Study on extracting citral from Litsea cubeba fruits by microwave radiation and determination of citral

Liu XiaoGeng; Chen MeiMei; Chen XueHeng; Xie BaoPing

Chemistry and Industry of Forest Products 21(3): 87-90


Accession: 003950735

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A study was conducted to examine the extraction of citral from Litsea cubeba using microwave radiation and compare it with the traditional direct steam distillation. Results showed that the extraction time, essential oil content and citral content of essential oil were 4 times, 36.5 to 37.5% and >5% higher in microwave radiation than traditional direct steam distillation. The content recovery, relative standard deviation and linear relative coefficient by capillary column gas chromatography were 101.3%, 0.28% and 0.9997, respectively, which were close to those measured by both the internal standard and GB 11424-89 methods.