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Biological nitrogen fixation and nitrogen export of groundnut intercropped with rice cultivated in aerobic soil and its effect on soil nitrogen fertility

Chu GuiXin; Shen QiRong; Cao JinLiu; Mao ZeSheng; Zhong ZengTao; Zhao Long

Acta Pedologica Sinica 40(5): 717-723


Accession: 004057245

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With root partition method and 15N-isotope dilution method, field and pot experiments were conducted to examine the effects of intercropping of rice cultivated aerobic soil and groundnut on dry matter production. The study also investigated the nitrogen uptake, biological nitrogen fixation, and nitrogen transfer from groundnut to rice at three nitrogen level, namely 0, 225, and 300 kg N hm-2. Soil nitrogen fertility was also investigated under the new cultivation system.

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