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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 4049

Chapter 4049 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Balotescu, C.; Israil, A.; Radu, R.; Alexandru, I.; Dobre, G., 2003:
Aspects of constitutive and acquired antibioresistance in Aeromonas hydrophila strains isolated from water sources

Younes, A.A., 2003:
Aspects of courtship and mating behaviour of the praying mantid, Sphodromantis viridis Forskal (Mantodea: Mantidae)

Botteon, R. de C.C.M.; Botteon, P. de T.L.; Alves, A. de L.; Moreira, L.P.; Silva, R.A. da, 2004:
Aspects of dairy cattle breeding in small dairies type C milk in Japuiba and Furnas, of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais

Hunt, S.L.; Gordon, A.M.; Morris, D.M., 2005:
Aspects of ecological development in managed stands of jack pine and black spruce in northern Ontario: understory vegetation and nutrient relations

Berg, E. van den; Santos, F.A.M. dos, 2003:
Aspects of environment variation in a gallery forest in Itutinga municipality, Minas Gerais State, Brazil

Mwanda, O.W., 2004:
Aspects of epidemiological and clinical features of patients with central nervous system Burkitt's lymphoma in Kenya

Hartman, G.F.; McMahon, T.E., 2004:
Aspects of fish reproduction and some implications of forestry activities

Nachtigall, W., 2003:
Aspects of flight of the fast flying cattle fly, Tabanus bovinus

Pares Martinez, J.; Linarez, R.; Arizaleta, M.; Melendez, L., 2004:
Aspects of floral biology in papaya (Carica papaya L.) cv. Cartagena roja in Lara state, Venezuela

Barabe, D.; Lacroix, C.; Gibernau, M., 2004:
Aspects of floral morphology in Ambrosina and Arisarum (Araceae)

Goldschmidt, E.E.; Samach, A., 2004:
Aspects of flowering in fruit trees

Urbanek, A.; Zechmann, B.; Zellnig, G.; Muller, M., 2003:
Aspects of glutathione treatment on the cytoskeleton in different cells of Picea abies

Masika, P.J.; Mafu, J.V., 2004:
Aspects of goat farming in the communal farming systems of the central Eastern Cape, South Africa

Caboni, E., 2002:
Aspects of in vitro rooting in fruit trees

Anupam Sinha; Caligari, P.D.S., 2004:
Aspects of isolation underpinning mitotic behaviour in lupin protoplasts

Ash, G.J.; Albiston, A.; Cother, E.J., 2005:
Aspects of jojoba agronomy and management

Batabyal, A.A.; Lee, D.M., 2003:
Aspects of land use in slash and burn agriculture

Liguori, M.; Simoni, S.; Castagnoli, M., 2002:
Aspects of life history of Tydeus californicus (Banks) (Acari Tydeidae)

Volterrani, M.; Magni, S., 2005:
Aspects of management for turfs subjected to heavy wear

Rolinek, L.; Doktorova, M., 2002:
Aspects of management of agricultural firms

Lombardi Boccia, G.; Lanzi, S.; Aguzzi, A., 2005:
Aspects of meat quality: trace elements and B vitamins in raw and cooked meats

Mgbenka, B.; Ugwu, L., 2005:
Aspects of mineral composition and growth rate of the hybrid African catfish fry fed inorganic phosphorus-supplemented diets

Petrache, T., 2002:
Aspects of monitoring activity of Diabrotica virgifera virgifera at Agricultural Research and Development Station Lovrin Romania

Kage, H.; Alt, C.; Stutzel, H., 2003:
Aspects of nitrogen use efficiency of cauliflower I. A simulation modelling based analysis of nitrogen availability under field conditions

Kage, H.; Alt, C.; Stutzel, H., 2003:
Aspects of nitrogen use efficiency of cauliflower II. Productivity and nitrogen partitioning as influenced by N supply

Via, G. la; Bucca, M., 2003:
Aspects of nursery gardening sector in Sicily and growth prospects

Coert, A.; Verheijen, F.; Horspool, L.J.I.; Mol, J.A., 2004:
Aspects of pharmacodynamics and biotransformation of the glucocorticoid resocortol butyrate

Parmil Singh; Mandeep Kaur; Jagmeet Kaur; Neelima Arora; Usha Parmar, 2004:
Aspects of physiological regulation of flower senescence of Gladiolus and Narcissus

Man, C.A.; Ivan, I.; Ciupe, M., 2002:
Aspects of pig production in households from the Cluj area

Balas, J.; Wirth, G.; Hettiarachchi, M.P., 2005:
Aspects of postharvest management of selected field-grown cut flowers

Kalbe, C.; Rehfeldt, C., 2005:
Aspects of prenatal development of muscle and adipose tissue: principles, regulation, and influence of maternal nutrition

Ferreira, C.M.; Villar, P.M. del, 2004:
Aspects of production and marketing of rice

Catalla, R.L.; Leaf, H.L., 2000:
Aspects of pulmonary infections after solid organ transplantation

David, L.; Rothbard, S.; Rubinstein, I.; Katzman, H.; Hulata, G.; Hillel, J.; Lavi, U., 2004:
Aspects of red and black color inheritance in the Japanese ornamental (Koi) carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)

Gyasi, E.A.; Asante, W.J., 2004:
Aspects of resource tenure that conserve biodiversity: the case of southern and northern Ghana

Hachicha, M.; Abd, E.G.wed, G., 2003:
Aspects of salt-affected soils in the Arab world

Wang ChunNeng; Moller, M.; Cronk, Q.C.B., 2004:
Aspects of sexual failure in the reproductive processes of a rare bulbiliferous plant, Titanotrichum oldhamii (Gesneriaceae), in subtropical Asia

Wang, S., 2004 :
Aspects of soybean insect resistance breeding in China

Lazar, V., 2002:
Aspects of technological steps regarding the preservation of cucumber by lactic fermentation

Izumi, S.; Ohtaki, M., 2004:
Aspects of the Armitage-Doll gamma frailty model for cancer incidence data

Santos, B.R.; Paiva, R.; Castro, E.M. de; Cardoso, M. das G.; Rezende, R.K.S.; Paiva, P.D. de O., 2004:
Aspects of the anatomy and essential oil in leaves of pindaiba (Xylopia brasiliensis Spreng.)

Codling, C.E.; Maillard, J-Yves.; Russell, A.Denver., 2003:
Aspects of the antimicrobial mechanisms of action of a polyquaternium and an amidoamine

Stenzel, W.R.; Feldhusen, F., 2004:
Aspects of the application from carbonmonoxide of packaging meat and fish products

Finnie, C.; Maeda, K.; ØStergaard, O.; Bak-Jensen, K.S.; Larsen, J.; Svensson, B., 2004:
Aspects of the barley seed proteome during development and germination

Szczepaniak, K.; Biziuk, M., 2003:
Aspects of the biomonitoring studies using mosses and lichens as indicators of metal pollution

Scrimgeour, F.G.; Barns, S.A., 2004:
Aspects of the deregulation of statutory marketing boards in South Africa

MacLaren, A.; Attias, M.; de Souza, W., 2004:
Aspects of the early moments of interaction between tachyzoites of Toxoplasma gondii with neutrophils

Miller, J.David., 2002:
Aspects of the ecology of Fusarium toxins in cereals

Bertasso, A.; Avenant-Oldewage, A., 2005:
Aspects of the ecology of the Asian tapeworm, Bothriocephalus acheilognathi Yamaguti, 1934 in yellowfish in the Vaal Dam, South Africa

Meier, W., 2005:
Aspects of the flora and vegetation of the Cerro Platillon (Juan German Roscio) National Monument, Guarico State, Venezuela

Paganova, V., 2004:
Aspects of the future development of ornamental woody plant production in Slovakia

Grigoriou, P.; Richardson, C.A., 2004:
Aspects of the growth of cultured cuttlefish Sepia officinalis (Linnaeus 1758)

Cardoso, J.R.; Severino, R.S.; Mota, F.C.D.; Martins, A.K.; Carneiro e Silva, F.O., 2003:
Aspects of the irrigation of the atrio-ventricular node and trunk of the atrio-ventricular fascicle of Girolando crossbred cattle

Lateef, A.; Oloke, J.K.; Kana, E.B.G.; Adebayo, I., 2004:
Aspects of the isolation and characterizaton of thermostable alpha -amylase from Alternaria alternata

Amaro, A.A.; Caser, D.V.; Santos Francisco, V.L.F. dos, 2003:
Aspects of the mango trade

Stort, A.C., 2004:
Aspects of the morphology of the antennae of Apis mellifera and of some meliponinae

Brown, C.G.; Funk, D.J., 2005:
Aspects of the natural history of Neochlamisus (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae): fecal case-associated life history and behavior, with a method for studying insect constructions

Biocca, M.; Severini, S., 2004:
Aspects of the organisation of test sprayers in some Italian regions

Tsotetsi, A.M.; Avenant Oldewage, A.; Mashego, S.N., 2005:
Aspects of the pathology of Lamproglena clariae (Copepoda: Lernaeidae) on gills of Clarias gariepinus from the Vaal River system, South Africa

Shields, J.D.; Scanlon, C.; Volety, A., 2003:
Aspects of the pathophysiology of blue crabs, Callinectes sapidus, infected with the parasitic dinoflagellate Hematodinium perezi

Busulwa, H.S.; Bailey, R.G., 2004:
Aspects of the physico-chemical environment of the Rwenzori rivers, Uganda

Halling, M.; Topp, C.; Doyle, C., 2004:
Aspects of the productivity of forage legumes in Northern Europe

Simionescu, A., 2004:
Aspects of the rehabilitation of the forest of Groasa in Urziceni forest district (I)

Tenuta Filho, A.; Jesus, R.S. de, 2003:
Aspects of the utilization of minced fish as industrial raw material

Eraslan, G.; Cam, Y.; Eren, M.; Lman, B.C.; Atalay, O.; Seybek, N., 2005:
Aspects of using N-acetylcysteine in aflatoxicosis and its evaluation regarding some lipid peroxidation parameters in rabbits

Domingues, R.M.S.M.; Santos, E.M. dos; Leal, M. do C., 2004:
Aspects of women's satisfaction with childbirth care in a maternity hospital in Rio de Janeiro

Souliotis, C.; Papaioannou Souliotis, P.; Markoyiannaki Printziou, D.; Rumbos, I., 2004:
Aspects on collateral effects of microbial insecticide preparations of Bacillus thuringiensis and other compounds on Phytoseius finitimus (Ribaga) (Parasitiformes Phytoseiidae)

Svensson, S.; Thelandersson, S., 2003:
Aspects on reliability calibration of safety factors for timber structures

Ienciu, A.; Savatti, M., 2004:
Aspects regarding the existent correlations among different phenotypic characters studied on some natural beech stands (Fagus sylvatica L.) in the western part of Romania

Simionescu, A.; Daia, M.; Litescu, M.; Vladescu, D.; Vladuleasa, A., 2002:
Aspects regarding the health status of forests in Romania in the year 2001 (1)

Mita, P.; Matreata, S., 2004:
Aspects regarding the hydrological role of the forest

Statov, C.; Pusta, D.; Ognean, L., 2002:
Aspects regarding the influence of the energetic level and calcium in breeding of laying hens

Marx, M.; Ciobanu, C.; Statie, L.G.; Pop, I., 2002:
Aspects regarding the laboratory diagnosis of respiratory infections with Candida albicans

Naghui, A.; Marghitas, L.A.; Stanila, G., 2003:
Aspects regarding the possibilities of creating an integrate system of biofuels producing and use

Simionescu, A.; Daia, M.; Litescu, M.; Vladescu, D.; Vladuleasa, A., 2003:
Aspects regarding the state of health of forests in Romania in the year 2001 (2)

Saghin, G., 2002:
Aspects regarding the variability, correlations and heredity of some quantitative traits in different faba bean (Vicia faba L.) cultivars, lines and hybrids

Pereira, R.S.; Muniz, M.F.B.; Nascimento, W.M., 2005:
Aspects related to coriander seed quality

Bocchi, S.; Tabacchi, M., 2004:
Aspects related to management of rice cropping system

Larsen, E.J.; Ripple, W.J., 2003:
Aspen age structure in the northern Yellowstone ecosystem: USA

Lawton, J.; Shogren, R.; Tiefenbacher, K., 2004:
Aspen fiber addition improves the mechanical properties of baked cornstarch foams

Hassett, J.; Zak, D., 2005:
Aspen harvest intensity decreases microbial biomass, extracellular enzyme activity, and soil nitrogen cycling

Hedenas, H.; Ericson, L., 2004:
Aspen lichens in agricultural and forest landscapes: the importance of habitat quality

Kaye, M.W.; Stohlgren, T.J.; Binkley, D., 2003:
Aspen structure and variability in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA

Sancak, A.A.; Parackoglu, J., 2005:
Aspergillosis and gastric impaction in an ostrich

Couturaud, F., 2004:
Aspergillosis and the lung

Matsuo, T.; Notohara, K.; Yamadori, I., 2005:
Aspergillosis causing bilateral optic neuritis and later orbital apex syndrome

Verstappen, F.A.m; Dorrestein, G.M., 2005:
Aspergillosis in Amazon parrots after corticosteroid therapy for smoke-inhalation injury

Kwon HyoJung; Park MiSun; Kim DaeYong; Hwang CheolYong; Shin NamShik, 2004:
Aspergillosis in a Blue-fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva)

Paixao, T.A. da; Nascimento, E.F. do; Parra, P.N.S.; Santos, R. de L., 2004:
Aspergillosis in an ostrich (Struthio camelus) in Brazil

Guillot, M.; E.H.chem, C.; Amiour, M.; Delaisi, B.; Reinert, P., 2003:
Aspergillosis in cystic fibrosis patients

Gordon, S.M.; Avery, R.K., 2001:
Aspergillosis in lung transplantation: incidence, risk factors, and prophylactic strategies

Tell, L.A., 2005:
Aspergillosis in mammals and birds: impact on veterinary medicine

Kleinberg, M., 2005:
Aspergillosis in the CLEAR outcomes trial: working toward a real-world clinical perspective

Cevik, A.; Eroksuz, H., 2004:
Aspergillosis in turkeys

Martins, W.Denis.; Ribeiro Rosa, E.Antônio., 2004:
Aspergillosis of the maxillary sinus: review and case report

Jang, K.Seok.; Han, H.Xiu.; Oh, Y-Ha.; Paik, S.Sam., 2004:
Aspergillosis of the thyroid gland diagnosed by fine needle aspiration cytology

Timurkaan, N.; Keskin, O.; Yilmaz, F.; Cimtay, I., 2005:
Aspergillosis outbreak in an ostrich flock

Johnston, O.; Little, D.M.; Hickey, D.; Conlon, P.J., 2004:
Aspergillus 'fungus ball' within a cadaveric renal transplant graft

Hogaboam, C.M.; Carpenter, K.J.; Schuh, J.M.; Buckland, K.F., 2005:
Aspergillus and asthma - any link?

Kurup, V.P., 2005:
Aspergillus antigens: which are important?

Bellí, N.; Ramos, A.J.; Coronas, I.; Sanchis, V.; Marín, S., 2005:
Aspergillus carbonarius growth and ochratoxin A production on a synthetic grape medium in relation to environmental factors

Kozakiewicz, Z., 1990:
Aspergillus clavatus.

El-Hamamsy, Iïl.; Dürrleman, N.; Stevens, L-Mathieu.; Perrault, L.P.; Carrier, M., 2005:
Aspergillus endocarditis after cardiac surgery

Verghese, S.; Maria, C.F.; Mullaseri, A.S.; Asha, M.; Padmaja, P.; Padhye, A.A., 2004:
Aspergillus endocarditis presenting as femoral artery embolism

Lopez-Malo, A.A.zamora, S.; Palou, E., 2002:
Aspergillus flavus dose-response curves to selected natural and synthetic antimicrobials

López-Malo, A.; Maris Alzamora, S.; Palou, E., 2005:
Aspergillus flavus growth in the presence of chemical preservatives and naturally occurring antimicrobial compounds

Barros, G.; Torres, A.; Chulze, S., 2005:
Aspergillus flavus population isolated from soil of Argentina's peanut-growing region. Sclerotia production and toxigenic profile

Amaike, S.; Keller, N.P., 2013:
Aspergillus flavus

Sion, M.L.; Armenaka, M.C.; Georgiadis, I.; Paraskevopoulos, G.; Nikolaidis, I., 2004:
Aspergillus fumigatus abscesses of the thyroid with obstruction of the esophagus

Braedel, S.; Radsak, M.; Einsele, H.; Latgé, J-Paul.; Michan, A.; Loeffler, J.; Haddad, Z.; Grigoleit, U.; Schild, H.; Hebart, H., 2004:
Aspergillus fumigatus antigens activate innate immune cells via toll-like receptors 2 and 4

Brakhage, A.A.; Liebmann, B., 2005:
Aspergillus fumigatus conidial pigment and cAMP signal transduction: significance for virulence

Lodge, B.Alexander.; Ashley, E.Dodds.; Steele, M.P.; Perfect, J.R., 2004:
Aspergillus fumigatus empyema, arthritis, and calcaneal osteomyelitis in a lung transplant patient successfully treated with posaconazole

Cuesta, J.M.; Farinas, M.C.; Rodilla, I.G.; Salesa, R.; Berrazueta, J.R. de, 2005:
Aspergillus fumigatus endocarditis in a patient with a biventricular pacemaker

Asis Bhattacharya, 2003:
Aspergillus fumigatus infection in Khaki Campbell ducks in an organized duck farm in Tripura

Yokota, T.; Shibahara, T.; Wada, Y.; Hiraki, R.; Ishikawa, Y.; Kadota, K., 2004:
Aspergillus fumigatus infection in an ostrich (Struthio camelus)

Fortwendel, J.R.; Panepinto, J.C.; Seitz, A.E.; Askew, D.S.; Rhodes, J.C., 2004:
Aspergillus fumigatus rasA and rasB regulate the timing and morphology of asexual development

Balajee, S.Arunmozhi.; Weaver, M.; Imhof, A.; Gribskov, J.; Marr, K.A., 2004:
Aspergillus fumigatus variant with decreased susceptibility to multiple antifungals

Tekaia, F.; Latgé, J-Paul., 2005:
Aspergillus fumigatus: saprophyte or pathogen?

Musher, B.; Fredricks, D.; Leisenring, W.; Balajee, S.Arunmozhi.; Smith, C.; Marr, K.A., 2004:
Aspergillus galactomannan enzyme immunoassay and quantitative PCR for diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis with bronchoalveolar lavage fluid

Bobba, R.K.; Arsura, E.L., 2004:
Aspergillus infection in a hospitalised veteran population

Tsitsigiannis, D.I.; Kunze, S.; Willis, D.K.; Feussner, I.; Keller, N.P., 2005:
Aspergillus infection inhibits the expression of peanut 13S-HPODE-forming seed lipoxygenases

Franquet, Tás.; Müller, N.L.; Oikonomou, A.; Flint, J.D., 2004:
Aspergillus infection of the airways: computed tomography and pathologic findings

Solé, A.; Morant, P.; Salavert, M.; Pemán, J.; Morales, P., 2005:
Aspergillus infections in lung transplant recipients: risk factors and outcome

Balajee, S.Arunmozhi.; Gribskov, J.L.; Hanley, E.; Nickle, D.; Marr, K.A., 2005:
Aspergillus lentulus sp. nov., a new sibling species of A. fumigatus

Levin, T.; Suh, B.; Beltramo, D.; Samuel, R., 2004:
Aspergillus mediastinitis following orthotopic heart transplantation: case report and review of the literature

Kamei, K.; Watanabe, A., 2005:
Aspergillus mycotoxins and their effect on the host

Fianchi, L.; Picardi, M.; Cudillo, L.; Corvatta, L.; Mele, L.; Trapè, G.; Girmenia, C.; Pagano, L., 2004:
Aspergillus niger infection in patients with haematological diseases: a report of eight cases

Kozakiewicz, Z., 2000:
Aspergillus niger.

Onions, A.H.S., 1966:
Aspergillus niger.

Souza Motta, C.M. de; Cavalcanti, M.A. de Q.; Porto, A.L.F.; Moreira, K.A.; Lima Filho, J.L. de, 2005:
Aspergillus niveus Blochwitz 4128URM: new source for inulinase production

Mateos-Colino, A.; Golpe, R.; González-Rodríguez, A.; González-Juanatey, C.; Legarra, J.J.; Blanco, M., 2005:
Aspergillus pacemaker endocarditis presenting as pulmonary embolism

Lostakova, V.; Kolek, V., 2003:
Aspergillus pneumonia in an immunodeficient patient

Usta, M.; Kahvecioglu, S.; Akdag, I.; Gullulu, M.; Ozdemir, B.; Ener, B.; Ersoy, A.; Cirak, Y.; Dilek, K.; Yavuz, M., 2004:
Aspergillus pneumonia in renal transplant recipients at a medical center in Turkey

Buchheidt, D.; Hummel, M., 2005:
Aspergillus polymerase chain reaction (PCR) diagnosis

Cameli Rojas, V.; Mata Essayag, S.; Hartung de Capriles, C.; Magaldi, S.; Garrido de Perez, E.; Garrido, L.; Balderrama Caballero, D., 2004:
Aspergillus species in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis

Tremolieres, F., 2004:
Aspergillar spondylodiscitis and itraconazole

Curtis, L.; Cali, S.; Conroy, L.; Baker, K.; Ou, C-H.; Hershow, R.; Norlock-Cruz, F.; Scheff, P., 2005:
Aspergillus surveillance project at a large tertiary-care hospital

Arun Arya; Chitra Arya, 2004:
Aspergillus terreus - a new fruit rot pathogen of aonla

Bradley, J.C.; George, J.G.; Sarria, J.C.; Kimbrough, R.C.; Mitchell, K.T., 2005:
Aspergillus terreus endophthalmitis

de Vries, R.P.; Frisvad, J.C.; van de Vondervoort, P.J.I.; Burgers, K.; Kuijpers, A.F.A.; Samson, R.A.; Visser, J., 2005:
Aspergillus vadensis, a new species of the group of black Aspergilli

Asan, A., 2004:
Aspergillus, Penicillium and related species reported from Turkey

Tang SaiChun; Liu Yan, 2003:
Aspidistra guangxiensis (Convallariaceae), a new species from China

Jiménez-Ruiz, F.Agustín.; Gardner, S.L., 2003:
Aspidoderid nematodes from bolivian armadillos, with the description of a new species of Lauroia (Heterakoidea: Aspidoderidae)

Mroz, K.; Nicpon, J.; Sawuta, P., 2005:
Aspiration and trephine biopsy of bone marrow of dogs and cats: methodology and indications

Paik, S.; Vincent, J.H., 2002:
Aspiration efficiencies of disc-shaped blunt nozzles facing the wind, for coarse particles and high velocity ratios

Campbell, B.H.; Spinelli, K.; Marbella, A.M.; Myers, K.B.; Kuhn, J.C.; Layde, P.M., 2004:
Aspiration, weight loss, and quality of life in head and neck cancer survivors

Lungu, A.I.; Lysenko, N.M., 2004:
Aspiration-gravitational separator AGS-0.1

Salat, A., 2004:
Aspirators for leaves and grass: shovel models

Elwood, P.; Morgan, G.; Brown, G.; Pickering, J., 2005:
Aspirin for everyone older than 50?

Kupczyk, M.; Kupryś, I.; Górski, Pł.; Kuna, P., 2004:
Aspirin intolerance and allergy to house dust mites: important factors associated with development of severe asthma

Klausmeyer, P.; McCloud, T.G.; Tucker, K.D.; Cardellina, J.H.I.I.; Shoemaker, R.H., 2005:
Aspirochlorine class compounds from Aspergillus flavus inhibit azole-resistant Candida albicans

Perrie, L.R.; Shepherd, L.D.; Brownsey, P.J., 2005:
Asplenium x lucrosum nothosp. nov.: a sterile hybrid widely and erroneously cultivated as Asplenium bulbiferum

Zhou, G-Xiong.; Wijeratne, E.M.Kithsiri.; Bigelow, D.; Pierson, L.S.; VanEtten, H.D.; Gunatilaka, A.A.Leslie., 2004 :
Aspochalasins I, J, and K: three new cytotoxic cytochalasans of Aspergillus flavipes from the rhizosphere of Ericameria laricifolia of the Sonoran Desert

Anonymous, 2003:
Ass' milk: acceptable levels of quality

Yin XiaoHong; Yang JinBao; Liu Bo; Wang Miao, 2003:
Assay for determining niacin in infant formulae

Pistos, C.; Stewart, J.T., 2004:
Assay for the simultaneous determination of acetaminophen-caffeine-butalbital in human serum using a monolithic column

L.Z.iXin; Zhang FuChun; Jin HuaLi; Wang YanPing; Ren ZhiHui; Wang Bin, 2003:
Assay for the transient expression of plasmid murine Zona Pellucida 3 DNA in vitro

Yoshida, K.; Takeda, Y., 2004:
Assay method for screening of tea plants with resistance to anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum theae-sinensis by use of novel wound-inoculation

Di Donna, L.; Maiuolo, L.; Mazzotti, F.; De Luca, D.; Sindona, G., 2004:
Assay of Sudan I contamination of foodstuff by atmospheric pressure chemical ionization tandem mass spectrometry and isotope dilution

Ahmed, N.; Mirshekar-Syahkal, B.; Kennish, L.; Karachalias, N.; Babaei-Jadidi, R.; Thornalley, P.J., 2005:
Assay of advanced glycation endproducts in selected beverages and food by liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometric detection

Ingole, S.S.; Deshmukh, V.V.; Ghawade, R.S.; Shinde, V.B.; Patil, L.V., 2004:
Assay of antibiotics and COC against Xanthomonas campestris pv. glycines, causing leaf pustules in soybean

Henterich, N.; Osman, A.A.; Méndez, E.; Mothes, T., 2003:
Assay of gliadin by real-time immunopolymerase chain reaction

Yang, S.; Huang, F.S.eng; Kuang, M.S.u; Duan, J.H.a; Zhang, J.R., 2003:
Assay of haemolymph protein concentration in Anopheles stephensi

Hamoudova, R.; Urbanek, M.; Pospisilova, M.; Polasek, M., 2004:
Assay of phenolic compounds in red wine by on-line combination of capillary isotachophoresis with capillary zone electrophoresis

Reginatto, Fávio.H.; Gosmann, G.; Schripsema, J.; Schenkel, E.P., 2004:
Assay of quadranguloside, the major saponin of leaves of Passiflora alata, by HPLC-UV

Cataldi, T.; Nardiello, D.S.rano, L.S.opa, A., 2002:
Assay of riboflavin in sample wines by capillary zone electrophoresis and laser-induced fluorescence detection

Yang ShuJuan; Wan ShuQing; Jiang ZhiSheng; Y.A.; Shang ZhiZhen, 2004:
Assay of the gross content of oxygen radical in calli of barnyard grass induced by two photosensitive compounds under ultraviolet irradiation by ESR

Jesus, R. de; Moreno, N.; Martinez, J.A., 2005:
Assay of two extraction methods of mouse DNA by using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for monitoring genetic inbred mice

Agner, H.; Schenk, M.K., 2005:
Assay system for measurement of denitrification-N loss from ornamental plants potted in peat substrate

Lin, Y.H.i; Han, Z.F.; Li, H.L.ang; Zhang, L.; Wang, H., 2004:
Assay the sequence of Pydyn gene intron in Plasmodium yoelii yoelii

Whitaker, J.W.; Pote, L.M.; Hanson, L.A., 2005:
Assay to detect the actinospore and myxospore stages of proliferative gill disease in oligochaetes and pond water

Zhang Tao; Huang YiXin; Zhou Yun; Zheng LiXing; Zhao ChunLin; Jiang QingWu, 2004:
Assaying of arsenic content in soil samples from field used magnesium borate ore powder as molluscicide

Prince, H.E.; Hogrefe, W.R., 2004:
Assays for detecting West Nile Virus antibodies in human serum, plasma, and cerebrospinal fluid

Collins, A.R., 2005:
Assays for oxidative stress and antioxidant status: applications to research into the biological effectiveness of polyphenols

D.M.mbro, Véria.M.; Fonseca, M.J.V., 2005:
Assays of physical stability and antioxidant activity of a topical formulation added with different plant extracts

Eden, T.; Wilson, D.; Hackell, D., 2005:
Assays to determine the predatory ability of Pergamasus against clover flea

Bougoure, D.S.; Cairney, J.W.G., 2005:
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Assessing the influence of soil moisture on seasonal climate variability with AGCMs

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Assessing the influence of the drying schedule on moisture variability in the batch drying of timber

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Assessing the information needs of Australian gaming managers

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Assessing the link between economic/agricultural growth and poverty

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Assessing the method of application of farmyard manure on dryland crops

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Assessing the mutagenicity of chemicals in food: the case of pesticides

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Assessing the needs of cattle for trace elements

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Assessing the performance of a nucleus estate and smallholder scheme for oil palm production in West Sumatra: a stochastic frontier analysis

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Assessing the performance of phosphorus-saturated ochre as a fertilizer and its environmental acceptability

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Assessing the pest risks of wood imports into the United States of America

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Assessing the possibility of insect damage to archaeological waterlogged wood conserved with sucrose

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Assessing the potential distribution of buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris L.) in Australia using a climate-soil model

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Assessing the potential for biomass energy to contribute to Scotland's renewable energy needs

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Assessing the potential health impact of the 1991 Gulf War on Saudi Arabian National Guard soldiers

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Assessing the potential impact of biological control of Plutella xylostella (diamondback moth) in cabbage production in Kenya

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Assessing the potential of SeaWiFS and MODIS for estimating chlorophyll concentration in turbid productive waters using red and near-infrared bands

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Assessing the potential of condom use to prevent the spread of HIV: a microsimulation study

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Assessing the potential of methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE) natural attenuation at field sites in Texas

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Assessing the potential of natural woody species regeneration for the conversion of Norway spruce plantations on alluvial soils

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Assessing the potential toxicity of marine sediments found in petroleum industry areas: a new approach based on responses of postlarval shrimp

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Assessing the potential value of urban groundwater

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Assessing the probability of crown fire initiation based on fire danger indices

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Assessing the quality of life of males 15 years and older in Van Province via SF-36

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Assessing the quality of mechanically and manually recovered chicken meat

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Assessing the quality of molecular divergence time estimates by fossil calibrations and fossil-based model selection

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Assessing the rate of wear of the working organs of tillage machinery

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Assessing the removal efficiency of Zn, Cu, Fe and Pb in a treatment wetland using selective sequential extraction: a case study

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Assessing the risks to zooplankton grazers of continuous versus pulsed cypermethrin exposures from marine cage aquaculture

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Assessing the role of design in local and regional economies

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Assessing the role of organic soil amendments in management of rootknotnematodes on common bean, Phaseolus vulgaris L

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Assessing the role of project for horticultural promotion's (PHP) extension and training materials in the solution of horticultural problems in the target area (a case study of Malakand Division)

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Assessing the safety of veterinary drug residues

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Assessing the seasonal dynamics of the Brazilian Cerrado vegetation through the use of spectral vegetation indices

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Assessing the speciation pattern of lead and zinc in surface water collected from Abegede Creek, Ijora and Lagos

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Assessing the substitutability of mitigation wetlands for natural sites: estimating restoration lag costs of wetland mitigation

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Assessing the use of butterflies as indicators of logging in Borneo at three taxonomic levels

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Assessing the use of sectioned otoliths and other methods to determine the age of the centropomid fish, barramundi (Lates calcarifer) (Bloch), using known-age fish

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Assessing the utility of spectral band operators to reduce the influence of total suspended solids on the relationship between chlorophyll concentration and the bidirectional reflectance factor in Amazon waters

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Assessing the value & quality of soyabean meal

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Assessing the value of roadless areas in a conservation reserve strategy: biodiversity and landscape connectivity in the northern Rockies

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Assessing the vulnerability of forests to environmental change

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Assessing the water use of short vegetation and forests: development of the Hydrological Land Use Change (HYLUC) model

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Assessing the welfare of genetically modified mice

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Assessing the world's forests

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Assessing trait economic impacts at the level of the individual animals considered in selection

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Assessing wood characteristics and wood quality in intensively managed plantations

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Assessment and control of fungal allergens

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Assessment and impact of biparental mating in Brassica campestris L. var. brown sarson

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Assessment and management of the obese patient

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Assessment and monitoring of damage from insects in Australian eucalypt forests and commercial plantations

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Assessment and optimization of the nutritional situation in Croatian boarding schools

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Assessment and role of destination-self-congruity

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Assessment and treatment of central nervous system abnormalities in the emergency patient

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Assessment and treatment of perfusion abnormalities in the emergency patient

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Assessment by mothers of the quality of ready-to-eat infant foods

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Assessment criteria for combined mixtures of sweeteners

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Assessment in the effect of Zn enriched organics and Zn solubilizing microorganism for alleviating the deficiencies of Zn and Fe using compositional nutrient diagnosis technique

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Assessment method for leaf litters allelopathic effect on cyanobacteria

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Assessment of 2001 aphid fly activity in Belgium with the help of a Rothamsted suction trap

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Assessment of AFLP-based genetic variation in the populations of Picea asperata

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Assessment of Candida albicans genes expressed during infections as a tool to understand pathogenesis

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Assessment of China's economic loss resulting from the degradation of agricultural land in the end of 20th century

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Assessment of FTIR spectrometry for pesticide screening of aqueous samples

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Assessment of Grenada's capacity to implement the Biosafety Protocol

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Assessment of Indian carp (Catla catla) (Cyprinidae) as aquaculture species in Nigeria

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Assessment of Kuwait's Al-Qurain landfill using remotely sensed data

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Assessment of Mehlich3 and ammonium bicarbonate-DTPA extraction for simultaneous measurement of fifteen elements in soils

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Assessment of P availability in heavily fertilized soils using the diffusive gradient in thin films (DGT) technique

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Assessment of PCBs and PCDD/Fs along the Chinese Bohai Sea coastline using mollusks as bioindicators

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Assessment of PCR for routine identification of species of the Mycoplasma mycoides cluster in ruminants

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Assessment of Pb retention coefficient and nutrient utilization in growing pigs fed diets with added clinoptilolite

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Assessment of Penman-Monteith equation and various methods of modeling reference evapotranspiration for hyper-arid area

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Assessment of Polish Lowland rivers using Mean Trophic Rank bioindication method

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Assessment of Rhizoctonia solani inoculation techniques on rice germplasm in the field

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Assessment of Rhizophos and combined inoculation of Rhizobium and phosphobacteria on nodulation of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata)

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Assessment of S1 progenies in two diverse populations of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.)

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Assessment of Sarcocystis neurona sporocyst viability and differentiation between viable and nonviable sporocysts using propidium iodide stain

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Assessment of Slovak population exposure to cadmium from food

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Assessment of Slovak population exposure to lead

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Assessment of TVB-N factor with special reference to marketing and handling of commercially important fishes in Pakistan

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Assessment of Turkish women's knowledge concerning folic acid and prevention of birth defects

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Assessment of a bark scoring system for resin defects in mature radiata pine

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Assessment of a caudal external thoracic artery axial pattern flap for treatment of sternal cutaneous wounds in birds

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Assessment of a child mental health inpatient unit

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Assessment of a fruit extract (Sechium edule) on the labeling of blood elements with technetium-99m

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Assessment of a global climatology of oceanic dimethylsulfide (DMS) concentrations based on SeaWiFS imagery (1998-2001)

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Assessment of a metabolically active VAM infection by vital staining methods

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Assessment of a new synbiotic preparation in healthy volunteers: survival, persistence of probiotic strains and its effect on the indigenous flora

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Assessment of a new technique combining a viability test, whole-cell hybridization and laser-scanning cytometry for the direct counting of viable Enterobacteriaceae cells in drinking water

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Assessment of a new utero-tubal junction insemination device in the Mediterranean Italian water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) under field conditions

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Assessment of a platelet function analyser in horses: reference range and influence of a platelet aggregation inhibitor

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Assessment of a pyrogallol red technique for total protein measurement in the cerebrospinal fluid of dogs

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Assessment of a rapid antigen detection system for Trichomonas vaginalis infection

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Assessment of a semantic statistical approach to detecting land cover change using inconsistent data sets

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Assessment of a simplified method for counting leukocytic malaria pigment

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Assessment of a small sawdust gasification unit

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Assessment of a stochastic interpolation based parameter sampling scheme for efficient uncertainty analyses of hydrologic models

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Assessment of a sugarcane herbicidal plastic film in Cuba

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Assessment of a von Frey device for evaluation of the antinociceptive effects of morphine and its application in pharmacodynamic modeling of morphine in dogs

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Assessment of a wash treatment with warm chlorinated water to extend the shelf-life of ready-to-use lettuce

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Assessment of accuracy of geocoding of Basic Map of Croatia and digital orthophotographies

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Assessment of acid neutralizing capacity and potential mobilisation of trace metals from land-disposed dredged sediments

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Assessment of actual nutrition and immunological responsiveness in female students

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Assessment of acute and subchronic oral toxicity of ethanolic extract of Pothomorphe umbellata L. Miq (Pariparoba)

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Assessment of acute phase response in turkeys experimentally infected with Escherichia coli or haemorrhagic enteritis virus

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Assessment of cone-damaging insects in a Swedish spruce seed orchard and the efficacy of large-scale application of Bacillus thuringiensis variety aizawai x kurstaki against lepidopterans

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Assessment of contamination by percolation of septic tank effluent through natural and amended soils

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Assessment of contamination load on water, soil and sediment affected by the Kongjujeil mine drainage, Republic of Korea

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Assessment of continuous distribution of wood properties from a low number of samples: application to the variability of modulus of elasticity between trees and within a tree

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Assessment of copper levels in the soil and vegetation following repeated application of boareaux mixture to a cocoa plantation in South Eastern Nigeria

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Assessment of cotton as an alternative host plant for the brown citrus aphid, Toxoptera citricida (Homoptera: Aphididae)

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Assessment of cotton delayed cool injury by heat index and significance in Xinjiang

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Assessment of cows for use of a nonantimicrobial dry cow product

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Assessment of critical nitrogen loads on a pine forest ecosystem developed on sandy podzols

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Assessment of cropping and resistance of new hybrid cucumber's cultivars with limited fungal protection in Western Pomerania conditions

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Assessment of cross-flow filtration for the size fractionation of freshwater colloids and particles

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Assessment of current and proposed nature reserves of Mexico based on their capacity to protect geophysical features and biodiversity

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Assessment of current status of the urban forest in Baotou City

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Assessment of cyanide overload in cassava consuming populations of Nigeria and the cyanide content of some cassava based foods

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Assessment of cytochrome P450 sequences offers a useful tool for determining genetic diversity in higher plant species

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Assessment of damage caused by head blight in winter cereal crops in the 2000 season, in Passo Fundo county, RS

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Assessment of decay in standing timber using stress wave timing nondestructive evaluation tools - a guide for use and interpretation

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Assessment of degradation of 18 antibiotics in the Closed Bottle Test

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Assessment of degraded mattoral land using remote sensing imagery in Guadalteba Area, Spain

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Assessment of denitrification gaseous end-products in the soil profile under two water table management practices using repeated measures analysis

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Assessment of dermal exposure to pesticides under "pick your own" harvesting conditions

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Assessment of desiccation sensitivity of tea embryos for cryopreservation

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Assessment of determinants of severe malaria and mortality due to malaria

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Assessment of diagnostics and antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Brachyspira species using a ring test

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Assessment of diastolic function in Chagas disease with pulsed Doppler tissue imaging

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Assessment of diet of students from Orenburg region

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Assessment of dietary exposure to some persistent organic pollutants in the Republic of Karakalpakstan of Uzbekistan

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Assessment of dietary intake of flavouring substances within the procedure for their safety evaluation: advantages and limitations of estimates obtained by means of a per capita method

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Assessment of dietary vitamin D requirements during pregnancy and lactation

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Assessment of differences in ascomycete communities in the rhizosphere of field-grown wheat and potato

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Assessment of different irrigation management models in Vietnam

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Assessment of different methods for detection of mycoflora of sesamum

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Assessment of different soft tissues of the green-lipped mussel Perna viridis (Linnaeus) as biomonitoring agents of Pb: field and laboratory studies

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Assessment of digestive enzyme activities during larval development of white bream

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Assessment of disease and infection of lymphatic filariasis in Northeastern Cambodia

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Assessment of dithiocarbamates in raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) by gas chromatograph via head space