A new species of Oochoristica (Eucestoda: Cyclophyllidea) parasite of Ctenosaura pectinata (Reptilia: Iguanidae) from Oaxaca, Mexico

Arizmendi-Espinosa, M.A.; García-Prieto, L.; Guillén-Hernández, S.

Journal of Parasitology 91(1): 99-101


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3395
PMID: 15856879
DOI: 10.1645/ge-337r
Accession: 004020059

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During January 2002, 3 specimens of an undescribed species of Oochoristica Lühe, 1898, were collected in Ctenosaura pectinata (Wiegmann, 1834) from Santa Mará Mixtequilla, Oaxaca, Mexico. Oochoristica leonregagnonae n. sp. differs from 71 of 82 species of the genus by its large number of testes (78-112 [95] vs. less than 65 per proglottid, respectively). In addition, the numerous ovarian lobes (31-79 [51]) possessed by the new species distinguish it from the other 10, with a maximum of 20 ovarian lobes. The new species differs from Oochoristica acapulcoensis Brooks, Pérez-Ponce de León and García-Prieto, 1999, which also infects C. pectinata in Mexico, by the presence of numerous staining granules throughout the parenchyma of the scolex in the latter species; likewise, testes in O. acapulcoensis reach and even overpass the excretory canals, whereas in the new species they are limited to the central region between these tubules.