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The effect on voluntary feed intake, in vivo digestibility and nitrogen balance in sheep of feeding grass silage or pea-wheat intercrops differing in pea to wheat ratio and maturity

Adesogan, A.T.; Salawu, M.B.; Deaville, E.R.

Animal Feed Science and Technology 96(3/4): 161-173


ISSN/ISBN: 0377-8401
DOI: 10.1016/s0377-8401(01)00336-4
Accession: 003969962

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This study was conducted to determine the effect of feeding grass silage or pea-wheat bi-crop forages differing in maturity at harvest and pea to wheat ratio on voluntary feed intake (VFI), in vivo digestibility, and nitrogen (N) retention in sheep. Two bi-crops drilled at pea to wheat ratios of 25:75 (low pea; LP) or 75:25 (high pea; HP) on a dry matter (DM) basis were grown on each half of 6.5 and 3.5 ha fields and harvested after either 13 (cut 1; C1) or 15 (cut 2; C2) weeks of growth. The 4 resulting forages were ensiled in separate 40 t clamp silos and evaluated against a perennial ryegrass (PRG) silage, as a control, in an in vivo digestibility trial.

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