, T., 2003:
Reinterpreting a colonial rebellion: forestry and social control in German East Africa, 1874-1915

Accardi Dey, A.; Gschwend, P.M., 2003:
Reinterpreting literature sorption data considering both absorption into organic carbon and adsorption onto black carbon

Eisenhauer, D.R.; Irrgang, S.; Hering, S., 2003:
Reintroduction of silver fir in Saxony (1992-2002)

Mansfeld, Y., 2002:
Reinventing a destination through a network designed Destination Management System - the case of the rural North of Israel

Wilshusen, P.R.; Brechin, S.R.; Fortwangler, C.L.; West, P.C., 2002:
Reinventing a square wheel: critique of a resurgent protection paradigm in international biodiversity conservation

Cleaver, F., 2002:
Reinventing institutions: bricolage and the social embeddedness of natural resource management

Kennett, S.A., 2002:
Reinventing integrated resource management in Alberta: bold new initiative or 'deja vu all over again'?

Carrington, J.C., 1999:
Reinventing plant virus movement

Muller, D.K., 2002:
Reinventing the countryside: German second-home owners in Southern Sweden

Huntsinger, L., 2003:
Reinventing the range: to graze or not to graze is not the question

Sudhirendar Sharma, 2002:
Reinventing watersheds: proposing a new approach to India's rural drought problems

Fernandes, M. de F.A.; Carvalho, M.L. de; Abib, A.R.; MacDowell, B.; Carvalho, M.F. de; Santana, R. dos S., 2002:
Reinvestigation of cases of AIDS classified as due to transfusion exposure to AIDS, Brazil, 1999-2000

Horiuchi, M.; Maoka, T.; Iwase, N.; Ohnishi, K., 2002:
Reinvestigation of structure of porritoxin, a phytotoxin of Alternaria porri

Scharrer, A.; Mosandl, A., 2001:
Reinvestigation of vanillin contents and component ratios of vanilla extracts using high-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography

Fraga, M.F.; Rodríguez, R.; Cañal, M.Jesús., 2003:
Reinvigoration of Pinus radiata is associated with partial recovery of juvenile-like polyamine concentrations

Terry, R.B.; Bailey, E.; Lear, T.; Cothran, E.G., 2002:
Rejection of MITF and MGF as the genes responsible for appaloosa coat colour patterns in horses

Luu, D.T.; Qin, X.; Laublin, G.; Yang, Q.; Morse, D.; Cappadocia, M., 2001:
Rejection of S-heteroallelic pollen by a dual-specific s-RNase in Solanum chacoense predicts a multimeric SI pollen component

Gladwin, J.; Dixon, R.A.; Wilson, T.D., 2002:
Rejection of an innovation: health information management training materials in east Africa

Faulkner, B., 2002:
Rejuvenating a maturing tourist destination: the case of the Gold Coast

Chakravartee, J., 1999:
Rejuvenation of old tea areas vis-a-vis replanting

Vrsic, S., 2003:
Rejuvenation of vines in vineyards

Hall, D., 2003:
Rejuvenation, diversification and imagery: sustainability conflicts for tourism policy in the Eastern Adriatic

Lado Lado, F.L.; Prieto Martinez, A.; Ortiz de Barron, A.C.; Carballo Arceo, E.; Barrio Gomez, E., 2001:
Relapse of tuberculosis in patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection

Morales, M.A.; Cruz, I.; Rubio, J.M.; Chicharro, C.; Cañavate, C.; Laguna, F.; Alvar, J., 2002:
Relapses versus reinfections in patients coinfected with Leishmania infantum and human immunodeficiency virus type 1

Merino, E.; Bañuls, J.; Boix, V.; Franco, A.; Guijarro, J.; Portilla, J.; Betlloch, I., 2003:
Relapsing cutaneous alternariosis in a kidney transplant recipient cured with liposomal amphotericin B

Cutler, S.J., 2002:
Relapsing fever Borrelia

Richter, D.; Schlee, D.B.; Matuschka, F-Rainer., 2003:
Relapsing fever-like spirochetes infecting European vector tick of Lyme disease agent

Kitchener, S.J.; Seidl, I., 2002:
Relapsing vivax malaria

Mihulka, S., 2001:
Related alien species in their native and invaded ranges: a comparative study of the genus Oenothera in Arkansas (USA) and in the Czech Republic

Wisplinghoff, H.; Rosato, A.E.; Enright, M.C.; Noto, M.; Craig, W.; Archer, G.L., 2003:
Related clones containing SCCmec type IV predominate among clinically significant Staphylococcus epidermidis isolates

Gasparini, J.; McCoy, K.D.; Tveraa, T.; Boulinier, T., 2002:
Related concentrations of specific immunoglobulins against the Lyme disease agent Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in eggs, young and adults of the kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla)

Muroya, S.; Nakajima, I.; Chikuni, K., 2002:
Related expression of MyoD and Myf5 with myosin heavy chain isoform types in bovine adult skeletal muscles

Zhang Wei; Chen XiaFeng; Ding YangFeng; G.Z.iYing; Zhang Gang, 2002:
Related factors of Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction during the treatment of syphilis

Rziha, H-J.; Bauer, B.; Adam, K-H.; Röttgen, M.; Cottone, R.; Henkel, M.; Dehio, C.; Büttner, M., 2003:
Relatedness and heterogeneity at the near-terminal end of the genome of a parapoxvirus bovis 1 strain (B177) compared with parapoxvirus ovis (Orf virus)

Nakagawa, S.; Bannister, T.D.; Jensen, F.R.; McLean, D.A.; Waas, J.R., 2002:
Relatedness does not affect the mating effort of Eisenia fetida Sav. (Oligochaeta) despite evidence for outbreeding depression

McGhee, G.C.; Schnabel, E.L.; Maxson-Stein, K.; Jones, B.; Stromberg, V.K.; Lacy, G.H.; Jones, A.L., 2002:
Relatedness of chromosomal and plasmid DNAs of Erwinia pyrifoliae and Erwinia amylovora

Sugaya, T.; Ikeda, M.; Taniguchi, N., 2002:
Relatedness structure estimated by microsatellites DNA and mitochondrial DNA polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphisms analyses in the wild population of kuruma prawn Penaeus japonicus

Kameyama, Y.; Isagi, Y.; Nakagoshi, N., 2002:
Relatedness structure in Rhododendron metternichii var. hondoense revealed by microsatellite analysis

Campbell, S.D.; Goff, H.D.; Rousseau, D., 2001:
Relating bulk-fat properties to emulsified systems: characterization of emulsion destabilization by crystallizing fats

Porto, P.; Walling, D.E.; Tamburino, V.; Callegari, G., 2003:
Relating caesium-137 and soil loss from cultivated land

Cooperband, L.R.; Stone, A.G.; Fryda, M.R.; Ravet, J.L., 2003:
Relating compost measures of stability and maturity to plant growth

Ayotamuno, M.J.; Teme, S.C.; Isirimah, N.O.; Akor, A.J.; Essiet, E.W.U.; Idike, F.I., 2000:
Relating corn yield to water use during the dry-season in Port Harcourt Area, Nigeria

Magarey, R.C.; Bull, J.I., 2003:
Relating cultivar Pachymetra root rot resistance to sugarcane yield using breeding selection trial analyses

Augé, R.M.; Moore, J.L.; Cho, K.; Stutz, J.C.; Sylvia, D.M.; al-Agely, A.K.; Saxton, A.M., 2003:
Relating foliar dehydration tolerance of mycorrhizal Phaseolus vulgaris to soil and root colonization by hyphae

Birkle, L.; Minto, L.; Douglas, A., 2002:
Relating genotype and phenotype for tryptophan synthesis in an aphid-bacterial symbiosis

Baik, H.Y.; Juvik, J.A.; Jeffery, E.H.; Wallig, M.A.; Kushad, M.; Klein, B.P., 2003:
Relating glucosinolate content and flavor of broccoli cultivars

Brown, M., 2001:
Relating groundwater characteristics to salinity management

McFarlane, W.J.; McDonald, D.G., 2002:
Relating intramuscular fuel use to endurance in juvenile rainbow trout

Christl, I.; Kretzschmar, R., 2001:
Relating ion binding by fulvic and humic acids to chemical composition and molecular size. 1. Proton binding

Christl, I.; Milne, C.J.; Kinniburgh, D.G.; Kretzschmar, R., 2001:
Relating ion binding by fulvic and humic acids to chemical composition and molecular size. 2. Metal binding

Hall, R.O.J.; Bernhardt, E.S.; Likens, G.E., 2002:
Relating nutrient uptake with transient storage in forested mountain streams

Samuelson, L., 2001:
Relating ozone uptake in forest trees to risk assessment

Schwenke, G.D.; Felton, W.L.; Herridge, D.F.; Khan, D.F.; Peoples, M.B., 2002:
Relating particulate organic matter-nitrogen (POM-N) and non-POM-N with pulse crop residues, residue management and cereal N uptake

Salles, C.; Hollowood, T.A.; Linforth, R.S.T.; Taylor, A.J., 2003:
Relating real time flavour release to sensory perception of soft cheeses

Morkore, T.; Einen, O., 2003:
Relating sensory and instrumental texture analyses of Atlantic salmon

Liu WeiDong; Baret, F.; G.X.ngFa; Tong QingXi; Zheng LanFen; Zhang Bing, 2002:
Relating soil surface moisture to reflectance

Didier, K.A.; Porter, W.F., 2003:
Relating spatial patterns of sugar maple reproductive success and relative deer density in northern New York State

Keeley, Jon, E., 2003:
Relating species abundance distributions to species-area curves in two Mediterranean-type shrublands

Murray, B.R.; Thrall, P.H.; Lepschi, B.J., 2002:
Relating species rarity to life history in plants of eastern Australia

Camps Arbestain, M.; Barreal, M.E.; Macias, F., 1999:
Relating sulfate sorption in forest soils to lithological classes, as defined to calculate Critical Loads of Acidity

Taylor, A.; Hollowood, T.; Davidson, J.; Cook, D.; Linforth, R., 2003:
Relating taste, aroma and mouthfeel stimuli to overall flavour perception

Chokjarearnpattanagid, K.; Chaiseri, S., 2003:
Relation among water and ingredients and its effect on chocolate viscosity

Szoradi, T.; Mucsi, I., 2003:
Relation analysis of the mineral content and the growth rate of the claw horn of the sheep

Xia DongDong; Shi Neng; Chen LuWen, 2003:
Relation between ENSO and global land precipitation in 1948-2000

Zhang YongSong; Lin XianYong, 2002:
Relation between Fe-oxides transformation and phosphorus adsorption in the oxic and anoxic layers of two paddy soils as affected by flooding

Vaccaro, L.; Lopez, J.; Vaccaro, R.; Verde, O.; Mejias, H.; Dorta, D.; Perez, A., 2003:
Relation between Holstein bulls' proofs for milk in USA and the milk yield, age at first calving, calving interval and survival to third calving of their F1 zebu progeny in Venezuela

Stoeven, K.; Kohrs, K.; Schnug, E., 2002:
Relation between N fertilization and N2O release in different crop rotations

Yackinous, C.A.; Guinard, J-Xavier., 2002:
Relation between PROP (6-n-propylthiouracil) taster status, taste anatomy and dietary intake measures for young men and women

Liu, S.; Manson, J.E.; Buring, J.E.; Stampfer, M.J.; Willett, W.C.; Ridker, P.M., 2002:
Relation between a diet with a high glycemic load and plasma concentrations of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein in middle-aged women

Reparet, J.M.; Noel, Y., 2003:
Relation between a temperature-sweep dynamic shear test and functional properties of cheeses

Crosby, A.; Talbot, N.P.; Harrison, P.; Keeling, D.; Robbins, P.A., 2003:
Relation between acute hypoxia and activation of coagulation in human beings

Mazurczyk, W.; Lutomirska, B.; Wierzbicka, A., 2003:
Relation between air temperature and length of vegetation period of potato crops

Kato, T., 2002:
Relation between anions and anion exchange capacity in andosol of greenhouse

Doucet, E.; S.P.erre, S.; Almeras, N.; Tremblay, A., 2003:
Relation between appetite ratings before and after a standard meal and estimates of daily energy intake in obese and reduced obese individuals

Gonzalez, E.M.; D.A.cos, B.; Cano, M.P.lar, 2003:
Relation between bioactive compounds and free radical-scavenging capacity in berry fruits during frozen storage

Rauscher, G.H.; Mayne, S.T.; Janerich, D.T., 2000:
Relation between body mass index and lung cancer risk in men and women never and former smokers

Thorogood, M.; Appleby, P.N.; Key, T.J.; Mann, J., 2003:
Relation between body mass index and mortality in an unusually slim cohort

Slama, F.B.; E.K.dhi, A.; Ghaouar, C.; Zouari, B.; Achour, N.; Rayana, M.C.B.; Achour, A.; Hadj, O.B., 2003:
Relation between body mass index and plasma lipids, leptin and insulin in tunisian prepuberty aged obese children

Berg, M.C.; Jonsson, I.; Conner, M.T.; Lissner, L., 2002:
Relation between breakfast food choices and knowledge of dietary fat and fiber among Swedish schoolchildren

Sarti, F.M.; Lasagna, E.; Palucci, V.; Panella, F., 2003:
Relation between bull selection index and BLUP-AM index estimated on progeny weights of Chianina sires in Umbria

Bahmed, K.; Bonaly, R.; Coulon, Jël., 2003:
Relation between cell wall chitin content and susceptibility to amphotericin B in Kluyveromyces, Candida and Schizosaccharomyces species

Liu, S.; Willett, W.C.; Manson, J.E.; Hu, F.B.; Rosner, B.; Colditz, G., 2003:
Relation between changes in intakes of dietary fiber and grain products and changes in weight and development of obesity among middle-aged women

Perfeto, P.N.M., 1998:
Relation between chemical composition of Grateloupia doryphora (Montagne) Howe, Gymnogongrus griffithsiae (Turner) Martius, and abiotic parameters

Reinartz, E.M.; Marquez, F.M.E.; Ramirez, A.L.A.; Lopez, O.J.B., 2001:
Relation between chimaerism XX/XY and the male pseudhermaphrodite phenotype in pigs

Austen, B.; Christodoulou, G.; Terry, J.E., 2002:
Relation between cholesterol levels, statins and Alzheimer's disease in the human population

Djili, K.; Daoud, Y., 2001:
Relation between clay, organic matter and the cation exchange capacity of the soils of the north of Algeria

Wissemeier, A.H.; Zuhlke, G., 2002 :
Relation between climatic variables, growth and the incidence of tipburn in field-grown lettuce as evaluated by simple, partial and multiple regression analysis

H.G.ng; Pekkarinen, H.; Hanninen, O.; Tian HuiGuang; Guo ZeYu, 2001:
Relation between commuting, leisure time physical activity and serum lipids in a Chinese urban population

Domenech, F.; Rodriguez, J.A.; Leon, M.; Rodriguez, D.E.; Sanchez, D.; Alfonso, A., 2000:
Relation between concentration of carbohydrates and activity of water. Influence on the growth and sporulation of Metarhizium anisopliae isolate no. 11 by solid state fermentation

Schouten, R.E.; Tijskens, L.M.M.; Kooten, O. van; Jongbloed, G., 2003:
Relation between cultivar and keeping quality for batches of cucumbers

Steffen, L.M.; Jacobs, D.R.J., 2003:
Relation between dairy food intake and plasma lipid levels: the CARDIA Study

Meliala, C.; Vear, F.; Labrouhe, D.T. de, 2000:
Relation between date of infection of sunflower downy mildew (Plasmopara halstedii) and symptoms development

Takrouni, M.; Michelot, J.L.; Maliki, A.; Zouari, K., 2003:
Relation between deep aquifer, superficial water table and marine intrusion in the Sfax basin (Tunisia)

Norgaard, P.; Molbak, L., 2001:
Relation between dietary chewing index value and net energy intake in cattle fed concentrates restrictively and forage ad libitum

Curran-Celentano, J.; Hammond, B.R.; Ciulla, T.A.; Cooper, D.A.; Pratt, L.M.; Danis, R.B., 2001:
Relation between dietary intake, serum concentrations, and retinal concentrations of lutein and zeaxanthin in adults in a Midwest population

Djoussé, L.; Pankow, J.S.; Eckfeldt, J.H.; Folsom, A.R.; Hopkins, P.N.; Province, M.A.; Hong, Y.; Ellison, R.C., 2001:
Relation between dietary linolenic acid and coronary artery disease in the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Family Heart Study

Field, A.E.; Austin, S.B.; Taylor, C.B.; Malspeis, S.; Rosner, B.; Rockett, H.R.; Gillman, M.W.; Colditz, G.A., 2003:
Relation between dieting and weight change among preadolescents and adolescents

Tamura, T.; Imai, J.; Tanimoto, M.; Matsumoto, A.; Suzuki, A.; Horikiri, Y.; Suzuki, T.; Yoshino, H., 2002:
Relation between dissolution profiles and toxicity of cisplatin-loaded microspheres

Janczak, A.M.; Pedersen, L.J.; Rydhmer, L.; Bakken, M., 2003:
Relation between early fear- and anxiety-related behaviour and maternal ability in sows

Thomas, A.L.; Gegout, J.C.; Landmann, G.; Dambrine, E.; King, D., 2002:
Relation between ecological conditions and fir decline in a sandstone region of the Vosges mountains (northeastern France)

Zhuravlev, I.V.; Salamatin, A.V.; Fisinin, V.I., 2002:
Relation between egg yolk weight and reproductive traits of broilers

Villamizar Rivero, L.F.; Cotes, A.M.; Uribe, D., 2001:
Relation between enzymatic activity and virulence of Metarhizium anisopliae over llanera locust (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Matsubara, Y.; Hasegawa, N.; Ohba, N., 2003:
Relation between fiber and pectic substances in root tissue and tolerance to fusarium root rot in asparagus plants infected with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus

Lee, K.E.; Goldstein, R.M.; Hanson, P.E., 2001:
Relation between fish communities and riparian zone conditions at two spatial scales

Dolui, A.K.; Mazumder, A., 2003:
Relation between forms of aluminium and pedogenic processes in some alfisols of Bihar and West Bengal

Vesela, M.; Drdak, M.; Standara, S., 2003:
Relation between free amino acids and the biogenic amines contents in green tomatoes inoculated with Lactobacillus plantarum

Boretto, J.M.; Gibbons, A.E.; Bunge, M.M.; Cueto, M.I.; Bidinost, F., 2002:
Relation between frozen-thawed semen quality and the reproductive efficiency of laparoscopic insemination in rams

Holecek, M., 2002:
Relation between glutamine, branched-chain amino acids, and protein metabolism

Souto, F.José.Dutra.; Fontes, C.Jésus.Fernandes.; Gaspar, A.Maria.Coimbra., 2002:
Relation between hepatitis B carrier status and antibody against synthetic Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte surface (pf155 - RESA) antigen

Kuvin, J.T.; Patel, A.R.; Sidhu, M.; Rand, W.M.; Sliney, K.A.; Pandian, N.G.; Karas, R.H., 2003:
Relation between high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and peripheral vasomotor function

Mennen, L.I.; de Courcy, Gève.Potier.; Guilland, J-Claude.; Ducros, Véronique.; Zarebska, M.; Bertrais, S.; Favier, A.; Hercberg, S.; Galan, P., 2003:
Relation between homocysteine concentrations and the consumption of different types of alcoholic beverages: the French Supplementation with Antioxidant Vitamins and Minerals Study

Gibczynska, M., 2001:
Relation between hydrolytic acidity of sandy soil and liming and crop rotation

Finkelstein, M.M.; Jerrett, M.; DeLuca, P.; Finkelstein, N.; Verma, D.K.; Chapman, K.; Sears, M.R., 2003:
Relation between income, air pollution and mortality: a cohort study

Hossain, M.A.; Yamato, O.; Yamasaki, M.; Maede, Y., 2002:
Relation between inhibition of reticulocyte maturation and decreased erythrocyte 5'-nucleotidase activity in canine babesiosis

Ifudu, O.; Uribarri, J.; Rajwani, I.; Vlacich, V.; Reydel, K.; Delosreyes, G.; Friedman, E.A., 2002:
Relation between interdialytic weight gain, body weight and nutrition in hemodialysis patients

Yamanishi, H.; Iyama, S.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Kanakura, Y.; Iwatani, Y., 2002:
Relation between iron content of serum ferritin and clinical status factors extracted by factor analysis in patients with hyperferritinemia

Dolui, A.K.; Bera, R., 2001:
Relation between iron forms and pedogenic processes in some alfisols of Orissa, India

Biloni, M.; Lorenzi, E., 2002:
Relation between leaf and neck blast resistance in Italian rice varieties

Lemos, R.N.S.; Crocomo, W.B.; Wilcken, C.F.; Silva, F.M.A., 1998:
Relation between leaf area consumption and excrement production of Thyrinteina arnobia (Stoll) (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) caterpillar in Eucalyptus grandis and Eucalyptus saligna

Sgherri, C.; Quartacci, M.F.; Izzo, R.; Navari Izzo, F., 2002:
Relation between lipoic acid and cell redox status in wheat grown in excess copper

Bosze, Z.; Bolet, G.; Meszar, Z.; Virag, G.; Devinoy, E., 2002:
Relation between litter size and kappa casein genotype in inra rabbit lines

Ichizen, N.; Nishio, T.; Liu GuoBin; L.D.iQiong; Huang Jin, 2001:
Relation between management systems and soil erosion and screening of perennial gramineous plants for vegetation recovery in hilly land in Loess Plateau

Umeda, T.; Aoki, T., 2002:
Relation between micelle size and micellar calcium phosphate

Jacxsens, L.D.vlieghere, F.R.gaert, P.V.nneste, E.D.bevere, J., 2003:
Relation between microbiological quality, metabolite production and sensory quality of equilibrium modified atmosphere packaged fresh-cut produce

Spruijt-Metz, D.; Lindquist, C.H.; Birch, L.L.; Fisher, J.O.; Goran, M.I., 2002:
Relation between mothers' child-feeding practices and children's adiposity

Watanabe, H., 2002:
Relation between occurrences of Aphanomyces root rot and weather condition

Pena y Lillo, M.; Agosin, E.; Athes, V.; Bordeu, E.; Casaubon, G.; Latrille, E.; Martin, N.; Perez Correa, R.; Souchon, I., 2003:
Relation between odour perception and physicochemical properties of volatile compounds in Chilean Pisco spirit

Vennila, R.K.; Muthuvel, P., 1999:
Relation between organic carbon and total N content of soil under long term fertilisation

Theil, P.K.; Jorgensen, H.; Jakobsen, K.; Sestoft, P.; Tauson, A.H.; Chwalibog, A., 2001:
Relation between oxygen consumption and heart rate in four breeds of pigs measured in short- and long-term changes of environmental temperature

Marques, J.D.; Libardi, P.L.; Lier, Q.J. van, 2002:
Relation between pedologic horizons and hydraulic properties of two Latosols

Katagi, T., 2001:
Relation between penetration rates of pesticides and partition coefficients in topical application to Spodoptera litura

Yin, S-Ai.; Makara, M.; Pan, Y.; Ishiguro, H.; Ikeda, M.; Numakunai, S.; Goryo, M.; Okada, K., 2003:
Relation between phenotype of tumor cells and clinicopathology in bovine leukosis

Basso, C.P.; Vieites, C.M.; Perez Camargo, G.M.; Filippini de Delfino, O.S., 2003:
Relation between pigs' commercial cuts weight and percentage of lean meat measured by electronic probes

Misra, A.; Arora, N.; Mondal, S.; Pandey, R.M.; Jailkhani, B.; Peshin, S.; Chaudhary, D.; Saluja, T.; Singh, P.; Chandna, S.; Luthra, K.; Vikram, N.K., 2001:
Relation between plasma leptin and anthropometric and metabolic covariates in lean and obese diabetic and hyperlipidaemic Asian Northern Indian subjects

Menchaca, A.R.bianes, E., 2002:
Relation between progesterone concentrations during the early luteal phase and follicular dynamics in goats

Penna, A.; Sivieri, K.O.iveira, M., 2001:
Relation between quality and rheological properties of lactic beverages

Dzhanikulov, F., 2002:
Relation between radiosensitivity and mutability of wild and cultivated tropical cotton forms

Muuttomaa, E., 2000:
Relation between research and the food industry: growing plants for deep freezing

Raubuch, M.; Dyckmans, J.; Joergensen, R.G.; Kreutzfeldt, M., 2002:
Relation between respiration, ATP content, and Adenylate Energy Charge (AEC) after incubation at different temperatures and after drying and rewetting

Dinelli, G.; Lucchese, C., 2003:
Relation between respiration, dehydrogenase activity and germination capacity of artificially aged common wheat

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