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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3917

Chapter 3917 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Krcmar, S.; Durbesic, P.; Dmitrovic, B., 2002:
Research of the gonotrophic cycle of the species Tabanus sudeticus Zeller 1842 (Diptera: Tabanidae) in Eastern Croatia

Guo ManCai; Yuan ZhiFa; Chen Hong; Geng SheMing, 2002:
Research of the homological DNA similarity index

Nikolic, R.; Savin, L.; Furman, T.; Gligoric, R.; Tomic, M., 2001:
Research of the problems of soil compaction

Zhao RongJun; L.J.An; Liu YiXing; Xiao XiangHong, 2000:
Research of the wood to the specific property of the organism's regulation: the influences of different internal environment to the mouse under winter conditions

Cabrini, K.T.; Siviero, A.R.; Honorio, E.F.; Oliveira, L.F.C. de; Venancio, P.C., 2002:
Research of total coliforms and Escherichia coli in lettuces (Lactuca sativa) sold in the city of Llimeira, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sun ZhongXu; Chen ShouYi; Wang JianShe; L.G.iFen; Guan XueQiang, 2003:
Research of transform to grape with BADH gene by Agrobacterium

Cicek, A.; Koparal, A.S., 2003:
Research of usability of tree leaves and soil in determining the contribution of industry and traffic to air pollution in Bozuyuk (Turkey) region

Talarczyk, W.; Zbytek, Z., 2001:
Research of working sets for one- or two-layer ploughing. Part I. Quality of cultivation

Yaman, M.; Sevinc, F.; Altnoz, F.; Uslu, U., 2000:
Research on Acarus siro in moldy cheese and cheese in a skin

Haack, R.A., 2003:
Research on Anoplophora glabripennis in the United States

Wang MeiSong, 2002:
Research on Ex Situ bionics conservation of plants in Fuzhou National Forestry Park

L.W.nShou; Chen Xing, 2002:
Research on Fructus capsici

E.Haj, I., 2003:
Research on Gafsa (Tunisia) reactive phosphate rock and its fertilizer potential for direct application

Corbia, A.C.G.; Nascimento, M. da G.F. do; Nascimento, E.R. do; Lignon, G.B., 2001:
Research on Listeria monocytogenes and total plate count in Minas soft cheese

Weden, C.; Ericsson, L.; Danell, E., 2001:
Research on Tuber aestivum syn. T. uncinatum, and T. mesentericum reported from Sweden for the first time

Vaughan, D.; Tomooka, N.; Kaga, A.; Doi, K.; Yoon MunSup, 2000:
Research on Vigna subgenus Ceratotropis genetic resources that provide insights into in situ conservation strategies

X.ShuNan, 2002:
Research on a Chinese herb - Jinqiancao and its associated names

Yamane, T.; Kondo, T.; Sugita, S.; Wada, R.; Fenger, C.K.; Dubey, J.P., 2001:
Research on a method of diagnosing equine protozoal myeloencephalitis

Yang MinHua; Zhao ChunJiang; Zhao YongChao; Liu LiangYun; Wang JiHua, 2002:
Research on a method to derive wheat canopy information from airborne imaging spectrometer data

Mamouni, A., 1999:
Research on a pollenizer for the apple (Malus pumila Mill) cultivar Anna

Wen ZuoMin, 2001:
Research on accounting system of environmental economy

L.S.uYi; Lan PeiLing; Liao XinRong; X.S.engGuang; Wang ShangMing; Yang GuoQing, 2002:
Research on activation effects and mechanisms of phosphatic manure in soil under the eucalypt plantation in Leizhou Peninsula

Biaczyk, W.; Pieczarka, K.; Materek, D., 2001:
Research on adhesion of mictotraktor's tyre in different soil conditions

Lehmann, B., 2001:
Research on agriculture and food security

Lane, R.S.; Anderson, J.R., 2001:
Research on animal-borne parasites and pathogens helps prevent human disease

Wang TianYuan, 2002:
Research on antioxidative constituents and functions of perilla seed coat extractives

Liese, W., 2003:
Research on bamboo

Ling, E., 2000:
Research on bioenergy in Sweden: present status and future plans

Akteke, S.A.; Tuncer, E.; Ulukus, I., 1997:
Research on biological control possibilities against citrus diseases caused by Phytophthora citrophthora (Sm. et Sm.) Leonian

Ulukus, I.; Akteke, S.A.; Damdere, H.; Develier, O., 1997:
Research on biological control possibilities against gray mold (Botryotinia fuckeliana 'De Bary' Whetzel) that is harmful to greenhouse vegetables in the Mediterranean region

Cojocaru, D.S., 1997:
Research on biology of the field bug, Lygus rugulipennis

Ying JinHua; H.Z.ngMing; Fan ShaoHui; S.H.iQin; Lian HuaSen, 2001:
Research on biomass and its distribution of a 29-year-old, first rotation Chinese fir plantation

Reding, M.E.; Klein, M.G.; Brazee, R.D.; Krause, C.R., 2003:
Research on black vine weevil and white grubs in ornamental nurseries in Ohio by USDA-ARS

Yang ChengDong; Jiao RuZhen; Sun QiWu, 2002:
Research on change of rhizosphere soil properties of Chinese fir plantation

Shala, A.; Miljkovic, I., 2002:
Research on chemical composition of sour cherry varieties in ecological conditions of Kosovo; Lin AiFen; Lou Di et al., 2003:
Research on circulating antigen diagnostic reagents of Toxoplasma

Chen BingHao; Hao YuGuang; Chen YongFu, 2003:
Research on climate ecological effect evaluation of regional protection forest system in Wulanbuhe Desert

Achim, G.; Godeanu, I.; Baciu, A., 2001 :
Research on clonal propagation of hazelnut in Valcea - Romania

L.C.unXi; Qiu ZongBo; Jiang LiNa; Zhang Xia, 2002:
Research on content of pentosan in wheat grain in different ecological environments

Liu XingQiao; Zhao De' an; Quan Li; Pan TianHong; Liu GuoHai; Xue WenPing, 2003:
Research on control system of aquiculture with multi-environmental factors

H.B.ngYu; Atunguli ; Bai Shan; Zhang Yi, 2001:
Research on cost function of water pollution treatment project in arid area, Xinjiang

Brisson, J., 2002:
Research on dairy cow behaviour, knowing our cows better

Zhang TieZhu; Zhang HongXin; Zhao Hong, 2002:
Research on design and test of an un-contact rotor pump

Turgut, I., 2001:
Research on determination of superior hybrid combinations in dent corn (Zea mays indentata Sturt.)

Wang YuanSheng; Gan ChangQing; Zhou XiaoHong, 2003:
Research on development technology of Geographic Information System for old trees and famous trees

Daskalov, C.; Georgiev, L., 2001:
Research on diagnosis, therapy and prophylaxis of lerneosis on carp

Klepac, D., 2001:
Research on diameter growth and increment of some Mexican pines

Finkeldey, R., 2001:
Research on diversity, diverse research: objectives and approaches in forest genetics

Kurucu, Y.; Altinbas, U.; Bolca, M., 2000:
Research on drainage patterns of different soil taxonomic units and geological formation in the Aegean region

M.ShiChun, 2000:
Research on drying technology for Fraxinus mandshurica thick timber

Wang Jun; L.Q.uJun; Chen ShanFeng; Jiang YiYuan; M.X.aoYu, 2002:
Research on dynamic properties of pear

Priekulis, J., 2000:
Research on economically profitable animal production technology

Shan ShiHua; Wang MingLin; Wang JianMin; Shi Pei, 2001:
Research on effect of IAA, GA3 and POD on cotton fibre elongation development on different anthesis dates

Vernescu, S.V.; Fendrihan, S., 1997:
Research on efficacy on the vaccine against the acute paralysis of bees obtained from attenuated germs

Song SuFang; Kang XiangTao; Tian YaDong; Sun GuiRong; L.G.oXi, 2003:
Research on energy and protein requirements of 0-4-week-age Gushi chicks

J.Y.Lan; Zheng SiWei; Cai XiPing, 2003:
Research on evaluating index system of the status and role of forestry

You ZhiHong, 2002:
Research on feasibility to combine Shuanghuanglian powder injection with common antibiotics

Tian XiaoRui; Shu LiFu; Qiao QiYu; H.Q.ngTang;, 2001 :
Research on fire-resistance tree species in south China

Tahtacioglu, L., 2000:
Research on fodder shrubs and their management in the rangelands of East Anatolia

F.Z.Qiang; Sun QiHong; Cai YunLong; Dai ErFu, 2002:
Research on forecasting model of forest fire based on grey-system theory; X.Y.Qin; F.Q.ang, 2002:
Research on forecasting water requirement of well irrigation rice by time series analysis method

Onaindia, A.; Gegout, J.C.; Piedallu, C.; Nicolescu, N.V.; Bastien, Y., 2001:
Research on forest vegetation naturally regenerated on abandoned agricultural, vine growing, orchard and pasture lands in the Amance-Apance region (Haute-Marne County, France)

Luo LinGuang; Zhai HuQu; Wan JianMin, 2002:
Research on genetics of rice heading date

Chen CunJi; Qiu ErFa; Liang YiChi; Fan HuiHua; Zhou YaoGuo, 2001:
Research on geological variation rule and selection of bamboo resource

Meng XianFa; Y.Y.ngChang; Chen ZuXu; Zhu JianYun; Zhang FangQiu; Liu Shui E., 2001:
Research on grafting techniques of superior Acacia mangium and its hybrid

Zhu WeiXing; Mao HanPing; L.P.ngPing; L.X.nCheng; M.C.angHua, 2002:
Research on greenhouse heater using fuzzy control

A.L.Long; Xiao Mei; Feng XiuLiang; Dou ZhongYing; Qiu Huai; Yang Qi; Lei AnMin; Yang ChunRong; Gao ZhiMin, 2002:
Research on growth behavior of embryos for bovine and murine on primary murine embryos fibroblast cell feeder layer

Kohan, S., 2001:
Research on growth characteristics of the poplar cv. Robusta (Populus x euroamericana Guinier cv. Robusta) under different cultural treatments on uninundated alluvia of the Uh river

Vulfson, L.; Pedersen, K.; Dietz, H.H.; Andersen, T.H.; Chriel, M., 2002:
Research on gut flora in mink with special attention to the occurrence of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus intermedius

Shi ChenJuan; Liu Yong; H.C.angShou, 2002:
Research on hardy branch cutting cultivation of Qinghai spruce

Kumar, N.; Nalina, L., 2001:
Research on high density planting of banana in Tamil Nadu - a resume

Shen QingJing; Y.Y.Xun; Ling YongSheng, 2000:
Research on high-yielding and rapid multiplication of basic seeds of virus-free sweet potatoes

Zeman, C.; Depken, D.; Rich, M., 2002:
Research on how the composting process impacts greenhouse gas emissions and global warming

Zhang XiangQin; Fang RuMing; Cai JianRong; Wang Ping; X.L., 2001:
Research on image recognition technique for pebrine in silkworm

Feng Peien; Pan ShuangXia; Ding GuoFu, 2002:
Research on implementation approach of virtual prototype for excavator-robot

Huang ZuLiu; X.R.Gen; Chen DeHui; Chen Yong, 2003:
Research on inheritance for amylose content of soft rice from China and Thailand

Bashford, R.; Taylor, R.; Driessen, M.; Doran, N.; Richardson, A., 2001:
Research on invertebrate assemblages at the Warra LTER Site

A.L.Long; Yang Qi; Xiao Mei; Feng XiuLiang; Yang ChunRong; Lei AnMin; Gao ZhiMin; Dou ZhongYing; Qiu Huai, 2002:
Research on isolation and clone of embryonic stem cell-like in bovine

Tomas, S.; Seruga, B.; Planinic, M., 2000:
Research on kinetics of industrial drying of long pasta

Nicotra, A.; Simeone, A.M.; Vito, M. di, 2003:
Research on kiwifruit source of genetic resistance to root-knot and lesion nematodes

Cojocaru, C.; Chitimia, L.; Cosoroaba, I., 2003:
Research on larval clinostomosis - an ichthyoparasitosis with hygienic sanitary implications

abecki, M., 2001:
Research on laser application for surface hardening of selected elements of agricultural machines

Ozeker, E.; Msrl, A., 2001:
Research on leaf properties and stomata distribution of some Pistacia spp

Lin JianFeng, 2001:
Research on log rule of timbers from artificial masson pine forest

Lin ShanZhi; Zhang ZhiYi, 2000:
Research on low-temperature-induced chilling-and-freezing tolerance of plants and strategies for improvement of Populus tomentosa freezing tolerance

Caillet, M.; Simeray, J., 2003:
Research on macrofungal sociology in the biological reserve of Foret de Chaux (Franche-Comte, France)

Hajlaoui, M.R.; Kanchouch, K.; Guermech, A.; Cherif, M., 2000 :
Research on mal secco of Citrus. II. Development of an artificial technique for inoculation

Hajlaoui, M.R.; Kanchouch, K.; Guermech, A.; Cherif, M., 2000:
Research on mal secco of Citrus: I. A study of some biological traits of the pathogen

Ritala, A.; Salmenkallio Marttila, M.; Kurten, U.; Mannonen, L.; Oksman Caldentey, K.M., 2001:
Research on microspore culture of malting barley at VTT Biotechnology

Zhao XingBo;; W.C.angXin, 2002:
Research on mitochondrial DNA fingerprinting and its application

Chen JianYan; Lan LinFu, 2001:
Research on modern management technology of bamboo forest

Antanaitiene, R.; Staniene, G., 2001:
Research on morphological and ornamental traits of Paeonia lactiflora Pall. varieties

Cristea, I., 2001:
Research on mountain water pollution with heavy metals

Gong MingQin; Wang FengZhen; Chen Yu; Liang KunNan, 2002:
Research on mycorrhiza of Tectona grandis and its effect on seedling growth

Wei JiBing; Wang Qian; Xiao YongFu; Zhong DaFa; Dong YongChao, 2001:
Research on needs assessment and financing for Schistosomiasis Control in Sichuan Province

Zang Ying; Gao HuanWen, 2002:
Research on occurrence mechanism and control technology of wind erosion in agricultural lands

Liu HaiOu; Chen HuiYan; Zheng MuQiao, 2003:
Research on on-board torque measurement system for a tracked vehicle

Yang FuZeng; F.X.angHua; Yang Fang; Xue HuiLan; L.X.nGuang; Wang PengFei, 2002:
Research on parametric modeling of parts of seeding machine based on Pro/E

Raudonis, L.; Valiuskaite, A., 2003:
Research on pest and disease control in horticultural plants and its development in Lithuania

Duan HaiYan; Wang YunHua; X.F.ngSen; Liu Hui, 2001:
Research on phosphorus efficiency of different cultivars of Brassica napus

Zhao XiuQin; Zhao Ming; L.J.n; Xiao JunTao; Zang Ning; Sun ChuanQing, 2002:
Research on photosynthetic characteristics at the temperate region of remote crossing progenies which present high photosynthesis at the tropics

Peng ChunXiu, 2003:
Research on physiological-biochemical factors affecting quality of flowers and growing conditions before cut

Zhong WeiHua; Chen BingQuan; Huang ShaoWei; Wang JinBang; Huang YongQuan, 2003:
Research on planting density in a loblolly pine seed orchard

Duran, H.; Pnar, Y., 2003:
Research on possibilities of improving of application techniques on spraying for weed on corn fields in Samsun

Shao ChengHui; Kan JunWu; Tang KeHong, 2003:
Research on power consumption of salt-field filming machine by dimension analysis methods

Tang YongYu, 2001:
Research on present situation and exploiting direction of bamboo usage

Sarauskis, E.; Sakalauskas, A.; Romaneckas, K., 2003:
Research on press wheels in direct drills for sugarbeet

Yan QingFu; Dong RuoLing; Guo YaJie, 2003:
Research on pressureless properties of a pump and its system

Nie XiaoAn, 2001:
Research on principle of synthesizing curing agent for automobile coatings from cottonseed oil and its waste materials

Liu Jun; Xie CongHua; Y.Z.anShen; Liu Yong, 2001:
Research on propagation of Amorphophallus in vitro

Sang WeiGuo; Zheng Yu; Zhang DeQuan, 2001:
Research on radiation flux dynamics of canopy surface in warm temperate zone deciduous broad-leaved forests

Zhang WenZhu, 2002:
Research on rapid propagation of Gerbera jamesonii

Hong, L.T.; Rao, V.R.; Amaral, W., 2001:
Research on rattan genetic resources conservation and use: the perspective and strategy of the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute

Legrand, M., 2001:
Research on reasoned control methods for Thrips tabaci on pears, outcome of 5 years of studies in Nord Pas-de-Calais

Liu YunLong; L.J.n; Wang RenChao, 2002:
Research on relationship between crop drought and soil water retention and supply characters in hilly red clayey soil

Zheng XiaoDong; Mei LeHe; Fang ZheHong; Sun Ping, 2002:
Research on resistance of yeast to organic solvent

Zimnoch Guzowska, E., 2002:
Research on resistance to Erwinia carotovora ssp. atroseptica identified in diploid potato hybrids; Zhao Zhong; L.Z.anBin; Wang NaiJiang, 2002:
Research on root distribution parameters of Robinia pseudoacacia on different sites in Chunhua County

Zhang LiPing; Zhang MiaoXian, 2000:
Research on runoff formation distortion coefficient in soil erosion experiment of a normal model of small drainage

Condrea, M., 2001:
Research on sanguine modifications in dehydration conditions in the dog

Ali, M.A.; Fakir, G.A.; Sarker, A.K., 2002:
Research on seed-borne fungal diseases of spices in Bangladesh Agricultural University

Inagaki, H., 2002:
Research on self fertilization in Lilium formosanum Wallace

Dzoz, V.; Shpiliova, I.; Kirillova, O.; Ostroverkhov, V., 1998:
Research on self-fertility of sorts of Armeniaca vulgaris

Cheng WuQun; Qie ZhiHong, 2001:
Research on several problems about sustainable utilization of agricultural water resources in Hebei Province

Guan MingJie; Zhu YiXin; Zhang QiSheng, 2003:
Research on shrinkage and fibre saturation point of Dendrocalamus hamiltonii

Gul, M.A.; Alcicek, A.; Tumer, S., 2001:
Research on silage possibility and feeding value of artichoke stalks with leaves

Alcicek, A.; Akkan, S.; Ozkan, K.; Talug, M.; Karaayvaz, K.; Basmacoglu, H., 2002:
Research on silage possibility and feeding value of pea by-product from canned industry

Weng XianQuan; S.H.iQin; Lian HuaSen; Fan ShaoHui; Yang ChengDong; H.Z.ngMing, 2001:
Research on soil properties of a first-rotation Chinese fir plantation of 29-year-old

L.J.anBo; Yang JingPing, 2002:
Research on soil spatial heterogeneity and pattern of Huangniling red soil watershed

Condrea, M.; Pavel, G.; Spataru, C., 2000:
Research on some modifications of homeostasis in the experimental anaphylactic condition in the rabbit

Hutu, I.; Sas, E.; Chesa, I., 2002:
Research on some risk factors and risk indicators of perinatal mortality at first farrowing in Large White

Liu ChaoChin; Zeng HaoXiang; W.C.angYang; Shen YuCheng, 2002:
Research on sport competition trait anxiety and sport-specific self-concept in collegiate volleyball players

G.L.Ii; Luo Yun; Liu Jing; Song Hong, 2001:
Research on staining wood

Jia Wei; Zhang JinSong; Zhou ChangYan; Guo Qian; Yang Yan; Bai YunQin; Liu Fang, 2002:
Research on submerged fermentation process and nutritive analysis of Agaricus blazei

Riviere, L.M.; Caron, J., 2001:
Research on substrates: state of the art and need for the coming 10 years

Zhong WeiHua; H.Z.aoHeng; W.J.ngNan, 2001 :
Research on superior tree selection with the method of dominant contrast and estimation of the corresponding gain

Bora, T.; Ozaktan, H.; Sukan, F.V.; Sukan, S.; Gore, E., 2002:
Research on suppression of Fusarium wilt (F. oxysporum f. sp. melonis) in muskmelon by application of bioformulations under field conditions

Yang ChengBo; Jiang Yuan; Huang KeHe; Zhu ChangQing, 2003:
Research on survey of Campylobacter jejuni in food and water by PCR and culture methods

Jin ChunDe; Wang Cheng; Zhang Peng;; Luo GuangJun; Jin YongZhu; Sheng QingFeng; Tai RongXun; Jin WanLie; Cui JingRi; Liu Qiang, 2001:
Research on surviving of yearling and its effecting factors of Japanese red pine

Silverman, S.; Manson, M., 2003:
Research on teaching in physical education doctoral dissertations: a detailed investigation of focus, method, and analysis

L.X.aoYu; Wang Wei; Lei TingWu, 2002:
Research on temperature compensation to capacitance sensor for measuring sediment concentration in flow water

Wang Bing; Cui XiangHui; Bao YongHong, 2002:
Research on temporal and spatial patterns and dynamic laws of soil water at an ecotope between oasis and desert

Wang, B.; Cui XiangHui; Bai XiuLan; M.Q.anLin, 2002:
Research on temporal and spatial patterns and dynamic laws of soil water content in desert area

Shepherd, R., 2001:
Research on the Eating, Food and Health LINK Programme

Yang YuanCai; Hou LunDeng, 2002:
Research on the P-N compound organic flame retardant treat MDF

Klc, M.; Avc, U.; Kahveci, Y.; Erdem, B., 1999:
Research on the application possibilities of mass trapping methods against codling moth in the Black Sea region

Wang XiangDong; Zhao GuoJian; Duan JiangLian, 2002:
Research on the best technology for extracting pectin from vegetable melon

Simeria, G.; Popescu, G.; Ulea, E.; Giuchici, C.; Grozea, I.; Petanec, D.; Damianov, S.; Molnar, L.; Toma, O., 2000:
Research on the biology and ecology of the apple-blossom weevil (Anthonomus pomorum L.) from the Caransebes county orchards

Geambasu, N.M., 2001:
Research on the biotic growth environment of resonance wood producing Norway spruce

Popescu, C.; Vasile, D.; Becherescu, C.; Brumar, D., 2000:
Research on the brown-reddish soil from Oltenia

Malschi, D.; Mustea, D., 1999:
Research on the cereal biocenosis-entomophagous predators and the pests control of wheat and barley, crops in central Transylvania

L.C.unXi; Qiu ZongBo; Jiang LiNa; Zhang Xia; Guo JunLi, 2002:
Research on the content of pentosan in some winter wheat varieties in Henan

Zhang Ling; Huang JingFeng; Wang SenFa; Chen HePing; H.X.anSong, 2003:
Research on the critical precipitation index of landslide based on GIS

Chen XiaoRong; Pan XiaoHua; Shi QingHua; Guo JingYao; L.M.Ying, 2001:
Research on the culture characters and the practices of dryland-raised long-age seedlings associated with scattered-planting in rice

Kzlaslan, N.; Almus, S., 2002:
Research on the determination of the socio-economic factors affecting the farmers' behaviour in adopting land consolidation implemented in Guzelbeyli town in Zile county, Tokat province

Iova, G.; Dobrei, A.; Dobrei, C.; Darabus, R.; Olaru, D., 2002:
Research on the development of growth phases for the grapevines in the ampelographic collection of the Department of Viticulture

Miyazaki, M.; Okazaki, K.; Ishizuka, N.; Takatsuji, T.; Inooku, K.; Sekino, K.; Yamamoto, H.; Nagasaki, Y.; Tanaka, H.; Sumikawa, O., 2002:
Research on the development of mechanized production system for steep sloping citrus orchards

W.Y.ngXia; Zhang YuJie; Dong XiaoYun; L.S.uMin, 2003:
Research on the differentiation law of the paulownia timber color

Dortbudak, N.; Erdogan, P.; Aydemir, M., 1999:
Research on the distribution, infestation and population density of bean beetle and crop losses on stored lentil and bean in Central Anatolia

Teneva, A., 2001:
Research on the dynamics of the alleles from amylase locus in the cattle populations, reared in Bulgaria

Christou, M.; Mardikis, M.; Alexopoulou, E., 2001:
Research on the effect of irrigation and nitrogen upon growth and yields of Arundo donax L. in Greece

Karadag, Y.; Buyukburc, U., 2001:
Research on the effects of different phosphorus doses on root, nodule and plant growth in some vetch species

Ozmen, D.; Klncer, N., 2002:
Research on the effects of diflubenzuron and hexaflumuron on Spodoptera littoralis (Boisduval) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae

Trdan, S.; Kac, M.; Bobnar, A.; Modic, S., 2003:
Research on the efficacy of the yellow sticky boards to control the cabbage whitefly (Aleyrodes proletella L., Aleyrodidae) on Brussels sprouts

Gulbinas, A., 2002:
Research on the efficiency performance of vertical axis wind turbine

Wang DongMei; Guo ShuXian; Zang Jin; Xue Gang; Zhao FengLi, 2002:
Research on the fermentation and detoxification of cottonseed cakes by means of fungal agent EM

Dobrei, A.; Iova, G.; Darabus, R.; Malaescu, M., 2002:
Research on the fertility and productivity of some grape cultivars cultivated at the Timisoara Research Station

Zhang BingXian; Wang GuoXiang, 2001:
Research on the gene labelling of DNA of coloured cotton and white cotton

Zhang HongHai; Yan ZhenLan, 2000:
Research on the home ranges of sables(Martes zibellina)

Zhang XiPing; Gong ShuFang; Cui Lin, 2003:
Research on the infection process of Sphaerotheca pannosa in rose leaves

Swennen, Q.; Janssens, G.P.J.; Decuypere, E.; Buyse, J., 2003:
Research on the influence of dietary macronutrients on food intake and its regulatory mechanisms in broiler chickens

Dinev, D.; Malinova, L., 2000:
Research on the influence of different technological systems for transporting wood over the soil from thinnings in black pine plantations

Hys, L.; Popko, H.; Komsta, H.; Popko, R., 2002:
Research on the influence of the technical conditions of a homogenizer pump on the quality of the process of pressure homogenization

Xie JiaYan; Feng GuoLei; H.F.ngQin, 2002:
Research on the insensitivity of esterase to insecticide on different host of cotton aphid

Fecak, P., 2003:
Research on the integrated cultivation system of two-rowed barley in the East-Slovak Lowland

Kang XiangTao; Song SuFang; Huang YanQun;; Wang YanBin; Tian YaDong, 2002:
Research on the law of autosexing discrimination of feather colour in Yuzhou brown layer

Chen LiNeng; Ling Hong; X.Z.anFeng; Wang Fei, 2003:
Research on the math models of the combustion oil consumption of the farm transport machineries

Chirila, A.; Tomescu, S., 2002:
Research on the melliferous plants of forest stands of northern Dobrogea

Cai JianRong; Zhao JieWen; Fang RuMing, 2002:
Research on the mensuration of grain size using computer vision

Cao ShuQing; L.W.I.; Zhai HuQu; Sheng ShengLan; Gong HongBing; Yang TuNan; Zhang RongXian, 2001:
Research on the method for estimating flag leaf photosynthesis function duration at rice seedling stage by relative steady phase of chlorophyll content

Ctak, S.; Yucel, N.; Gundogan, N., 2000:
Research on the microbiological quality of the pasteurized milk presenting to the consumption on Ankara

Yang PuYun; Allison, R.F., 2002:
Research on the mix infection of Cowpea chlorotic mottle virus mutants

Yang YuanCai; Hou LunDeng; Yang QingXian, 2001:
Research on the new organic flame retardant in the plywood

Dong MingHui; Zhang HongChen; Dai QiGen; Huo ZhongYang; Meng LiMing, 2002:
Research on the nitrogen absorption and utilization of different rice varieties

Meulder, H. de, 2001:
Research on the occurence of fungi on dung of Galloway cows (part 5)

Chen Li' neng, 2001:
Research on the optimum rated carrying-capacity of a farm transport vehicle

Bucheli, P.; Taniwaki, M.H., 2002:
Research on the origin, and on the impact of post-harvest handling and manufacturing on the presence of ochratoxin A in coffee

Draganescu, E.; Mihut, E.; Blidariu, A., 2001:
Research on the performance during the first few years after planting of some cultivars of apples cultivated in the forest steppe zone of Banat

Draganescu, E.; Mihut, E.; Mitroi, E.; Blidariu, A., 2002:
Research on the performance during the first few years after planting of some new apricot cultivars

Kruch, J., 2002:
Research on the presence of defects resulting from harvesting in unprocessed hardwood logs for veneer

Peng Xun; Han XiaoYan; Wen Min; Chan GuoChen; Han ZhongHou; L.S.iWu; Zhang JiDong, 2002:
Research on the quality and standard of Yizhangxiao granule

Soncini, G.; Valnegri, L.; Marchisio, E., 2002:
Research on the quality of industrial milk and cheese products

Kasalica, A.; Niketic, G.; Miocinovic, D.; Oljacic, E., 2003:
Research on the quality of raw milk from Stara Planina Mountain

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Research on the random oscillation of a soil bulk-subsoiler system

Nagy, E.; Bagiu, L., 1999:
Research on the reaction variability of several Fusarium isolates on various maize genotypes

Zhang YanJun; Chen LiFang, 2002:
Research on the relationship among distillation, main chemical constituents and yield of the essential oil of Melaleuca alternifolia

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Research on the seed germination and seedling growth of Japanese red pine

Vaiciukevicius, E.; Urba, A.; Spokas, L., 2001:
Research on the separation of chaff in sloping air current

Kaplan, M., 1998:
Research on the side effects of gibberellic acid (GA3) applications on citrus mealybug and some of its natural enemies

Tanase, M.; Oprean, L., 2001:
Research on the spreading of Cuscuta L. (Convolvulaceae) in the county of Sibiu, Romania

Manzat, R.M.; Ciorba, D.; Sarca, M.; Herman, V., 2000:
Research on the standardisation of the titre (IAU) of the serum against tetanus based on the ELISA-determined antibody concentration

Wang YeMing; L.L.nGuang; Tan JianRong, 2002:
Research on the system for visualization and simulation of flow fields of the elbow draft tube for a pumping station

Wen ZuoMin, 2002:
Research on the system of environmental accounting

Varban, D.; Duda, M.M.; Muntean, S.; Varban, R.; Muste, S.; Tofana, M.; Sestras, R., 2000:
Research on the technology of cultivation of Echinacea purpurea L. Monch

Mihaila, C.; Hebean, V.; Habeanu, M.; Criste, R.D.; Bercaru, A., 2002:
Research on the use of copper as feed additive in weaned piglet feeding

Giuchici, C., 2000:
Research on the use of perennial Graminaceae in turf building

Ionita, L., 2001:
Research on the use of ultrastructural markers to identify the origin of provenances

Jiao GaiLi; L.J.nFeng; L.Y.n E.; Zhao JunXia; Zhang HuanXiang; Liu JianWei, 2002:
Research on the utilization of new explants to establish a transformation system with high efficiency in cotton

Hong YongPing; H.Y.ngChun; Jiang YuJian; L.Z.iHong; Luo XiaoWei, 2003:
Research on the utilization of transglutaminase in the reconstruction of smashed shrimp

Kim JeongHwa, 2002:
Research on tobacco plant diseases in Korea: an overview

Hncal, P.; Kaya, N.; Hepdurgun, B.; Yasaraknc, N.; Buyukurvay, S.; Karaca, C., 1997:
Research on treatment programme against the pests in the pickling cucumber growing areas of the Aegean region and residual levels of some insecticides

Fang Yan, 2002:
Research on tree classification with vegetative organs

Zheng PuYing; W.X.aoMing; Huang YongJu; Chen BiYun; X.K.n; Shen JinXiong, 2001:
Research on ultra-dry storage of soyabean seeds III. Changes in viability and vigour of seeds after a year's storage at 25 degrees C and 5 degrees C

Dinkci, N.; Gonc, S., 2000:
Research on using lipase (Piccantase A) from mucor mihei on the ripening of white pickled cheese

Shi JiAng; L.J.nHua, 2003:
Research on using the segment of cotolydon as explant in vitro for regeneration of seed watermelon

Kaya, A.; Uzmay, C.; Akbas, Y.; Kaya, I.; Tumer, S., 2002:
Research on various testing procedures and different methods of estimating lactation milk yield in dairy cattle

Castro, R.; Riquer, F., 2003:
Research on violence against women in Latin America: from blind empiricism to theory without data

Kegler, H., 2002:
Research on virus resistance carried out at the former Institute of Phytopathology Aschersleben of the German Academy of Agricultural Sciences Berlin

Xie ZhongYan, 2002:
Research on water environment value of Tumen River basin in the way of e-mergy

Panayotov, P., 1996:
Research on water-impermeable plywood combustion

Ustuner, T.; Guncan, A., 2002:
Research on weed species which are problem density and importance with association in potato fields of Nigde province

L.X.Fei; Wang MingLiang, 2001:
Research on whole-stand volume models

Wen YouXian; Wang QiaoHua; Zong WangYuan; Xiong LiRong; Liu JianYing; Y.Y.uSheng, 2001:
Research on yolk color grading model

Liang KunNan; Zhou WenLong; L.Y.Quan, 2002:
Research on young seedling plantation of fertilizer trial for Eucalyptus urophylla at 6 year-old

Harris, J.; Cassady, H., 2002:
Research opportunities for PE teachers

Rethinam, P., 2001:
Research output and farmers adoption of technology on coconut based farming system - the Indian experience

Arancon, R.N.Jr, 2001:
Research output and farmers' adoption of technologies on coconut-based farming systems: the Philippine experience

Szulc, T., 2001:
Research over use in cereal seeders of an electric system for the drive of sowing devices

Mierzejewska, E., 2002:
Research parallel to Polish assays of Melolontha melolontha grubs control with the fungus Beauveria bassiana

Jimenez, S., 2002:
Research perspectives on food security

Rosique Gracia, J., 2002:
Research perspectives on the evaluation of nutritional status

Zhang DeFu; Zhang SiQing, 2002:
Research present condition and advance on Meishan pig at abroad

Florentin, G.H., 2003:
Research priorities for construction timber and wood from now until 2005

Wharton, B.; Fleischer Michaelsen, K.; Aggett, P.J., 2000:
Research priorities in complementary feeding: International Paediatric Association (IPA) and European Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) workshop. Proceedings of a meeting held in Casablanca, Morocco, August 26-28, 1999

Day, K.; Trethewey, C.; Leech, S., 2002:
Research programs at the University of British Columbia Research Forests

Liu ShuYun; Dong ShuTing; H.C.angHao, 2002:
Research progress about effects of ecological environment factors on quality of maize kernel

Zhao Yun; W.C.uanYu; H.X.Dong; Y.G.oHong, 2003:
Research progress and problems of agricultural robot

Sun QiXiang; Zhang QiSheng; Peng ZhenHua, 2001:
Research progress and trend on wooden environment science

Liu YanHe; Zhang ChuanXi; X.B.oHua; Chen ShengLu, 2002:
Research progress in malate dehydrogenase (MDH) of honeybees

Zhou XiaoFu; Wang XingZhi, 2002:
Research progress in salt tolerance genes of SOS in Arabidopsis thaliana

Liang LiYun; Chen XiaoFeng; Meng AnMing, 2002:
Research progress in sperm-mediated gene transfer

Jiang NongHui; Chen JinYin; X.X.aoBiao; Xiao JianHui; W.Y.uGeng, 2001:
Research progress in storage technology and postharvest physiology of chestnut

Liu Li; H.Z.ongHu; Y.Y.Xiong; Yang JinHua; Cheng Geng; H.Y.ngXing, 2003:
Research progress in wheat glutenin

Zhou XiaoFu; Wang JingYu; Wang XingZhi, 2002:
Research progress of cellulose synthase genes in higher plant

L.T.ngXuan; Wang ChangQuan; M.G.oRui; Znang XiZhou; Zhang RenSui, 2002:
Research progress of chloride-containing fertilizers

Ruan ChengJiang; H.Z.enXiang; Qin Pei, 2002:
Research progress of plant genetic linkage map in China

Zhuang NanSheng; Zheng ChengMu, 2002:
Research progress of preparation and application of specific DNA probes from plant

Liu WanFeng; Wang YuanYing, 2002:
Research progress of tobacco-specific nitrosamines in tobacco leaves

Yang YuHua; Wang YunHua; W.L.Shu; D.C.angWen, 2002:
Research progress on B efficiency in plants

Liu LongChang; Xiang QiBai, 2003:
Research progress on Osmanthus genus

Chen ZhongYi; Zhang Jie; Huang DaFang, 2003:
Research progress on antimicrobial mechanism and genetic engineering of Bacillus for plant diseases biocontrol

S.J.n; L.C.engQiong; Ren XueSong; Xiao ChongGang, 2002:
Research progress on clubroot disease and breeding for clubroot resistance of crucifer

Jie YuCheng; Leng Juan;, 2001:
Research progress on ecological characteristics and industrialization of Apocynum lancifolium Rus; Wang GuoZhong; L.Z.engRong; Wang GuoQing; Chen ZongHui, 2002:
Research progress on environmentally responsible soil and fertilizer management technique of protected agriculture in Japan

Huang LiHua; Cheng XiaNian, 2001:
Research progress on interactions between Helicoverpa armigera and cotton

Wang WeiGuang; Wang XiuGui; Shen RongKai; Yang ShuQing; H.W.nMing, 2003:
Research progress on irrigation with lightly salted water

Tian Jin; Ruan Hui; Niu Jun; F.Y.n; L.Z.iMin, 2003:
Research progress on lactoprotein gene and its application

Wang ZhenHua; Jiang YanXi; Wang LiFeng; Jin Yi; L.X.nHai; Shi HongLiang, 2002:
Research progress on maize head smut

Zhang RunZhi; Ren Li; Wang ChunLin; Wang FuXiang; Lin FuRong, 2001:
Research progress on mango weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

L.C.unXuan; M.E.Bo, 2003:
Research progress on migratory locust, Locusta migratoria

Chen LiuJi; Yang XianQiang; Jin MingXiang, 2001:
Research progress on pharmacokinetics of tea catechins

Jin ShengZao; Chen HuangChun; Xiong Fu, 2002:
Research progress on pseudorabies gene-deleted vaccine

Deng, X.J.n; Zhang, J.M.n; Hu,; Yang, J.; Hu,, 2002:
Research progress on termite pheromones and their analogues

Zhang ChengFeng; Cai ShengLi, 2003:
Research progress on the biochemical characteristics of yolk protein and synthesis sites of vitellogenin in penaeid shrimps

Feng YueHua; Zhang YangZhu, 2002:
Research progress on the fractionation of soil organic phosphorus

Ji, R.; Xie, B.Y.; Li, X.H.i; Gao, Z.X.ang; Li, D.M., 2003:
Research progress on the invasive species, Hyphantria cunea

Huang ShaoKang; Chen ShengLu, 2002:
Research progress on the queen-worker caste differentiation in the honeybee (Apis mellifera)

Zhang SuiQi; Shan Lun, 2001:
Research progress on water uptake in plant roots

X.G.ang; Guo YuYuan, 2001:
Research progresses on interspecific hybridization of Heliothinae

Tan ShengJiang; Chen XiaoFeng; L.D.anMo, 2001:
Research progresses on mechanism of insect resistance to Bacillus thuringiensis toxin

Okimori, Y.; Izutani, S., 2003:
Research project on the rehabilitation and reforestation of lowland dipterocarp forests in Indonesia

Anonymous, 2001:
Research projects in Sydney

Sebillotte, M.; Messean, A., 2003:
Research prospects and directions. The case of protein at INRA

Hamamura, Y., 2001:
Research records on feeding and growth of silkworms

Botau, D.; Nedelea, G., 2001:
Research regarding in vitro mutagenesis on Solanum melongena

Budoi, G.; Penescu, A.; Alecu, I.; Dobrescu, N.; Marin, D., 2001:
Research regarding Agriculture Conservation Strategies on the Southern part of Romania

Dorica, B., 2000:
Research regarding Calendula officinalis callus evolution in different in vitro culture systems

Grozea, I., 2000:
Research regarding growth and development of Diabrotica virgifera virgifera Le Conte in the laboratory and fields of the western part of the country

Ionita, S.; Sin, G.; Petcu, G., 1999:
Research regarding reduction of soil tillage for wheat and maize crops

Kruch, J., 2001:
Research regarding some faults in traction cables

Badulescu, L.; Delian, E.; Oprea, M., 1999:
Research regarding some physiological and biochemical processes on wheat seeds germination affected by black point

Bucurean, E., 2002:
Research regarding the biology, ecology and control of cereal leaf beetle (Oulema melanopus) in western Romania

Hoza, D.; Asanica, A., 2002:
Research regarding the daily dynamics of photosynthetic active radiation intercepted of apricot crown vessel-bush managed

Domuta, C., 2000:
Research regarding the hydric stress influence on yield and water efficiency by some crops

Mihailescu, D.; Povarna, F.; Dinca, B.; Tuca, C., 2001:
Research regarding the implications of the pedoameliorative measures on magnesium content in acid soil-plant system, for the environment protection

Stefanescu, M., 2002:
Research regarding the influence of manure on the wheat-maize rotation

Feher, E.; Paunescu, G.; Matei, G.; Soare, M.; Soare, P., 2002:
Research regarding the influence of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilisation to pea crop, in the conditions of dark-reddish soil from Oltenia

Feher, E.; Paunescu, G.; Matei, G.; Soare, M.; Soare, R., 2002:
Research regarding the influence of potassium to pea crop in the conditions of dark-reddish soil

Condrea, M., 2002:
Research regarding the influence of the exogenous agents on the haematological chart in dairy cows

Vilau, F., 2001 :
Research regarding the quantification of damages caused by aphids attack and barley dwarf and yellow virus in South-East of Oltenia

Constandache, C.; Untaru, E.; Ivan, V., 2001:
Research regarding the reconstruction of destructed stands on claimed lands in Vrancea County

Grozea, A.; Bura, M.; Olah, A.; Trusca, A., 2001:
Research regarding the reproduction of Brachydanio rerio (Fam. cyprinidae) fish and growth of the larvae of this species

Sofletea, N.; Tarziu, D.; Sparchez, G.; Curtu, A.L., 2001:
Research regarding the sessile oak high altitude ecotype from Poiana Brasov

Asanica, A.; Hoza, D., 2002:
Research regarding the setting rate of flat peach by cutting and manual thinning out

Saicu, C., 2001:
Research regarding the summer-autumn sowing of perennial forage crops under natural conditions of North Moldavian area

Hoza, G., 2002:
Research regarding the use of some new substrata for nursery transplant early cabbage produced

Cordos, N.; Filip, N.; Burnete, N., 2001:
Research regarding the vibrations produced in the cylinder process for the tractors engines

Bunta, G., 2000:
Research regarding the wheat resistance to pre-harvest sprouting

Huang DaoYou; Chen HuiPing; Gong GaoTang; L.Y.Lin, 2000:
Research report on improvement and utilization of main type paddy soil polluted by cadmium in Hunan province

Kui JiaXiang; Zhong Sheng; Kuang ChongYi; Yuan FuJin; Huang BiZhi, 2001:
Research report on introduction test of Setaria sphacelata (Schum) Stapf ex Massey cv. Narok

Solymos, R., 2001:
Research results focused on forest, timber and wildlife management in Hungary

Janes, H., 2000:
Research results of sweet cherry cultivars and selections testing at the Polli horticultural institute

Janes, H.; Pae, A., 1999:
Research results of sweet cherry cultivars and selections testing at the horticultural institute

X.S.uLai; Zhang ShouQin; Liu JingBo; X.J.n; Zhao HongXia, 2003:
Research status and developing strategy on preservation of cut-vegetable on high pressure

X.J.uRu; Song Wan; Zou ShouYi; Zhang WeiDong, 2000:
Research status and some consideration in genetic improvement of elm species

Choi SeongTae, 2001:
Research status and utility perspective of growth regulators in persimmon

Sumadiwangsa, S.; Setyawan, D., 2001:
Research strategic concept on non-wood forest product in Indonesia

Prentice, R.L.; Sugar, E.; Wang, C.Y.; Neuhouser, M.; Patterson, R., 2003:
Research strategies and the use of nutrient biomarkers in studies of diet and chronic disease

Ramkhelawan, E., 2002:
Research strategies for the management of birdvine in citrus

Yabe, K., 2003:
Research strategy and aflatoxin biosynthesis (2003 Japanese Association of Mycotoxicology Achievement Award)

Morosanu, V.; Lazar, G.; Timisan, N.; Ciocoiu, G., 2000:
Research studies on presence and prevention of soil depletion in cherry tree growing under fruit-growing agro-ecosystem of Falticeni-Suceava

Vinod Kumar, 2002:
Research support for developing abiotic stress tolerant transgenics

Ikumo, H.; Yamaguchi, T.; Yamamoto, N., 2002:
Research survey on administrative, agricultural and business movement for practical use of compost in Japan

Karha, K.; Mutikainen, A.; Ronkko, E., 2002:
Research technology for the tending of young stands

Bowen, D., 2002:
Research through participant observation in tourism: a creative solution to the measurement of consumer satisfaction/dissatisfaction (CS/D) among tourists

Manning, R.; Wang, B.; Valliere, W.; Lawson, S.; Newman, P., 2002:
Research to estimate and manage carrying capacity of a tourist attraction: a study of Alcatraz Island

Sayer, J.A.; Campbell, B.M., 2003:
Research to integrate productivity enhancement, environmental protection, and human development

Kim WolSoo; Jeong SangBouk, 2001:
Research trends and commercial uses of plant growth regulators on grapes and peaches

Tribe, J., 2002:
Research trends and imperatives in tourism education

Yoon IkKoo, 2001:
Research trends and the practical use of plant growth regulators on oriental pears in South Korea

Rim YongWoo, 2002:
Research trends of papers published in Journal of the Korean Society of Grassland Science during last twenty years

Lefrancq, B.; Jamar, L.; Lateur, M.; Verheyden, C., 2002:
Research with a view to developing commercial production of apples by organic methods: a first in Belgium

Darby, P., 2002:
Research work in the UK for the benefit of the hop industry

Dotlacil, L.; Stehno, Z.; Faberova, I.; Michalova, A., 2002:
Research, conservation and utilisation of plant genetic resources and agro-biodiversity enhancement - contribution of the Research Institute of Crop Production Prague-Ruzyne

Adkins, S.W.; Paterson, M.F., 2002:
Research, education and services of the Tropical and Subtropical Weeds Research Unit, University of Queensland

Dogley, W.; Stravens, R., 2000:
Research, extension and grower linkages in the Seychelles

Pietronave, S.; Fracchia, L.; Martinotti, M.G., 2002:
Researchers analyze how microorganisms suppress pathogen regrowth

Baumgartner, R.; Aurora, G.S.; Karanth, G.K.; Ramaswamy, V., 2002:
Researchers in dialogue with local knowledge systems - reflections on mutual learning and empowerment

Tian XiaoRui; Shu LiFu; Wang MingYu, 2002:
Researches and application of fuelbreaks in China

Chen YeJiang; Lai ZhongXiong, 2001:
Researches and utilization of somatic embryogenesis in fruits and trees

Damian, A., 2001:
Researches concerning ELISA serodiagnosis of leptospirosis using exterior cover antigene (OE)

Timofte, D., 2001:
Researches concerning cellular and humoral unspecifically immunity in some animal species

Ciulca, S., 2001:
Researches concerning combining ability of spike length in two-rowed autumn barley

Herman, V.; Ciorba, D.; Ramneantu, M.; Pascu, C., 2001:
Researches concerning dynamics of tetanic antitoxin in horses immunized with serum and tetanic toxoid

Draghia, C.; Suba, T.; Suba, D.; Moise, D.; Balint Pop, A., 2002:
Researches concerning few characteristics of the corn plants on the rate of losing moisture out of the grains

Timofte, D.; Carp Carare, M.; Guguianu, E.; Morosanu, S.Z.; Carp Carare, C., 2000:
Researches concerning isolation and identification of some Clostridium perfringens and Clostridium botulinum strains obtained from various kinds of processed and unprocessed fish

Popa, F.; Luminita, C., 2001:
Researches concerning morphological features implicated in fodder quality in a varietal collection of alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Herman, V.; Moga Manzat, R., 2001:
Researches concerning optimal action in prevention of horse tetanus in case of emergency

Dobrei, C.; Pop, A.; Sumalan, R., 2000:
Researches concerning physiological aspects of germination in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) in salt stress conditions

Solcan, G.; Cotofan, O.; Bradatan, G.; Solcan, C., 2000:
Researches concerning some favorising agents of colon's cancer

Imbrea, F.L.; Borcean, I., 2000:
Researches concerning the beans culture interspersed within corn under the pedoclimatic conditions in Almaj Depression

Acatincai, S.; Stanciu, G.; Cziszter, L.T., 2000:
Researches concerning the beef production indices in young bulls of Romanian Black and White breed

Stanciu, G.; Matiuti, M., 2000:
Researches concerning the behavior of Brown Maramures breed steerlings at fattening

Borza, I.; Radulescu, H., 2000:
Researches concerning the biomass yield and nutrient output for maize crop

Procopovici, E.; Guran, M., 2000:
Researches concerning the compatibility between Rhizobium japonicum and some pesticides used in the treatment of soybean

Guguianu, E.; Carp Carare, M.; Timofte, D.; Negrea, A.; Bondoc, I.; Floristean, V.; Isan, E., 2000:
Researches concerning the frequency of Clostridium genus bacteria involved in food toxiinfections in processed and unprocessed fish

Nistor, G.; Nistor, E., 2001:
Researches concerning the genotypic parameters of some economically characters, in Polwarth breed, from S.C. Select Liebling

Floristean, I.; Floristean, V.; Merla, L., 2000:
Researches concerning the helminthofauna of pheasant bred in stock farms

Odagiu, A.; Salajan, G.; Sara, A.; Mierlita, D.; Dinea, M.; Ersek, A., 2000:
Researches concerning the improvement of extraction methods for fat content from animal tissue

Onu, N.; Barliba, L.L., 2000:
Researches concerning the influence of the irrigation upon the quality parameters of the sugar beet cultivated in the Timis plain

Cighi, V.; Vlaic, A.; Oroian, T.; Daraban, S., 2000:
Researches concerning the interaction genotype x environment for the milk production in Romanian Spotted cattle

Danci, M.; Paslaru, O., 2001:
Researches concerning the methods of in vitro micropropagation to Dianthus caryophillus

Vlaic, A.; Iurca, I.; Grigut, A., 2000:
Researches concerning the relationships between the haemoglobin types and the carcass traits in broilers - ANAK 2000 hybrid

Mihalache, G., 1998:
Researches concerning the seasonal dynamics of microbial activity in salinized and improved soils

Ivascu, A., 2002:
Researches concerning the selection of some nectarine varieties as genitors for the breeding program in Romania

Nistor, G.; Nistor, E., 2000:
Researches concerning the slaughter efficiency and carcasse weight in Romanian Spotted breed and in half-breeds Romanian Spotted breed x Fresian breed

Ionescu, I.; Osiceanu, M.; Cola, M., 2000:
Researches concerning the temporary grassland technology in depression - Campu Mare

Pasareanu, A.; Mihalache, D.; Alexandri, A.A., 2001:
Researches concerning the toxicology of the product BCO4

Dou Sen;; Zhang JinJing; Jiang Yuan, 2002:
Researches development and property determination of a complex FA seed-coating

Cao HongXin; Dong YuHong; Sun LiRong; Wang FaHong; Zhang LiMin; X.J.anHua; Gao LiangZhi, 2003:
Researches for application of crop simulation technology in wheat cultivation

Porca, M.; Ghizdavu, I.; Oltean, I.; Bunescu, H., 2003:
Researches in artificial infestation condition and storage condition of some bean cultivars at bean weevil damage, Acanthoscelides obtectus Say

Szulc, T., 2001:
Researches of the selected models of the seeder units as an initial stage of the SMP-6 air-mechanical seeder designing

Ning XinZhu; Deng FuJun; L.J.Lan; Xie HongLin, 2002:
Researches on a set of agronomical cultural measures for close planting of cotton

Stefan, S.; Bucur, E., 1998:
Researches on application of some herbicides in sugarbeet crop

Bozdogan, A.M.; Delgonul, F., 2003:
Researches on deposition and drift problems of ULV spraying applied by aircraft against sunpest

Huang DongHua; Zhou ChaoHua; Wei GuoWen; Song XiaoMin; H.X.nLong; Xiong DeTao; Chen DeYing, 2003:
Researches on flower bud morphodifferentiation of Daphne odora var. narginata

Luo LinGuang; Zhai HuQu; Wan JianMin, 2001:
Researches on genetics of rice heading date

Fan ShaoHui, 2002:
Researches on nutrition in cultivation of Chinese fir

Makiewicz, A., 2000:
Researches on possibilities of energy-consuming reduction for stock fodder dosage by rope-wheel system

Ozdem, A., 1997:
Researches on the biology of the bean weevil in Eskisehir

Zhang XiangQiong; Yue FuLiang; Zhou HongJun; H.J.Yuan, 2003:
Researches on the breeding of Kang A3 (bollworm resistant nuclear-sterile cotton line) and the seed production by bee pollination

Tuncer, C.; Akca, I.; Saruhan, I., 2002:
Researches on the chemical control of the bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae, Coreidae and Acanthosomatidae) causing damage on hazelnut kernels

H.X.nHong; L.G.oFeng; L.X.uZhang; X.L.Hua; Yang DeYin, 2001:
Researches on the effect of application of the special packaged slow-releasing compound fertilizer to cotton

Kzlkaya, A.; Onen, H.; Ozer, Z., 2001:
Researches on the effects of weed competition on onion yield

Pavel, G.; Condrea, M., 2000:
Researches on the exploration of primary haemostasis in dog

Wang Jing; Feng HengWen; Zhao GuoZhong; Chen XiaoYa, 2002:
Researches on the keratin transferred from animal to develop new germplasms for quality cotton breeding

Tanase, E.; Cojocaru, D.C.; Godja, A.M.; Ciornea, E., 2000 :
Researches on the mobilisation of glucides from cereal seeds during germination

Covarelli, L., 1998:
Researches on the weed Galium aparine L. Note I: New herbicides for the control

Goian, M.; Sala, F.; Berbecea, A.; Radulov, I.; Gherban, C., 2000:
Researches on wheat yield on S.D.E Timisoara cambic chernozem, during 1997-2000

Luca, E., 2001:
Researches regarding biology, ecology and control of Aphthona euphorbiae Schrank. and Longitarsus parvulus Payk. species

Andrei, A.M., 1999:
Researches regarding epizootic features of the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill

Velea, C.; Onaciu, G.; Vomir, M., 2000:
Researches regarding the bone segments dynamics, both carcass and meat butchering range in young bovine Romanian Red Spotted bred

Rosca, P.; Runceanu, L.; Drugociu, D.; Rosca, L., 2002:
Researches regarding the correlation between the frequency of clinical mastitis and level of milk-production at dairy cows

Domuta, C.; Sandor, M., 2001:
Researches regarding the favourableness of establishment conditions for silo maize as second crop after wheat

Martura, T., 2002:
Researches regarding the genetic determinism of alfalfa interfertility

Popa, M., 2001:
Researches regarding the individual productivity variation of wheat plants and its relations with field yield under sowing density influence

Gus, P.; Rusu, T.; Bogdan, I.; Hategan, M., 2000:
Researches regarding the influence of soil tillage technologies upon the weed control and yield in the case of maize, soya-bean and winter wheat crops cultivated on haplic luvisol from the hilly areas of Cluj

Drugociu, D.; Runceanu, L.; Rosca, P., 2002:
Researches regarding the monthly dynamics of puerperales affections incidents at Bruna dairy cows breed in intensive system

Georgescu, B.; Cornila, N.; Ciobotaru, E.; Predoi, G.; Togoe, I.; Militaru, M., 2002:
Researches regarding the morphological structure and the topography of the cloacal bursa in the Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

Andrei, A.M.; Galani, G.; Bratu, E., 1999:
Researches regarding the natural incidence of enthomopathogenic fungi from the vegetable cultures

Feher, E., 2000:
Researches regarding the productivity elements and the bean productions in the irrigated conditions of sandy soils from Oltenia

Feher, E.; Matei, G.; Ionescu, J.P., 2000:
Researches regarding the productivity of some late corn hybrids from FAO 500-600 and over 600 groups

Ciobotaru, E.; Militaru, M., 2002:
Researches regarding the structure and reactivity of lymphoid formations associated to gall bladder in chickens

Padureanu, S., 2002:
Researches regarding the variability of the pollen germinative capacity at Feteasca neagra grape-vine variety

Ivanus, E.P., 2000:
Researching on the ordering of protection and strengthening works under ground conditions specific for forest roads

Jones, P., 2002:
Researching profit through productivity

Clarke, G.; Quill, M., 2003:
Researching sport education in action: a case study

Franklin, M.; Cowen, P.J., 2001:
Researching the antidepressant actions of Hypericum perforatum (St. John's wort) in animals and man

M.G.iMing; Wang LiLi; Yang ChunZhen, 2002:
Researching the rodent infestation in farmland of Lijiang

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Resistance of some soils to acidic and heavy metals loading

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Resistance of spring barley collection to diseases

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Resistance of the euonymus anthracnose pathogen, Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, to selected fungicides

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Resistance of the honey bee, Apis mellifera to the acarian parasite Varroa destructor: behavioural and electroantennographic data

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Resistance of the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae s.s. to pyrethroid insecticides, in south-western Nigeria

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Resistance of the plane tree (Platanus spp.-Ceratocystis fimbriata f. sp. platani) to canker stain: defense reactions and prospects for improvement

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Resistance of the tick dermacentor variabilis (Acari: Ixodidae) following challenge with the bacterium Escherichia coli (Enterobacteriales: Enterobacteriaceae)

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Resistance of the weed wild poinsettia to ALS inhibitor herbicides

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Resistance of tomato lines to the South American tomato pinworm (Tuta absoluta Meyr.) in the laboratory and in the field

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Resistance of transgenic Cry1Ac and Cry1Ac+CpTI cottons to black cutworm

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Resistance of transgenic sugarbeet with cryIC to larvae of cabbage armyworms

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Resistance of transgenic tobacco seedlings expressing the Agrobacterium tumefaciens C58-6b gene, to growth-inhibitory levels of cytokinin is associated with elevated IAA levels and activation of phenylpropanoid metabolism

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Resistance of two Eimeria tenella isolates to five anticoccidiosis drugs

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Resistance of two bean lines to wilt by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Phaseoli under different soil temperatures

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Resistance of wheat varieties to common bunt

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Resistance of white seed coat cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.) genotypes to virus strains Bromoviridae, Comoviridae and Potyviridae families

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Resistance of wild Arachis species to late leaf spot and rust in greenhouse trials

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Resistance of wild ecotypes of perennial grasses to leaf diseases

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Resistance of wild potato species to viruses

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Resistance of wood- and bamboo-cement boards to subterranean termite Coptotermes gestroi Wasmann (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

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Resistance patterns of Plasmodium falciparum malaria to chloroquine in Kampala, Uganda

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Resistance selection of Tetranychus cinnabarinus to three acaricides and its management strategy

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Resistance source for powdery mildew and alternaria leaf blight diseases in carrot

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Resistance spectra of six elite breeding lines of upland rice to Pyricularia grisea

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Resistance status of house flies (Diptera: Muscidae) from southeastern Nebraska beef cattle feedlots to selected insecticides

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Resistance strategies in terms of ecology

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Resistance study of Rattus flavipectus to anticoagulant rodenticides warfarin and bromadiolone

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Resistance test of ostriches with various titres of Newcastle disease (ND) antibodies against virulent Newcastle disease virus (NDV)

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Resistance testing in children changing human immunodeficiency virus type 1 protease inhibitor

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Resistance to Lactobacillus acidophilus bile salts

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Resistance to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin toxicity and abnormal liver development in mice carrying a mutation in the nuclear localization sequence of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor

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Resistance to Acarapis woodi by honey bees from far-eastern Russia

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Resistance to Alternaria blight of radish in relation to different disease parameters

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Resistance to Alternaria triticina on wheat exemplified by histopathological studies

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Resistance to American foulbrood disease by honey bee colonies Apis mellifera bred for hygienic behavior

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Resistance to Blumeria graminis f.sp. hordei in barley landraces from Polish Gene Bank

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Resistance to Botryosphaeria dothidea in pistachio

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Resistance to Chinch bug Blissus leucopterus leucopterus (Say) (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae) in grain sorghum lines

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Resistance to Cucumber mosaic virus in cowpea and implications for control of cowpea stunt disease

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Resistance to Diaphania hyalinata (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) in Cucumis species

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Resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melonis race 1,2 in muskmelon lines Nad-1 and Nad-2

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Resistance to GCHV of hLFc-transgenic Grass carp

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Resistance to Globodera pallida Pa2/3 in Solanum sparsipilum

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Resistance to Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid. in common bean under field conditions in Mexico

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Resistance to Malathion in Culex quinquefasciatus Say (Diptera: Culicidae) from Madurai, South India

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Resistance to Meloidogyne javanica race 3 in the Arachis gene pool

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Resistance to Mungbean yellow mosaic virus, phenotypic characters and yield components in urdbean

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Resistance to Phialophora gregata is expressed in the stems of resistant soybeans

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Resistance to Phytophthora fragariae var. rubi and agronomic characteristics of various raspberry cultivars

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Resistance to Phytophthora infestans and Potato virus X (PVX) in wild potato species Solanum acaule Bitt. from the collection of N. I. Vavilov Research Institute of Plant Industry

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Resistance to Phytophthora infestans in potato induced with plant extracts

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Resistance to Phytophthora root rot in contemporary rhododendron cultivars

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Resistance to Pieris brassicae (Linn.) caterpillar in Brassica species

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Resistance to QoI fungicides in Podosphaera xanthii associated with reduced control of cucurbit powdery mildew in research fields in the Eastern United States

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Resistance to Ralstonia solanacearum in Arabidopsis thaliana is conferred by the recessive RRS1-R gene, a member of a novel family of resistance genes

Bregitzer, P.; Mornhinweg, D.W.; Jones, B.L., 2003:
Resistance to Russian wheat aphid damage derived from STARS 9301B protects agronomic performance and malting quality when transferred to adapted barley germplasm

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Resistance to Sitodiplosis mosellana (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) in spring wheat (Gramineae)

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Resistance to Thrips palmi (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in beans

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Resistance to Varroa destructor (Mesostigmata: Varroidae) when mite-resistant queen honey bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) were free-mated with unselected drones

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Resistance to Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris (Pammel) Dowson in cabbage Brassica oleracea L

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Resistance to Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria induced by CGA 245704 in pepper plants. Persistence and translocation of the inducer

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Resistance to Xanthomonas hortorum pv. pelargonii in the genus Pelargonium

Mochizuki, F.; Fukumoto, T.; Noguchi, H.; Sugie, H.; Morimoto, T.; Ohtani, K., 2002:
Resistance to a mating disruptant composed of (Z)-11-tetradecenyl acetate in the smaller tea tortrix, Adoxophyes honmai (Yasuda) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Torres Alpizar, E.; Rodriguez Perez, M.; Paz Iglesias, A., 2002:
Resistance to abrasive wear of Hadfield type weld deposits

Sato, M.E.; Passerotti, C.M.; Takematsu, A.P.; Souza Filho, M.F. de; Potenza, M.R.; Sivieri, A.P., 2000:
Resistance to acaricides in Tetranychus urticae (Koch, 1836) from peach (Prunus persica (L.) Batsch) orchards in Paranapanema and Jundiai counties, state of Sao Paulo

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Resistance to acid suppression therapy: causes and recommendations

Aguilar-Delfin, I.; Wettstein, P.J.; Persing, D.H., 2003:
Resistance to acute babesiosis is associated with interleukin-12- and gamma interferon-mediated responses and requires macrophages and natural killer cells

Westerbacka, J.; Seppälä-Lindroos, A.; Yki-Järvinen, H., 2001:
Resistance to acute insulin induced decreases in large artery stiffness accompanies the insulin resistance syndrome

Huang, J.; Nuessly, G.S.; McAuslane, H.J.; Slansky, F., 2002:
Resistance to adult banded cucumber beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in romaine lettuce

Correa, P.C.; Guimaraes, W.T.; Andrade, E.T. de, 2001:
Resistance to air flow in layers of beans affected by impurity content

Kagira, J.M.; Waruiru, R.M.; Munyua, W.K.; Kanyari, P.W.N., 2003:
Resistance to anthelmintics in commercial pig herds in Thika District, Kenya

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Resistance to anthelmitics in calves of double purpose

Moreira, M.A.S.; Moraes, C.A., 2002:
Resistance to antibiotics in Gram-negative bacteria isolated from broiler carcasses

Anonymous, 2002:
Resistance to antibiotics: a proposal for control

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Resistance to anticoccidial drugs of Dutch avian Eimeria spp. field isolates originating from 1996, 1999 and 2001

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Resistance to antimalarials

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Resistance to antimalarials in Southeast Asia and genetic polymorphisms in pfmdr1

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Resistance to antimicrobian drugs in sorovars of Salmonella isolated from swine slaughtered in state of Rio de Janeiro

Hernandes, R.; Ferro, J.A.; Gonzales, E.; Macari, M.; Bernal, F.E.M.; Ferro, M.I.T., 2002:
Resistance to ascites syndrome, homoeothermic competence and levels of Hsp70 in the heart and lung of broilers

Stevenson, K.L.; Langston, D.B.; Seebold, K., 2002:
Resistance to azoxystrobin in the gummy stem blight pathogen in Georgia

Chen XiaoRong; Qian HaiFeng; Xue QingZhong, 2002:
Resistance to bacterial blight and fertility of the progenies from Xa21 transgenic rice Pei'ai 64S

Lespinasse, Y.; Durel, C.E.; Esmenjaud, D.; Eskes, A.; Poessel, J.L., 2003:
Resistance to biotic stress in fruit trees

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