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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 4036

Chapter 4036 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

An alternative to antibiotic-based drugs in feed for enhancing performance of broilers grown on Eimeria spp.-infected litter
, Poultry Science 83(1): 39-44 (2004)

An alternative to the neoliberal model in health: the case of Venezuela
, International Journal of Health Services 34(2): 365-375 (2004)

An alternative treatment for pityriasis versicolor, tinea cruris, tinea corporis and tinea faciei with topical application of honey, olive oil and beeswax mixture: an open pilot study
, Complementary Therapies in Medicine 12(1): 45-47 (2004)

An alternative treatment trial for Staphylococcus aureus mastitis in organically managed dairy cattle
, Mastitis in dairy production: current knowledge and future solutions: 358-363 (2005)

An alternative way of measuring hand-to-foot single frequency bioempedance
, International Journal of Body Composition Research 3(1): 3-4 (2005)

An alternative way of treatment of bee colonies against Varroa destructor using formic acid
, Slovensky Veterinarsky Casopis 29(3): 40-42 (2004)

An altitudinal comparison of caterpillar (Lepidoptera) assemblages on Ficus trees in Papua New Guinea
, Journal of Biogeography 32(8): 1303-1314 (2005)

An aluminium hydroxide gel adsorbed inactivated egg drop syndrome vaccine
, International Journal of Poultry Science 3(4): 279-283 (2004)

An amazing species of Hildewintera (Cactaceae) - characters and systematic position
, Cactus and Succulent Journal 76(1): 4-12 (2004)

An amiloride-sensitive H+-gated Na+ channel in Caenorhabditis elegans body wall muscle cells
, Journal of Physiology 559(Pt 3): 715-720 (2004)

An amine oxidase in seedlings of Papaver somniferum L
, Biologia Plantarum 49(3): 389-394 (2005)

An amperometric biosensor for glucose based on self-assembling nanoparticles and electrosynthesis of poly-o-diaminobenzene on the Prussian blue-modified gold electrode
, Analytical Letters 38(7): 1085-1097 (2005)

An amperometric biosensor for polyphenolic compounds in red wine
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 20(6): 1211-1216 (2004)

An amperometric glucose biosensor prototype fabricated by thermal inkjet printing
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 20(10): 2019-2026 (2005)

An amperometric inhibitor biosensor for the determination of reduced glutathione (GSH) without any derivatization in some plants
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 19(8): 835-841 (2004)

An anaerobic continuous-flow fixed-bed reactor sustaining a 3-chlorobenzoate-degrading denitrifying population utilizing versatile electron donors and acceptors
, Chemosphere 55(1): 93-100 (2004)

An analgesic evaluation of isoxsuprine in horses
, Journal of Veterinary Medicine. A, Physiology, Pathology, Clinical Medicine 51(7-8): 370-374 (2004)

An analysis associating the presence of Claviceps purpurea in grassland with the incidence of type 1 diabetes
, Medical Hypotheses 60(4): 557-559 (2003 )

An analysis method study of sequential extraction and separation of the chemical form of lead in tea garden soil
, Journal of Tea Science 25(1): 23-29 (2005)

An analysis of 0+ barbel (Barbus barbus) response to discharge fluctuations in a flume
, River Research and Applications 21(4): 421-438 (2005)

An analysis of China's rural economic situation in 2002 and prospects for 2003
, Chinese Rural Economy (2): 4-11 (2003)

An analysis of GOES and NOAA derived land surface temperatures estimated over a boreal forest
, International Journal of Remote Sensing 25(21): 4761-4780 (2004)

An analysis of actualities of bio-landscape tourism resources and development of tourism projects in Zhejiang
, Journal of Zhejiang Forestry College 22(1): 93-97 (2005)

An analysis of agricultural production cooperatives in the Plovdiv region
, Agricultural Economics and Management 48(2): 21-26 (2003)

An analysis of agroindustrial complex structures on the basis of an integral logistical concept
, Mezhdunarodnyi Sel' skokhozyaistvennyi Zhurnal (5): 14-18 (2003)

An analysis of annual dynamic growth of test-tube plantlets of Bambusa oldhami
, Journal of Zhejiang Forestry College 20(4): 342-345 (2003)

An analysis of canine hair re-growth after clipping for a surgical procedure
, Veterinary Dermatology 15(1): 25-30 (2004)

An analysis of central Alpine capercaillie spring habitat at the forest stand scale
, Forest Ecology and Management ust 25; 215(1-3): 307-318 (2005)

An analysis of change in soil moisture in crop land of Fenhe irrigation district
, Water Saving Irrigation (4): 1-3 (2004)

An analysis of children's programs in the hotel and resort industry market segment
, International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration 5(4): 85-99 (2004)

An analysis of comparative advantages and export competitiveness of potato in China
, Chinese Potato Journal (3): 129-132 (2004)

An analysis of congestion measures and heterogeneous angler preferences in a random utility model of recreational fishing
, Environmental and Resource Economics 27(4): 429-450 (2004)

An analysis of consumption at an establishment for direct sales
, Scientific Reports of the Faculty of Agriculture, Okayama University 93: 77-81 (2004)

An analysis of content and components of flavonoid in Heptacodium miconioides
, Journal of Zhejiang Forestry College 20(4): 357-359 (2003)

An analysis of cotton varieties and cultural techniques in China in 2001-03
, China Cotton 31(3): 8-10 (2004)

An analysis of cytotoxic botanical formulations used in the traditional medicine of ancient Persia as abortifacients
, Journal of Natural Products 67(8): 1204-1210 (2004)

An analysis of daylily production status and development in Shaodong County
, Journal of Hunan Agricultural University 29(6): 533-535 (2003)

An analysis of eco-safety of land use in Anhui Province
, Journal of Anhui Agricultural University 31(4): 495-500 (2004)

An analysis of energy use and input costs of cotton production in Turkey
, New Medit 3(2): 58-64 (2004)

An analysis of escaped fires from broadcast burning in the Prince George Forest Region of British Columbia
, BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 3(2): 79-87 (2003)

An analysis of event tourism in Malaysia
, ASEAN Journal on Hospitality and Tourism 2(2): 92-102 (2003)

An analysis of factors affecting employment of agricultural labourers in Bihar
, Journal of Applied Biology 13(1/2): 120-124 (2003)

An analysis of factors affecting farmland conversion in the suburban area in Indonesia: a case study of Ciampea Subdistrict, Bogor Regency
, Journal of Rural Planning Association 22(4): 279-288 (2003)

An analysis of factors affecting participation behavior of limited resource farmers in agricultural cost-share programs in Alabama
, Journal of Agribusiness 22(1): 17-29 (2004)

An analysis of factors contributing to the use of an income equalisation deposit scheme by commercial farmers in South Africa
, Agrekon 42(4): 325-352 (2003)

An analysis of farm margins and structures to 2007
, Proceedings of the Agricultural Economics Society of Ireland, 1999-2000: 75-91 (2004)

An analysis of farm-park management: a case study of FARM Co., Ltd
, Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kagoshima University (55): 55-67 (2005)

An analysis of foreign cultural tourism in Catalunya: from the formulation of expectations to transformation into reality
, Estudios Turisticos (157): 87-124 (2003)

An analysis of forest harvesting cost of forest concession in collaboration with community welfare cooperative in Central Kalimantan
, Jurnal Penelitian Hasil Hutan 22(2): 113-122 (2004)

An analysis of fruit and vegetable consumption in Spain: an application of the inverse demand system
, Revista Espanola de Estudios Agrosociales y Pesqueros (198): 123-149 (2003)

An analysis of genetic differentiation among assortatively mating Drosophila melanogaster in Zimbabwe
, Journal of Evolutionary Biology 17(3): 493-500 (2004)

An analysis of genetic diversity within the ligand domains of the Plasmodium falciparum ebl-1 gene
, Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 140(2): 241-245 (2005)

An analysis of genetic parameters, characters of seed and cone, and cone yield of clones grown in a seed orchard for Pinus massoniana
, Scientia Silvae Sinicae 40(4): 201-205 (2004)

An analysis of groundwater regime of lowland Nasice forest area by use of GRASS GIS
, Sumarski List 128(7/8): 363-374 (2004)

An analysis of health risk reduction in Chilean primary forest products for export
, Forestry 77(3): 193-203 (2004)

An analysis of hemolymph protein profiles during the final instar, prepupa and pupa of the silkworm Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera, Bombycidae)
, Biologia Bratislava 60(2): 207-213 (2005)

An analysis of high-benefit management techniques and popularization effects of shoot-bamboo stand
, Journal of Zhejiang Forestry College 20(3): 254-258 (2003)

An analysis of high-flow sediment event data for evaluating model performance
, Hydrological Processes 19(3): 605-620 (2005)

An analysis of homoeologous microsatellites from Triticum urartu and Triticum monococcum
, Plant Science 166(2): 341-347 (2004)

An analysis of hotel employees' motivation using Kovach's Ten Factor Model
, Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism 1(4): 63-77 (2002)

An analysis of hydraulic conductivity scale effects in granite (Full-scale Engineered Barrier Experiment (FEBEX), Grimsel, Switzerland)
, Water Resources Research 41(3): W03006 (2005)

An analysis of imported infections over a 5-year period at a teaching hospital in the United Kingdom
, Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease 1(4): 227-230 (2003)

An analysis of income generating activities by rural women
, Himachal Journal of Agricultural Research 29(1/2): 89-95 (2003)

An analysis of institutional contributors to three major academic tourism journals: 1992-2001
, Tourism Management 26(5): 641-648 (2005)

An analysis of international competitiveness of China's honey products
, Chinese Rural Economy (7): 60-64 (2003)

An analysis of labor resources One River and Two Tributaries region in Tibet, China
, Wuhan University Journal of Natural Sciences 10(4): 751-758 (2005)

An analysis of land use change in Yulin prefecture based on RS (remote sensing) and GIS (geographic information system) techniques
, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation China 17(2): 97-99&140 (2003)

An analysis of land use changes in Pasoh Forest Reserve: an application of remote sensing & GIS techniques
, Tropical forestry research in the new millennium: meeting demands and challenges Proceedings of The International Conference on Forestry and Forest Products Research CFFPR 2001 held in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia on 1-3 October 2001: 411-417 (2001)

An analysis of litter nitrogen dynamics using artificial soils across a gradient of forest soil disturbances
, Canadian Journal of Soil Science 84(2): 159-167 (2004)

An analysis of lumber trade restrictions in North America: application of a spatial equilibrium model
, Forest Policy and Economics 7(3): 297-308 (2005)

An analysis of machine-caused lumber shape defects in British Columbia sawmills
, Forest Products Journal 54(6): 47-56 (2004)

An analysis of marketed surplus response of cereals in Haryana State of India
, Agribusiness: an international journalmmer 20(3): 253-268 (2004)

An analysis of microclimatic conditions in a hall for reproduction breeding of layers
, Acta Technologica Agriculturae 7(3): 60-64 (2004)

An analysis of milk production, consumption and growth trends in Pakistan
, Indus Journal of Plant Sciences 4(3): 319-326 (2005)

An analysis of moisture diffusion by diffusion equation considering the Coulomb friction
, Holz als Roh und Werkstoff 62(1): 56-58 (2004)

An analysis of mortality in crossbred pigs
, Indian Veterinary Journal 81(10): 1171-1173 (2004)

An analysis of opinions from veterinarians in South Africa regarding business management skills
, Journal of the South African Veterinary Association 75(1): 24-29 (2004)

An analysis of peanut market prices and factors influencing price formation
, Agricultural Economics and Management 45(2): 28-31 (2000)

An analysis of pesticide use pattern in last two decades in Japanese agriculture
, Journal of Interacademicia 7(4): 410-419 (2003)

An analysis of plant-aphid interactions by different microarray hybridization strategies
, Molecular Ecology 13(10): 3187-3195 (2004)

An analysis of poisoning deaths in Manipal, India
, Veterinary and Human Toxicology 46(4): 208-209 (2004)

An analysis of possible causes for poor flowering in mango under Bangalore conditions
, Indian Journal of Horticulture 61(4): 289-291 (2004)

An analysis of primary cost and optimization of quantitative relationships in the main productive directions in sheep breeding
, Agricultural Economics and Management 45(3): 50-56 (2000)

An analysis of primary production in the Daly River, a relatively unimpacted tropical river in northern Australia
, Marine and Freshwater Research 56(3): 303-316 (2005)

An analysis of problems in Sino-Japan trade of agricultural products and some countermeasures for marketing
, Chinese Rural Economy (7): 40-48 (2003)

An analysis of productivity of hen breeds kept in the farm of the Agricultural Academy Lublin
, Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie Skodowska Sectio EE Zootechnica 22: 277-284 (2004)

An analysis of profitability on farm working trust at the government financed corporation
, Journal of Rural Economics 76(Suppl.): 58-65 (2004)

An analysis of recent food poisoning outbreaks involving chilled foods
, Food Australia 56(6): 271-275 (2004)

An analysis of referrals from primary care
, Saudi Medical Journal 25(5): 671-673 (2004)

An analysis of regional differences in input for rural compulsory education in Jiangsu province before and after reform in the rural taxation and fee collecting system
, Chinese Rural Economy (9): 19-24, 61 (2003)

An analysis of regional differences in the yield of cane sugar in Sao Paulo. A contribution to strategies for the production and adoption of agricultural technology
, Informacoes Economicas Instituto de Economia Agricola 32(12): 16-20 (2002)

An analysis of regional positioning and its associated food images in French Tourism Regional Brochures
, Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing 14(3/4): 77-96 (2003)

An analysis of selenium contents of wild vegetable in Xishuangbanna
, Acta Botanica Yunnanica 26(6): 668-672 (2004)

An analysis of simulated long-term soil moisture data for three land uses under contrasting hydroclimatic conditions in the Northern Great Plains
, Journal of Hydrometeorology 5(1): 160-179 (2004)

An analysis of social status and social participation of farmers cultivating soybean in Kwara State, Nigeria
, Moor Journal of Agricultural Research 4(1): 149-156 (2003)

An analysis of soil respiration across northern hemisphere temperate ecosystems
, Biogeochemistry 73(1): 29-70 (2005)

An analysis of some diverse approaches to modelling terrestrial net primary productivity
, Ecological Modelling 177(3/4): 353-391 (2004)

An analysis of space-filling fractal dimensions, resulting from measurements on plant canopies
, Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment 1(2): 238-243 (2003)

An analysis of sucker regeneration of trembling aspen
, Canadian Journal of Forest Research 33(7): 1169-1179 (2003)

An analysis of technical action under the current Agreement
, Olivae (100): 29-33 (2004)

An analysis of the Cuban health system
, Public Health 118(8): 599-601 (2004)

An analysis of the Massawippi floods of 1982 and 1994
, Canadian Water Resources Journal 29(1): 73-83 (2004)

An analysis of the actualities of the road landscaping in Hangzhou and improvement measures
, Journal of Zhejiang Forestry College 20(3): 289-292 (2003)

An analysis of the attitudes of food plants administrations in Jordan toward the adoption of quality management systems
, Dirasat Agricultural Sciences 31(2): Pe249-Pe258 (2004)

An analysis of the breakdown of paper products (toilet paper, tissues and tampons) in natural environments, Tasmania, Australia
, Journal of Environmental Management 74(1): 21-30 (2005)

An analysis of the characters of Bromus racemosus L., B. commutatus Schrad. and B. secalinus L. (Poaceae)
, Watsonia 24(2): 193-202 (2002)

An analysis of the color of forest soils on the Russian Plain
, Pochvovedenie (1): 16-28 (2005)

An analysis of the correlations between litter size and growth performance
, Rivista di Coniglicoltura 41(1): 22-24 (2004)

An analysis of the coupling effect of water and fertilizer applied to long staple cotton in fertilization through drip irrigation
, China Cotton 31(7): 6-7 (2004)

An analysis of the current situation of the construction of eco-agriculture in Wuyuan County and its sustainable development
, Acta Agriculturae Universitatis Jiangxiensis 26(3): 451-454 (2004)

An analysis of the development of Canadian food fortification policies: the case of vitamin B
, Health Promotion International 20(4): 375-382 (2005)

An analysis of the digestibility and nutritive value of 12 commercially manufactured dog foods
, Norsk Veterinaertidsskrift 116(2): 104-107 (2004)

An analysis of the economic viability of early wet season trawler fishery in south-eastern Nigeria
, Journal of Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment 2(2): 226-232 (2000)

An analysis of the ecotourism on the reserve for Formosan aborigines in Taiwan - a case study on the Bakulas natives' reserve in Nantou County, Taiwan
, Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University 60(1): 57-64 (2005)

An analysis of the effect of cotton production on the ecological environment in Xinjiang
, China Cotton 31(5): 6-8 (2004)

An analysis of the effect of shelterwood, seeding density and scarification on the regeneration of Sitka spruce on a forest site in Co Wicklow
, Irish Forestry 60(1/2): 11-19 (2003)

An analysis of the effectiveness of using promissory notes in an enterprise
, Ekonomika Sel' skokhozyaistvennykh i Pererabatyvayushchikh Predpriyatii (3): 41-45 (2005)

An analysis of the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on growth: a teratologic model
, American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part C Seminars in Medical Genetics 127c(1): 28-34 (2004)

An analysis of the effects of uncertainty and irreversibility on farmer participation in the Conservation Reserve Program
, Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 29(2): 242-259 (2004)

An analysis of the environment of agricompanies offering technical services
, Agricultural Economics and Management 45(3): 61-64 (2000)

An analysis of the environmental health impact of the Barekese Dam in Kumasi, Ghana
, Journal of Environmental Management 72(3): 189-194 (2004)

An analysis of the environmental index and the distribution of naturalized plants in large rivers of downtown Gwangju Metropolitan City
, Korean Journal of Environment and Ecology 18(3): 288-296 (2004)

An analysis of the factors affecting dairy cow production in the South East of Vietnam
, Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University 50(1): 271-294 (2005)

An analysis of the forest utilization effect on the structural diversity in El Cielo cloud forest, Tamaulipas, Mexico
, Investigacion Agraria, Sistemas y Recursos Forestales 14(2): 217-228 (2005)

An analysis of the gap in the perceptions of hotel marketing managers and business travelers regarding information technology facilities in hotel guestrooms in Hong Kong
, Tourism Review International 8(1): 17-31 (2004)

An analysis of the ground-penetrating radar direct ground wave method for soil water content measurement
, Hydrological Processes 17(18): 3615-3628 (2003)

An analysis of the health dimension of Nepal's development and recommendations for improvement
, Regional Development Studies 9: 11-33 (2003)

An analysis of the hybrid nature of Solanum x edinense Berth. using molecular, cytological and crossability studies
, Potato Research 45(1): 85-97 (2002)

An analysis of the impacts of production quotas and URA provisions on Turkey's sugar sector
, Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry 28(2): 125-130 (2004)

An analysis of the life table parameters of Bemisia tabaci feeding on seven species of host plants
, Entomological KnowledgeSep; 40(5): 453-455 (2003)

An analysis of the maize aggregate supply in Brazil over 1974-2000
, Informacoes Economicas Instituto de Economia Agricola 34(7): 28-37 (2004)

An analysis of the maturity and state of viability of cotton seed
, China Cotton 31(12): 6-7 (2004)

An Analysis of the Mechanism of the Low-wave Phenomenon of Chlorophyll Fluorescence
, Photosynthesis Research 81(1): 67-76 (2004)

An analysis of the pattern of genetic variation in Vitellaria paradoxa using RAPD markers
, Agroforestry Systems 60(1): 61-69 (2004)

An analysis of the perceived competencies of CEOs in public park and recreation agencies
, Managing Leisure 9(2): 96-110 (2004)

An analysis of the physical properties of recovered CCA-treated wood from residential decks
, Wood and Fiber Science 36(2): 278-288 (2004)

An analysis of the problems of the farmers' burden in Jilin, China: a study of the actual conditions in agricultural regions
, Journal of Rural Economics 75(3): 118-128 (2003)

An analysis of the public discourse about urban sprawl in the United States: monitoring concern about a major threat to forests
, Forest Policy and Economics 7(5): 745-756 (2005)

An analysis of the relationship between farm margins and land values in the South African sugar industry
, Proceedings of the Annual Congress South African Sugar Technologists' Association (77): 158-170 (2003)

An analysis of the relationship between market orientation and business performance in the hotel industry
, International Journal of Hospitality Management 24(4): 555-577 (2005)

An analysis of the relationships between a force needed to break shell, hen age and some of physical characteristics of the hen egg
, Acta Technologica Agriculturae 7(2): 34-38 (2004)

An analysis of the sensitivity of regulated basins to climate change
, Hydrology: science and practice for the 21st century, Volume 1 Proceedings of the British Hydrological Society International Conference, Imperial College, London, July 2004: 22-28 (2004)

An analysis of the status of bollworm resistant transgenic cotton in China
, China Cotton 30(8): 8-9 (2003)

An analysis of the sugar blender as related to science in the upper northern part of Thailand
, Proceedings of 43rd Kasetsart University Annual Conference, Thailand, 1-4 February, 2005 Subject: Agricultural Extension and Communication; Social Sciences; Economics; Business Administration; Humanities; Home Economics: 84-88 (2005)

An analysis of the transaction of silk cocoons in the major markets in Karnataka
, Indian Journal of Sericulture 43(1): 35-37 (2004)

An analysis of the veterinary profession in Italy - characteristics and prospects
, Veterinary Research Communications 28(Suppl 1): 45-46 (2004)

An analysis of the wind energy potential of Elazig, Turkey
, International Journal of Green Energy 1(2): 193-207 (2004)

An analysis of total factor productivity in Jordanian agriculture (1983-1997)
, Dirasat Agricultural Sciences 31(1): 99-113 (2004)

An analysis of tourism trends in Mauritius - 1979 to 1998
, Current Issues in Tourism 6(3): 235-249 (2003)

An analysis of trends and requirements for the development of sustainable agriculture in Poland
, Ecological agriculture and rural development in Central and Eastern European countries: 15-37 (2004)

An analysis of two search engine interface metaphors for trip planning
, Information Technology and Tourism 7(2): 103-117 (2004)

An analysis of two-year experience in neonatal screening
, Korean Journal of Laboratory Medicine 24(5): 290-296 (2004)

An analysis of using entomopathogenic nematodes against above-ground pests
, Bulletin of Entomological Research 94(4): 297-306 (2004)

An analysis of vegetation restoration on opencast oil shale mines in Estonia
, Restoration Ecology 12(2): 200-206 (2004)

An analysis of water circulation in the basin by stable isotopes
, Environmental hydraulics and sustainable water management Volume 1, environmental hydraulics: Volume 2, sustainable water management in the Asia Pacific region Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Environmental Hydraulics and the 14th Congress of Asia and Pacific Division, International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research, Hong Kong, 15-18 December 2004: 753-758 (2005)

An analysis of water level dynamics in Esteros del Ibera wetland
, Ecological Modelling 186(1): 17-27 (2005)

An analysis of whalewatching codes of conduct
, Annals of Tourism Research 31(2): 334-352 (2004)

An analysis on factors affecting peasant households' option for irrigation technology
, Chinese Rural Economy (1): 63-69 (2004)

An analysis on genetic diversity of three native chicken breeds in Jiangsu using microsatellite markers
, China Poultry 26(6): 14-16 (2004)

An analysis on the effects of month of mating on the performance of rabbits
, Rivista di Coniglicoltura 41(6): 16-19 (2004)

An analysis on the genetic linkage to the microsatellite marker and economic character effect for the Atrn gene in pigs
, Animal Biotechnology Bulletin 9(1): 71-77 (2004)

An analysis on the levels of living in Punjab State
, Journal of Research, Punjab Agricultural University 40(2): 269-275 (2003)

An analysis on the situation of operators for organizations of contract farming
, Journal of Rural Economics 76(Suppl.): 66-71 (2004)

An analytic method for determining transport capacity of concentrated flow in eroding rills
, Scientia Agricultura Sinica 37(5): 699-703 (2004)

An analytic model for the influence of mineral nutrition on plant production
, Uspekhi Sovremennoi Biologii 124(6): 555-569 (2004)

An analytical algorithm for the determination of vegetation Leaf Area Index from TRMM/TMI data
, International Journal of Remote Sensing 25(6): 1223-1234 (2004)

An analytical device for on-site immunoassay. Demonstration of its applicability in semiquantitative detection of aflatoxin B1 in a batch of samples with ultrahigh sensitivity
, Analytical Chemistry Washington 76(1): 98-104 (2004)

An analytical formula to estimate confidence interval of QTL location with a saturated genetic map as a function of experimental design
, Tag. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. Theoretische und Angewandte Genetik 109(6): 1224-1229 (2004)

An analytical formulation of two-dimensional groundwater dispersion induced by surficial recharge variability
, Water Resources Research 39(9): 1271 (2003)

An analytical framework for immunization programs in Canada
, Vaccine 23(19): 2470-2476 (2005)

An analytical method for determination of propineb residue in tomato
, Acta Agriculturae Zhejiangensis 16(5): 282-285 (2004)

An analytical method for predicting surface soil moisture from rainfall observations
, Water Resources Research 39(11): 1314 (2003)

An analytical method for shipboard extraction of the odour compounds, 2-methylisoborneol and geosmin
, Water Science and Technology 49(9): 121-127 (2004)

An analytical method for soy saponins by HPLC/ELSD
, Journal of Food Science 69(6): C456-C462 (2004)

An analytical method for the simultaneous determination of butachlor and benoxacor in wheat and soil
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 53(11): 4326-4330 (2005)

An analytical method to determine conjugated residues of ceftiofur in milk using liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry
, Analytica Chimica Acta 529(1/2): 151-157 (2005)

An analytical procedure for determination of sulfur species and isotopes in boreal acid sulfate soils and sediments
, Agricultural and Food Science 14(1): 70-82 (2005)

An analytical protocol for the determination of total mercury concentrations in solid peat samples
, Science of the Total Environment 292(1/2): 129-139 (2002)

An analytical solution for advance of solute front in soils
, Pedosphere 14(3): 339-346 (2004)

An analytical solution for estimating percolation rate by fitting temperature profiles in the vadose zone
, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 68(1-2): 83-95 (2004)

An analytical solution for ground water transit time through unconfined aquifers
, Ground Water 43(4): 511-517 (2005)

An analytical solution for transient radial flow through unsaturated fractured porous media
, Water resources research 41(2): W02029 (2005)

An analytical solution of tetrachloroethylene transport and biodegradation
, Transport in Porous Media 55(3): 301-308 (2004)

An analytical study for production and economic efficiency of lentil crop and reasons of reduction of its production in Assiut Governorate
, Assiut Journal of Agricultural Sciences 34(6): 411-440 (2003)

An analytical study of formal and informal agricultural information sources for farmers in Edku District of Beheira Governorate
, Alexandria Journal of Agricultural Research 48(3): 1(Ar)-15(Ar) (2003)

An analytical study of operational plans and constitutions of Community Forests User Groups at Nepal's western Terai
, Banko Janakari 13(1): 3-14 (2003)

An analytical study of production and consumption of sugar in Egypt
, Alexandria Journal of Agricultural Research 48(2): 15(ar)-25(ar) (2003)

An analytical study of productive and foreign trade situation of some important medicinal & aromatic plants
, Assiut Journal of Agricultural Sciences 34(4): 197-220 (2003)

An analytical study of the economic determinants of production and consumption of wheat in Egypt
, Assiut Journal of Agricultural Sciences 34(3): 199-213 (2003)

An analytical study of the impact of economic liberalization on the profitability of the main agricultural cropping patterns in Minia Governorate
, Assiut Journal of Agricultural Sciences 34(3): 255-271 (2003)

An analytical study on cultural and financial aspects of roof gardening in Dhaka Metropolitan City of Bangladesh
, International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 7(2): 184-187 (2005)

An analytical survey of the polyphenols of seeds of varieties of grape (Vitis vinifera) cultivated in Greece: implications for exploitation as a source of value-added phytochemicals
, Phytochemical Analysis 16(1): 17-23 (2005)

An anatomic study of Leguminosae species in the state of Para commercialized as angelim
, Acta Amazonica 34(3): 387-398 (2004)

An anatomic study on the wood development of Zelkova schneideriana
, Journal of Nanjing Forestry University 27(3): 39-43 (2003)

An anatomical study on the conformation of the femoral artery in Chinchilla lanigera
, Revue de Medecine Veterinaire 156(10): 506-508 (2005)

An ancestral oomycete locus contains late blight avirulence gene Avr3a, encoding a protein that is recognized in the host cytoplasm
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 102(21): 7766-7771 (2005)

An ancient R gene from the wild potato species Solanum bulbocastanum confers broad-spectrum resistance to Phytophthora infestans in cultivated potato and tomato
, Plant journal 36(6): 867-882 (2003)

An ancient bottleneck in the Lost Pines of central Texas
, Molecular Ecology 13(5): 1075-1084 (2004)

An animal model for interface tissue formation in cemented hip replacements
, Veterinary Surgery 33(5): 495-504 (2004)

An animal model of antipsychotic-induced weight gain
, Behavioural Brain Research 152(1): 121-127 (2004)

An anion exchange resin from soybean hulls
, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 79(11): 1286-1292 (2004)

An anion resin membrane technique to overcome detection limits of isotopically exchanged P in P-sorbing soils
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