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Chapter 3,968

The effect of canopy development and sprayer position on spray drift from a pipfruit orchard

Praat, J.P.; Maber, J.F.; Manktelow, D.W.L.

New Zealand Plant Protection Volume 53, 2000 Proceedings of a conference, Commodore Hotel, Christchurch, New Zealand, 8-10 August 2000: 241-247


Accession: 003967616

Spray drift continues to be an important issue for commercial pipfruit growers. Off-target agrochemical movement was determined from an apple orchard (Focus Orchard) in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand on 23 September and 17 December 1999, using a Crop liner airblast sprayer fitted with a 920 mm axial fan without straightening vanes. Myclobutinal (Systhane 40 W) at 0.068 kg/ha and diazinon (Basudin 50 WP) at 1 kg/ha were applied for dormant and full foliage treatments, respectively.

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