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The influence of parenterally administered alpha -tocopheryl acetate to sows on the vitamin E status of the sows and suckling piglets and piglets after weaning

Pehrson, B.; Holmgren, N.; Trafikowska, U.

Journal of Veterinary Medicine Series A 48(9): 569-575


DOI: 10.1046/j.1439-0442.2001.00390.x
Accession: 003975800

The main aim of the study was to test if parenteral administration of alpha -tocopheryl acetate twice before farrowing and weaning could increase the vitamin E status of the newborn piglets and piglets after weaning. In Trial I eight sows were given 1.5 g alpha -tocopheryl acetate intramuscularly 7 and 2 days before farrowing. Eight sows were untreated controls. The experimental sows had a higher vitamin E concentration in colostrum than the controls.

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