Cane yield and juice quality of ratoon sugarcane as influenced by varieties, dates of planting, climatic parameters and harvesting

Nevase, V.B.; Thorat, S.T.; Dixit, A.J.; Chavan, S.A.; Powar, M.S.

Journal of Agrometeorology 6(Special Issue): 92-94


ISSN/ISBN: 0972-1665
Accession: 004063785

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A field experiment was conducted during 1994-95 in Maharashtra, India to investigate the effects of cultivars (Co-419 and Co-1163), climatic parameters and harvesting time (300 and 360 days after planting, DAP) on the cane yield and juice quality of sugarcane. The crops were planted on the 45th, 50th, 3rd, 8th, 13th and 18th meteorological weeks. Planting on the 45th meteorological week resulted in higher cane yield (56.58 t/ha), which was similar with the yield obtained when planting was on the 50th meteorological week. Co-1163 produced higher ratoon crop yield than Co-419. Harvesting of the ratoon crop at 300 DAP produced the highest cane yield. The purity percentage of sugarcane and the commercial cane yield was higher when both cultivars were planted in the 50th meteorological week.