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The evaluation of energy and protein nutrition of dairy cows in dairy farms of Central-East Poland. Summer-autumn period

Klebaniuk, R.; Matras, J.; Wojtasik, J.

Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska. Sectio EE, Zootechnica 21(2): 167-173


ISSN/ISBN: 0239-4243
Accession: 003971839

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This study was conducted at 22 dairy farms in east-central Poland in 1996-1999 and included 205 cows (mainly Black-and-White, 585 kg body weight). In each of 4 different feeding models, the main component was green forages (53-69% DM) together with meadow hay (19-28% DM) and concentrate grains and legume seed mixtures at 4:1 (9-12% DM). It was shown that in all models, there were considerably higher energy and protein expenditures per 1 kg FCM compared to the French INRA 88 norms. The best model with respect to energy (60 JPM) and protein (61 g PDI) expenditure per 1 kg FCM was the one based on green grasses and green maize. The highest yield (20.4 kg FCM) was obtained when green forages (grass pasture, legumes and maize) and grass silage were fed.

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