Section 4
Chapter 3,938

Soil nitrogen supply capacity and fate of applied fertilizer nitrogen in red soils

Li HuiXin; Hu Feng; Cai GuiXin; Fan XiaoHui

Acta Pedologica Sinica 39(3): 390-396


Accession: 003937404

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A pot experiment was conducted to study soil nitrogen (N) supply capacity in eroded and improved red soils. The eroded red soils were derived from Quaternary red clay and red sandstone. The improved red soils derived from Quaternary red clay had been applied with organic manure or inorganic fertilizers for more than 10 years. Results showed that the amount of soil N mineralized and supplied to plant in the soil derived from red sandstone was higher than in that derived from Quaternary red clay. Soil N supply capacity of the improved red soils increased significantly with the soil applied with organic manure taking the lead.

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