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Studies on the genetics of certain quantitative characters with particular reference to seed production in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench)

Prakash, M.; Kannan, K.; Kumar, J.S.; Bharathiveeramani, B.; Balaji, P.; Ganesan, J.

Annals of Agricultural Research 22(1): 80-82


Accession: 003948921

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An experiment was conducted on okra genotypes Parbhani Kranti and Arka Abhay, their F1 hybrids and 2 F2 populations to assess the genetic architecture of certain quantitative traits. Arkha Abhay was best for high seed yield/plant (62.89 g), capsule length (12.64 cm), capsule weight (15.66 g) and seed yield/capsule (3.71 g) whereas Parbhani Kranti registered as a superior parent for number of capsules/plant (16.60) and days to first flower (44.90).

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