Stephanostomum sp. (Trematoda: Acanthocolpidae) , the cause of Pimientilla disease in catarina scallop Argopecten ventricosus (circularis) (Sowerby II, 1842) in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Perez Urbiola, J.C.; Martinez Diaz, S.F.

Journal of Shellfish Research 20(1): 107-110


ISSN/ISBN: 0730-8000
Accession: 003944370

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We investigated the etiology of a disease of catarina scallop (Argopecten ventricosus (circularis)) during an outbreak in Baja California Sur, B.C.S., Mexico, in the summer of 1995. Samples from Bahia Magdalena and Bahia Concepcion were studied. Our results indicate that the disease named "pimientilla" is caused by encysted metacercaria of the trematode Stephanostomum sp. The melanized spots in the adductor muscle characteristic of the disease are cysts of this trematode. Almost all scallops analyzed had abundant cysts. The characteristics of the metacercaria are described and compared with that of other species of Stephanostomum.