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Chapter 3,965

The cloning and sequence analysis of cDNA fragment of soybean ferritin gene and construction of its expression vector for plant transformation

Zhou ZhiQin; Fang WeiGuo; Li DeMou; Cheng MingHao

Southwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences 15(3): 28-32


Accession: 003964814

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Special primers were designed and used for reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) with the total RNA of Glycine max Xidou No.3 as PCR template in an attempt to clone its ferritin gene. A single cDNA fragment of 771 bp was successfully obtained from the RT-PCRs and was successfully cloned into the pUCm-T vector. The sequence homology analysis of the cloned fragment showed that the deduced amino acids of the fragment had 95% homology to that of the soyabean ferritin gene reported by Proudhon et al. (1996). The recombinant pUCm-T with the cDNA fragment and that of pBI121 vector were digested by double restriction enzymes XbaI and SacI.

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