Advances of research on artificial interspecific hybridization of Abies

Chang XiangZhen; Zhang JinFeng; Luo JianXun; Zhang DengRong; Song HengLong

Journal of Beijing Forestry University 26(3): 82-87


Accession: 004030492

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This paper summarizes the research advances on artificial hybridization of Abies in China. In 1950-1960, researchers of American and European countries conducted many experiments on interspecific hybridization of Abies and obtained some hybrids. The compatibility of interspecific hybridization varied within the genus. It was higher when crossing between species within section and lower to no compatibility between species intersections. These research showed that geographic isolation plays an important role than genetic isolation in the phylogenesis of Abies. Cytological studies showed that the incompatibility of interspecific hybridization of Abies was mainly due to abortion of embryos or ovules. Some suggestions regarding the future research on interspecific hybridization of Abies are presented.