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Biological control of root-knot nematode infecting brinjal with Pasteuria penetrans

Mohanty, K.C.; Mahapatra, S.N.

Proceedings of National Symposium on Biodiversity and Management of Nematodes in Cropping Systems for Sustainable Agriculture, Jaipur, India, 11-13 November 2002: 133-134


Accession: 004057056

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An experiment was conducted to determine the efficacy of Pasteuria penetrans against Meloidogyne incognita infecting aubergine. The treatments comprised 1.25 litres neemark/m2; 0.3 g carbofuran/m2; 1x108 spores P. penetrans/g root powder; and untreated control. Carbofuran had the highest reduction in the number of galls, whereas P. penetrans caused approximately 58% reduction at the time of transplanting.

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