The hydraulic conductivity of peat and sand mixtures

WalLczak Ryszard, T.; Rovdan, E.; SlLawinski Cezary

Polish Journal of Soil Science 35(2): 11-20


ISSN/ISBN: 0079-2985
Accession: 003973917

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The hydraulic conductivity of peat, sand and their mixtures has been investigated, using TDR and instantaneous profile methods (IPM). It was stated that the hydraulic conductivity of peat-sand mixtures depends to a large extent on the relation between their organic and mineral parts and is affected both by the soil system's structure and texture. The saturated hydraulic conductivity of peat-sand mixtures decreases if the sand part content is higher than 20%. The addition of more than 20% of sand to the peat sedge leads to a deterioration of hydraulic conductivity of sedge peat in the saturated zone.