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Segregation of AFLP markers in a (Populus tomentosa x P. bolleana) x P. tomentosa Carr. BC1 family

Zhang DeQiang; Zhang ZhiYi; Yang Kai; Tian Lin

Forestry Studies in China 4(2): 21-26


ISSN/ISBN: 1008-1321
Accession: 003928671

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A study was conducted to investigate the levels of polymorphisms and Mendelian segregation ratio in clone 'TB01' (P. tomentosa x P. bolleana (P. alba var. pyramidalis)) x clone 'LM50' (P. tomentosa) BC1 population at the entire genome level, by amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLPs) analysis for both parents and 120 progenies. Forty one pairs of selective primers were used to detect 2707 bands, of which 712 (26.4%) were polymorphic.

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