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Aluminium determination in environmental samples by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry after solid phase extraction on Amberlite XAD-1180/pyrocatechol violet chelating resin

Narin, I.; Tuzen, M.; Soylak, M.

Talanta 63(2): 411-418


ISSN/ISBN: 1873-3573
PMID: 18969448
DOI: 10.1016/j.talanta.2003.11.005
Accession: 004034092

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A chelating resin, pyrocatechol violet (PV) immobilised on an Amberlite XAD-1180 support, was prepared and its use for the atomic absorption spectrometric determination of aluminium was investigated. The XAD-1180-PV resin was characterised by infrared spectrometry and thermal gravimetric analysis. The optimum pH value for quantitative sorption is 8-9, and desorption can be achieved by using 5.0-10.0ml of 2M HCl. The effects of diverse ions on the sorption and recovery of aluminium have been studied. The capacity of sorbent was 6.45+/-0.59mgg(-1) Al XAD-1180-PV. Recoveries for aluminium from water samples were in the range 95-105%. The accuracy of procedure was confirmed by aluminium determination in certified reference materials. The method developed was applied with varying results to the analysis of natural water, haemodialysis fluids and microwave digested red wine samples from Tokat City.

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