Agronomic characteristics of protein pea (Pisum sativum L. var. sativum) cultivars with normal and afila leaf type

Mihailovic, V.; Mikic, A.; Pataki, I.; Katic, S.; Karagic, D.; Milosevic, M.

Proceedings of the 1st International Edible Legume Conference in conjuction with the IVth World Cowpea Congress, Durban, South Africa, 17-21 April 2005: 1-7


Accession: 004032293

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A trial was carried out on a chernozem soil during 2002-2004 and included 12 cultivars with normal and afila type of leaves. The Serbian normal-leafed NS-Junior had the greatest values of plant height (166.7 cm), first pod height (83.3 cm), number of internodes (29.0) and pod number per plant (22.7). The greatest ordinal number of the first pod node was found in the Danish afila-leafed Harmony (19.0). The greatest grain number per plant was in Harmony and NS-Junior (72.0). The largest 1000-grain mass was in afila-leafed Serbian Jezero (286.7 g). Since positively correlated with grain number per plant, grain yield per plant was the highest again in Harmony (12.28 g). The highest harvest index was found in the normal-leafed Serbian Javor (0.56), followed by Harmony (0.55) and Jezero (0.54). The average grain yield per area unit was the highest in the Dutch cultivar Primeroy (4820 kg ha-1). The cultivars with afila leaf type had higher grain yield (4548 kg ha-1) than the cultivars with normal leaf type (4077 kg ha-1). The cultivars of protein pea with both normal and afila leaf type with improved standing ability and desirable agronomic traits have prospects of successful cultivation under the conditions of Serbia.