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Studies on biological activities of woody essential oils (I) - antimicrobial activity of essential oils from coniferous needles

Lee SungSuk; Kang HaYoung; Choi InGyu

Mokchae Konghak = Journal of the Korean Wood Science and Technology 30(1): 48-55


Accession: 003947211

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The essential oils were extracted from the needles of several softwood tree species, Pinus densiflora, P. koraiensis, Chamaecyparis obtusa and C. pisifera to investigate their biological activities. The antifungal activity by hyphal growth inhibition method was determined by three wood rot fungi, one mould fungus, and three tree pathogenic fungi and the antimicrobial activity by paper disc method and turbidiometric method by three gram positive bacteria and one gram negative bacteria, Escherichia coli, were also tested. Antifungal activity was best in the essential oil from C. obtusa, followed by P. densiflora and P. koraiensis.

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