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Chapter 4,033

Agronomic performance of Pesticide Free Production under two crop rotations

Schoofs, A.; Entz, M.H.; Acker, R.C. van; Martens, J.R.T.; Derksen, D.A.

Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 20(2): 91-100


ISSN/ISBN: 1742-1705
DOI: 10.1079/raf2004100
Accession: 004032341

Pesticide Free Production (PFP) is a pesticide reduction system that removes in-crop pesticide use on a yearly basis. A long-term study was established in 2000 to investigate the effect of crop rotation and frequency of inclusion on the success of PFP, as well as the effect of PFP on subsequent crops in the rotation. The crop rotations being compared were linola-oat-canola-wheat and linola-oat-alfalfa-alfalfa. PFP occurred either once in the rotation (oat) or twice (linola-oat).

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