The use of an automatic concentrate feeding station in a loose housing system for dairy cattle. Part 2: The relationship between disturbance at the feeding station and the supply of concentrates and the milk production of dairy cow

Katila, T.; Katainen, A.; Kaustell, K.; Manninen, E.; Norring, M.; Saloniemi, H.

Suomen Elainlaakarilehti 107(12): 701-705


Accession: 003985503

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The automatic concentrate feeding station used in loose housing systems has an open back part that allows disturbance of the cow while using the station. The cow may interrupt her visit because of this disturbance. The aim of this pilot study was to determine if cows lose concentrates because of the disturbance, if they get additional concentrates by displacing other cows at the feeding station and if disturbance at the feeding station and milk production of the cow are related. In this study, 42 dairy cows were observed at two feeding stations for 54 h. During the observation period, visits to the feeding station were often interrupted when concentrates were dispensed in the feeding station. In these cases, concentrates were more often left over than when the cow was allowed to feed undisturbed. The cow causing the disturbance received additional concentrates by entering the station after 63% of interrupted visits. No relationship between disturbance and milk production was found.