Soil erosion and degeneration in the southern area of Fujian Province II. Influence of soil erosion on the soil moisture permeability and the main chemical characteristics

Cai ZhiFa; Lin JingLan; Huang YanHe; Huang DeChuan

Fujian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 17(2): 69-73


Accession: 003937067

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The red soil in the southern area of Fujian Province, China, is derived from granite. The permeability and infiltration rate of soil moisture were maximum in non-eroded soil. They decreased with increasing erosion. The difference of infiltration of soil moisture in soil with different degrees of erosion increased with the delay of infiltrating, while the difference of initial infiltration rate among soils with different erosion degrees was more obvious. Soil erosion resulted in the deterioration of soil chemical characteristics. However, not all chemical characteristics have a close relation with soil erosion. The main chemical characteristics sensitive to erosion were soil organic matter and nitrogen.