Survival ability of carbendazim resistant Sclerotium rolfsii in mixed population

Solunke, B.S.; Kareppa, B.M.; Gangawane, L.V.

Indian Phytopathology 54(4): 486-487


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-973X
Accession: 003954894

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The fitness of carbendazim resistant mutant of Sclerotium rolfsii [Corticium rolfsii] among the sensitive population was evaluated in the absence and presence of carbendazim to determine the survival ability of carbendazim resistant mutants of S. rolfsii, which causes potato rot. Mycelial suspensions in distilled sterile water were prepared from 7-day-old cultures of wild carbendazim sensitive isolate of S. rolfsii (SRP-1) and resistant mutant SRP-UV-7. SRP-UV-7 showed lower competitive ability than SRP-1 in the untreated passage as the population of mycelial fragments of SRP-UV-7 gradually decreased from passage to passage in the mixed population. An increase in the proportion of the resistant mutant in the original mixture increased survival in the mixed population, although survival decreased from passage to passage. The population of SRP-UV-7 increased in the carbendazim treated passage for all the sensitive:resistant proportions. At a 50:50 proportion, the sensitive isolate was completely replaced with the resistant mutant after the fourth passage.