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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 4072

Chapter 4072 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Constantinoiu, C.C.; Lillehoj, H.S.; Matsubayashi, M.; Tani, H.; Matsuda, H.; Sasai, K.; Baba, E., 2004:
Characterization of stage-specific and cross-reactive antigens from Eimeria acervulina by chicken monoclonal antibodies

Cummings, C.A.; Panciera, R.J.; Kocan, K.M.; Mathew, J.S.; Ewing, S.A., 2005:
Characterization of stages of Hepatozoon americanum and of parasitized canine host cells

Freitas, M.C.J.; Tavares, D. de Q., 2005:
Characterization of starch granules from bananas Musa AAA-Nanicao and Musa AAB-Terra

Carrin, M.E.; Ceci, L.N.; Lozano, J.E., 2004:
Characterization of starch in apple juice and its degradation by amylases

Senoura, T.; Isono, N.; Yoshikawa, M.; Asao, A.; Hamada, S.; Watanabe, K.; Ito, H.; Matsui, H., 2004:
Characterization of starch synthase I and II expressed in early developing seeds of kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Narpinder Singh; Sandhu, K.S.; Maninder Kaur, 2004:
Characterization of starches separated from Indian chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) cultivars

Santos, D.C.R.M.; Lisboa, J.S.; Passos, F.B.; Noronha, F.B., 2004:
Characterization of steam-reforming catalysts

Lee, S.T.; Stegelmeier, B.L.; Gardner, D.R.; Vogel, K.P., 2004:
Characterization of steroidal sapogenins in Panicum virgatum L. (Switchgrass)

Brown, M.W., 2003:
Characterization of stink bug (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) damage to mid- and late-season apples

Mott, D.; Biasioli, F.; Gasperi, F.; Aprea, E.; Marini, F.; Mark, T.D., 2004:
Characterization of strawberry genotypes by PTR-MS spectral fingerprinting

Ting, W.H., 2003:
Characterization of strength of in-situ soils

Okai, R.; Frimpong Mensah, K.; Yeboah, D., 2004:
Characterization of strength properties of branchwood and stemwood of some tropical hardwood species

Chadfield, M.S.; Christensen, J.P.; Christensen, H.; Bisgaard, M., 2005:
Characterization of streptococci and enterococci associated with septicaemia in broiler parents with a high prevalence of endocarditis

Numata, T.; Yoshino, M., 2005:
Characterization of stretch-activated calcium permeable cation channels in freshly isolated myocytes of the cricket (Gryllus bimaculatus) lateral oviduct

Bugai, D.; Kashparov, V.; Dewiere, L.; Khomutinin, Yu; Levchuk, S.; Yoschenko, V., 2005:
Characterization of subsurface geometry and radioactivity distribution in the trench containing Chernobyl clean-up wastes

Walgraffe, D.; Devaux, S.; Lecordier, L.; Dierick, J-François.; Dieu, M.; Van den Abbeele, J.; Pays, E.; Vanhamme, L., 2005:
Characterization of subunits of the RNA polymerase I complex in Trypanosoma brucei

Zhang YaoLin; Wan Hui; Zhang ShuYin, 2005:
Characterization of sugar maple wood-polymer composites: monomer retention and polymer retention

Schueneman, T.J., 2001:
Characterization of sulfur sources in the EAA

O.P.rkash; Malik, R.S.; Kuhad, M.S.; Narwal, R.P., 2003:
Characterization of sulphur in rice-wheat growing soils of Haryana

Hseu, S.H.; Shih, S.C.; Ding, P.F.; Lin, C.Y., 2004:
Characterization of sunflower bacterial leaf spot and its bacteriocide screening

Navhale, J.K.; Rathod, T.H.; Mohod, V.K.; Patil, B.N.; Deshmukh, D.G., 2004:
Characterization of sunflower genotypes by SDS-PAGE of soluble seed protein

Seger, C.; Römpp, H.; Sturm, S.; Haslinger, E.; Schmidt, P.C.; Hadacek, F., 2004:
Characterization of supercritical fluid extracts of St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum L.) by HPLC-MS and GC-MS

Sweat, J.M.; Johnson, C.M.; Marikar, Y.; Gibbs, E.P., 2005:
Characterization of surface interleukin-2 receptor expression on gated populations of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from manatees, Trichechus manatus latirostris

Sobczak, M.; Avrova, A.; Jupowicz, J.; Phillips, M.S.; Ernst, K.; Kumar, A., 2005:
Characterization of susceptibility and resistance responses to potato cyst nematode (Globodera spp.) infection of tomato lines in the absence and presence of the broad-spectrum nematode resistance Hero gene

Domingues, E.T.; Teofilo Sobrinho, J.; Pompeu Junior, J.; Figueiredo, J.O. de; Tulmann Neto, A., 2004:
Characterization of sweet orange varieties with different harvest season

Yempew, S.; Ellis, W.O.; Oduro, I.; Dziedzoave, N.T., 2001:
Characterization of sweet potato starch - the effect of cultivation time

Garcia, R.; Fernandez, M.; Perdomo, U.; Cuesta, M.; Zelgueira, O.; Ravelo, E., 2003:
Characterization of tablets with a high content of dietary fibre obtained from husks of soyabeans (Glycine max)

Neeraja, C.N.; Hariprasad, A.S.; Malathi, S.; Siddiq, E.A., 2005:
Characterization of tall landraces of rice (Oryza sativa L.) using gene-derived simple sequence repeats

Fan, Y.; Schal, C.; Vargo, E.L.; Bagnères, A-Geneviève., 2004:
Characterization of termite lipophorin and its involvement in hydrocarbon transport

Paterson, I.G.; Crispo, E.; Kinnison, M.T.; Hendry, A.P.; Bentzen, P., 2005:
Characterization of tetranucleotide microsatellite markers in guppy (Poecilia reticulata)

Toninato, L.; Bernava, M.; Cricco, J.; Brancadoro, L., 2005:
Characterization of the terroir at Vinci and Cerreto Guidi based on the response of Sangiovese

Osorio, C.R.; Collins, M.D.; Romalde, Jús.L.; Toranzo, A.E., 2004:
Characterization of the 23S and 5S rRNA genes and 23S-5S intergenic spacer region (ITS-2) of Photobacterium damselae

Shimizu, S.; Kobayashi, H.; Masai, E.; Fukuda, M., 2001:
Characterization of the 450-kb linear plasmid in a polychlorinated biphenyl degrader, Rhodococcus sp. strain RHA1

Kehren, V.; Baumann, A., 2005:
Characterization of the 5' regulatory region of the Drosophila Dmdop1 dopamine receptor-gene

Yoshida, K.; Ono, M.; Koishi, R.; Furukawa, H., 2004:
Characterization of the 5' regulatory region of the mouse angiopoietin-like protein 4

Espinha, L.M.; Gaspar, J.O.; Ward, R.J.; Ruller, R.; Camargo, L.E.A., 2004:
Characterization of the 5'-terminal region of a Brazilian isolate of Southern bean mosaic virus

Ito, S.; Matsushika, A.; Yamada, H.; Sato, S.; Kato, T.; Tabata, S.; Yamashino, T.; Mizuno, T., 2003:
Characterization of the APRR9 pseudo-response regulator belonging to the APRR1/TOC1 quintet in Arabidopsis thaliana

Sengupta, T.; Mukherjee, M.; Das, A.; Mandal, C.; Das, R.; Mukherjee, T.; Majumder, H.K., 2005:
Characterization of the ATPase activity of topoisomerase II from Leishmania donovani and identification of residues conferring resistance to etoposide

Kim, J.Hak.; Durrett, T.P.; Last, R.L.; Jander, G., 2004:
Characterization of the Arabidopsis TU8 glucosinolate mutation, an allele of TERMINAL FLOWER2

Guevara-García, A.; San Román, C.; Arroyo, A.; Cortés, Mía.Elena.; de la Luz Gutiérrez-Nava, Mía.; León, P., 2005:
Characterization of the Arabidopsis clb6 mutant illustrates the importance of posttranscriptional regulation of the methyl-D-erythritol 4-phosphate pathway

Gaspar, Y.Maria.; Nam, J.; Schultz, C.Jane.; Lee, L-Ying.; Gilson, P.R.; Gelvin, S.B.; Bacic, A., 2004:
Characterization of the Arabidopsis lysine-rich arabinogalactan-protein AtAGP17 mutant (rat1) that results in a decreased efficiency of agrobacterium transformation

Landrieu, I.; Hassan, S.; Sauty, M.; Dewitte, Fédérique.; Wieruszeski, J-Michel.; Inzé, D.; De Veylder, L.; Lippens, G., 2004:
Characterization of the Arabidopsis thaliana Arath;CDC25 dual-specificity tyrosine phosphatase

Gaona, G.N.nez, C.G.ldberg, J.; Linford, A.; Najera, R.C.staneda, M.G.zman, J.E.pin, G.S.beron-Chavez, G., 2004:
Characterization of the Azotobacter vinelandii algC gene involved in alginate and lipopolysaccharide production

Teixeira, L.; Marques, A.; Meireles, C.Sofia.; Seabra, A.Rita.; Rodrigues, D.; Madureira, P.; Faustino, A.M.R.; Silva, C.; Ribeiro, Aília.; Ferreira, P.; Correia da Costa, Jé.Manuel.; Canada, N.; Vilanova, M., 2005:
Characterization of the B-cell immune response elicited in BALB/c mice challenged with Neospora caninum tachyzoites

Hannier, S.; Liversidge, J.; Sternberg, J.M.; Bowman, A.S., 2004:
Characterization of the B-cell inhibitory protein factor in Ixodes ricinus tick saliva: a potential role in enhanced Borrelia burgdoferi transmission

Alvarez, E.; Zhou, W.; Witta, S.E.; Freed, C.R., 2005:
Characterization of the Bex gene family in humans, mice, and rats

Sun, Y.; Fokar, M.; Asami, T.; Yoshida, S.; Allen, R.D., 2004:
Characterization of the brassinosteroid insensitive 1 genes of cotton

McKillop, A.M.; O'Hare, M.M.T.; Craig, J.S.; Halliday, H.L., 2004:
Characterization of the C-terminal region of molecular forms of human milk bile salt-stimulated lipase

Simala-Grant, J.L.; Lam, E.; Keelan, M.; Taylor, D.E., 2004:
Characterization of the DNA adenine 5'-GATC-3' methylase HpyIIIM from Helicobacter pylori

Sengupta, T.; Mukherjee, M.; Das, R.; Das, A.; Majumder, H.K., 2005:
Characterization of the DNA-binding domain and identification of the active site residue in the 'Gyr A' half of Leishmania donovani topoisomerase II

Zhao, Z.; Date, T.; Li, Y.; Kato, T.; Miyamoto, M.; Yasui, K.; Wakita, T., 2005:
Characterization of the E-138 (Glu/Lys) mutation in Japanese encephalitis virus by using a stable, full-length, infectious cDNA clone

Choi, E-Sil.; Chung, H-Jong.; Kim, M-Ju.; Park, S-Moon.; Cha, B-Jin.; Yang, M-Sik.; Kim, D-Hyuk., 2005:
Characterization of the ERK homologue CpMK2 from the chestnut blight fungus Cryphonectria parasitica

Means, R.E., 2004:
Characterization of the Herpesvirus saimiri Orf51 protein

Mruk, I.; Cichowicz, M.; Kaczorowski, T., 2003:
Characterization of the LlaCI methyltransferase from Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris W15 provides new insights into the biology of type II restriction-modification systems

Morelle, W.; Jimenez, J-Carlos.; Cieniewski-Bernard, C.; Dei-Cas, E.; Michalski, J-Claude., 2004:
Characterization of the N-linked glycans of Giardia intestinalis

Rodriguez Conde, M.F.; Moreno, M.T.; Cubero, J.I.; Rubiales, D., 2004:
Characterization of the Orobanche-Medicago truncatula association for studying early stages of the parasite-host interaction

Chikhi, A.; Boujenane, I., 2003:
Characterization of the Sardi sheep breed in Morocco

Hoffmann, K.F.; Dunne, D.W., 2004:
Characterization of the Schistosoma transcriptome opens up the world of helminth genomics

Glaspole, I.N.; de Leon, M.P.; Rolland, J.M.; O'Hehir, R.E., 2004:
Characterization of the T-cell epitopes of a major peanut allergen, Ara h 2

Cozar, A.; Bracchini, L.; Dattilo, A.; Loiselle, S.; Azza, N., 2004:
Characterization of the Ugandan inshore waters of Lake Victoria based on temperature-conductivity diagrams

Roden, J.; Eardley, L.; Hotson, A.; Cao, Y.; Mudgett, M.Beth., 2004:
Characterization of the Xanthomonas AvrXv4 effector, a SUMO protease translocated into plant cells

Braun, S.G.; Meyer, A.; Holst, O.; Pühler, A.; Niehaus, K., 2005:
Characterization of the Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris lipopolysaccharide substructures essential for elicitation of an oxidative burst in tobacco cells

Schmidt, V.; Santin, K.; Cardoso, M.R. de I., 2003:
Characterization of the aerobic mesophilic bacterial flora isolated from a stabilization ponds system processing pig slurry

Moinard, C.; Neveux, N.; Royo, N.; Genthon, C.; Marchand-Verrecchia, C.; Plotkine, M.; Cynober, L., 2005:
Characterization of the alteration of nutritional state in brain injury induced by fluid percussion in rats

Kim, D.S.; Lee, I.S.; Jang, C.S.; Kang, S-Y.; Seo, Y.W., 2005:
Characterization of the altered anthranilate synthase in 5-methyltryptophan-resistant rice mutants

Chik Zamri; Vallejo Luis, E., 2005:
Characterization of the angle of repose of binary granular materials

Dugo, P.; Mondello, L.; Morabito, D.; Dugo, G., 2003:
Characterization of the anthocyanin fraction of sicilian blood orange juice by micro-HPLC-ESI/MS

Luximon Ramma, A.; Bahorun, T.; Crozier, A.; Zbarsky, V.; Datla, K.P.; Dexter, D.T.; Aruoma, O.I., 2005:
Characterization of the antioxidant functions of flavonoids and proanthocyanidins in Mauritian black teas

Lu, S-En.; Soule, J.D.; Gross, D.C., 2003:
Characterization of the argA gene required for arginine biosynthesis and syringomycin production by Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae

Wu, Y.; Cadwallader, K., 2002:
Characterization of the aroma of a meatlike process flavoring from soybean-based enzyme-hydrolyzed vegetable protein

Jordan, M.J.; Goodner, K.L.; Shaw, P.E., 2002:
Characterization of the aromatic profile in aqueous essence and fruit juice of yellow passion fruit (Passiflora edulis Sims F. Flavicarpa degner) by GC-MS and GC/O

Lopes, P.S.N.; Souza, J.C. de; Reis, P.R.; Oliveira, J.M.; Rocha, I.D.F., 2003:
Characterization of the attack of the pequi fruit borer

Katsuma, S.; Shimada, T.; Kobayashi, M., 2004:
Characterization of the baculovirus Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus gene homologous to the mammalian FGF gene family

Nicolini, G.; Larcher, R.; Bontempo, L., 2003:
Characterization of the basic composition and the content of micro- and trace-elements in classic methods Italian sparkling wines

Henao, D.; Carrillo, L.M.; Olivera Angel, M., 2004:
Characterization of the behaviour during the oestrus and follicular dynamics during the oestrus cycle of BON cattle (Colombian Criollo)

Jeter, C.; Matthysse, A.G., 2005:
Characterization of the binding of diarrheagenic strains of E. coli to plant surfaces and the role of curli in the interaction of the bacteria with alfalfa sprouts

Brydl, E.; Jurkovich, V.; Konyves, L.; Kutasi, J., 2005:
Characterization of the biological activity of viable yeast on the basis of oxygen consumption in the ruminal fluid

Sapp, M.; Ertunç, T.; Bringmann, I.; Schäffer, A.; Schmidt, B., 2004:
Characterization of the bound residues of the fungicide cyprodinil formed in plant cell suspension cultures of wheat

Bannerman, D.D.; Paape, M.J.; Hare, W.R.; Hope, J.C., 2004:
Characterization of the bovine innate immune response to intramammary infection with Klebsiella pneumoniae

Ferrari, R.A.; Colussi, F.; Ayub, R.A., 2004:
Characterization of the byproducts of passion fruit

Stabej, P.; Imholz, S.; Versteeg, S.A.; Zijlstra, C.; Stokhof, A.A.; Domanjko-Petric, A.; Leegwater, P.A.J.; van Oost, B.A., 2004:
Characterization of the canine desmin (DES) gene and evaluation as a candidate gene for dilated cardiomyopathy in the Dobermann

Tsuchida, K.; Jouni, Z.E.; Gardetto, J.; Kobayashi, Y.; Tabunoki, H.; Azuma, M.; Sugiyama, H.; Takada, N.; Maekawa, H.; Banno, Y.; Fujii, H.; Iwano, H.; Wells, M.A., 2004:
Characterization of the carotenoid-binding protein of the Y-gene dominant mutants of Bombyx mori

Aydin, H.Hakan.; Celik, H.Ak.; Deveci, R.; Terzioglu, E.; Karacali, S.; Mete, N.; Akarca, U.; Batur, Yücel., 2003:
Characterization of the cellular response during apoptosis induction in cadmium-treated Hep G2 human hepatoma cells

Galindo, J.; Marrero, Y.; Gonzalez, N.; Aldama, A.I., 2004:
Characterization of the cellulolytic activity in filtered rumen liquid

Rosario Ortiz, F.L.; Kozawa, K.; A.S.marrai, H.N.; Gerringer, F.W.; Gabelich, C.J.; Suffet, I.H., 2004:
Characterization of the changes in polarity of natural organic matter using solid-phase extraction: introducing the NOM polarity rapid assessment method (NOM-PRAM)

Rogers, S.L.; Göbel, T.W.; Viertlboeck, B.C.; Milne, S.; Beck, S.; Kaufman, J., 2005:
Characterization of the chicken C-type lectin-like receptors B-NK and B-lec suggests that the NK complex and the MHC share a common ancestral region

Biagini, G.A.; Pasini, E.M.; Hughes, R.; De Koning, H.P.; Vial, H.J.; O'Neill, P.M.; Ward, S.A.; Bray, P.G., 2004:
Characterization of the choline carrier of Plasmodium falciparum: a route for the selective delivery of novel antimalarial drugs

Levy, A.M.; Izumiya, Y.; Brunovskis, P.; Xia, L.; Parcells, M.S.; Reddy, S.M.; Lee, L.; Chen, H-Wu.; Kung, H-Jien., 2003:
Characterization of the chromosomal binding sites and dimerization partners of the viral oncoprotein Meq in Marek's disease virus-transformed T cells

Cunnac, Sébastien.; Boucher, C.; Genin, Séphane., 2004:
Characterization of the cis-acting regulatory element controlling HrpB-mediated activation of the type III secretion system and effector genes in Ralstonia solanacearum

Lee, J.A.; Drobatz, K.J., 2003:
Characterization of the clinical characteristics, electrolytes, acid-base, and renal parameters in male cats with urethral obstruction

Moreira, A.E.; Gaspar, J.O.; Camargo, L.E.A.; Kuniyuki, H., 2004:
Characterization of the coat protein gene of Grapevine virus A from Kober stem grooving-affected grapevines in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Moreira, A.E.; Gaspar, J.O.; Camargo, L.E.A.; Kuniyuki, H., 2004:
Characterization of the coat protein gene of two isolates, pathologically distinct and serologically similar, of Grapevine virus B in corky bark-affected grapevines in Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Jackels, S.C.; Jackels, C.F., 2005:
Characterization of the coffee mucilage fermentation process using chemical indicators: a field study in Nicaragua

Peng, Z-Song.; Yang, J.; Wei, S-Hong.; Zeng, J-Hong., 2004:
Characterization of the common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) mutation line producing three pistils in a floret

D'Ovidio, R.; Raiola, A.; Capodicasa, C.; Devoto, A.; Pontiggia, D.; Roberti, S.; Galletti, R.; Conti, E.; O'Sullivan, D.; De Lorenzo, G., 2004:
Characterization of the complex locus of bean encoding polygalacturonase-inhibiting proteins reveals subfunctionalization for defense against fungi and insects

Bulleit, W.; Chapman, R., 2004:
Characterization of the correlation structure of lumber strength properties

Haukenes, A.; Barton, B., 2004:
Characterization of the cortisol response following an acute challenge with lipopolysaccharide in yellow perch and the influence of rearing density

Dias, H.; Soza, E.; Genova, L.; Landini, A., 2004:
Characterization of the cumulative infiltration and infiltration rate front different tillage system

Attalla, F.A.; Shweil, S.F.; Eweis, M.A., 2002:
Characterization of the delta-endotoxin proteins and bioassay of the bioinsecticide Agerin

Smith, L.J.; Jones, R.M.; Gunsteren, W.F. van, 2005:
Characterization of the denaturation of human alpha -lactalbumin in urea by molecular dynamics simulations

Colman, J.R.; Dechraoui, M-Yasmine.Bottein.; Dickey, R.W.; Ramsdell, J.S., 2004:
Characterization of the developmental toxicity of Caribbean ciguatoxins in finfish embryos

Rademaker, J.L.W.; Louws, F.J.; Versalovic, J.; Bruijn, F.J. de, 2004:
Characterization of the diversity of ecologically important microbes by rep-PCR genomic fingerprinting

Moreno, I.; Rios, H.; Miranda, S.; Acosta, R.; Alanis, V.; Fernandez, L., 2003:
Characterization of the diversity of two rice growing cooperatives in Cuenca del Papaloapan, Mexico

Rogers, K.A.; Titus, R.G., 2004:
Characterization of the early cellular immune response to Leishmania major using peripheral blood mononuclear cells from Leishmania-naive humans

Marcone, M.F., 2005:
Characterization of the edible bird's nest the Caviar of the East

Sprando, R.L.; Collins, T.F.X.; Black, T.N.; Olejnik, N.; Rorie, J.I.; Eppley, R.M.; Ruggles, D.I., 2005:
Characterization of the effect of deoxynivalenol on selected male reproductive endpoints

Hamzah, J.; Davis, T.M.E.; Skinner-Adams, T.S.; Beilby, J., 2004:
Characterization of the effect of retinol on Plasmodium falciparum in vitro

Mccue, P.L.n, Y.; Labbe, R.; Shetty, K., 2005:
Characterization of the effect of sprouting or solid-state bioprocessing by dietary fungus on the antibacterial activity of soybean extracts against Listeria monocytogenes

Sedlak, M.; Ho, N.W.Y., 2004:
Characterization of the effectiveness of hexose transporters for transporting xylose during glucose and xylose co-fermentation by a recombinant Saccharomyces yeast

Mittal, G.S., 2004:
Characterization of the effluent wastewater from abattoirs for land application

Morris, C.F.; Campbell, K.G.; King, G.E., 2004:
Characterization of the end-use quality of soft wheat cultivars from the eastern and western US germplasm 'pools'

Maccarrone, M.; Barboni, B.; Paradisi, A.; Bernabò, N.; Gasperi, V.; Pistilli, M.Gabriella.; Fezza, F.; Lucidi, P.; Mattioli, M., 2005:
Characterization of the endocannabinoid system in boar spermatozoa and implications for sperm capacitation and acrosome reaction

Goshev, I.; Gousterova, A.; Vasileva Tonkova, E.; Nedkov, P., 2005:
Characterization of the enzyme complexes produced by two newly isolated thermophylic actinomycete strains during growth on collagen-rich materials

Vermeirssen, E.L.M.; Burki, R.; Joris, C.; Peter, A.; Segner, H.; Suter, M.J.F.; Burkhardt Holm, P., 2005:
Characterization of the estrogenicity of Swiss midland rivers using a recombinant yeast bioassay and plasma vitellogenin concentrations in feral male brown trout

Garoosi, G.Ali.; Salter, M.G.; Caddick, M.X.; Tomsett, A.Brian., 2005:
Characterization of the ethanol-inducible alc gene expression system in tomato

Rupa Upadhyay; Gulshan Lal; Ram, H.H., 2004:
Characterization of the evaluation environments and the performance of tomato genotypes

Steichen, C.T.; Kearney, J.F.; Turnbough, C.L., 2005:
Characterization of the exosporium basal layer protein BxpB of Bacillus anthracis

Izawa, S.; Takemura, R.; Miki, T.; Inoue, Y., 2005:
Characterization of the export of bulk poly(A)+ mRNA in Saccharomyces cerevisiae during the wine-making process

Chauvin, T.R.; Griswold, M.D., 2003:
Characterization of the expression and regulation of genes necessary for myo-inositol biosynthesis and transport in the seminiferous epithelium

Gosalbes, M.J.; Zacarias, L.; Lafuente, M.T., 2004:
Characterization of the expression of an oxygenase involved in chilling-induced damage in citrus fruit

Gutte, R.; Lourenco, P.; Esteves, M.P.; Girio, F.; Empis, J., 2004:
Characterization of the fiber-rich fraction from white lupin seeds

Lorenzo-Díaz, Fán.; Delgado, T.; Reyes-Darias, Jé.A.; Flores, C.; Méndez-Alvarez, Sán.; Villar, Jús.; Sierra, A.; Claverie-Martín, Félix., 2004:
Characterization of the first VanB vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium isolated in a Spanish hospital

Rodrigues, A.M.; Pita, G.P.A., 2003:
Characterization of the flow and atmospheric flux of latent heat from a cork oak stand

Lee, K.N.; Padmalayam, I.; Baumstark, B.; Baker, S.L.; Massung, R.F., 2003:
Characterization of the ftsZ gene from Ehrlichia chaffeensis, Anaplasma phagocytophilum, and Rickettsia rickettsii, and use as a differential PCR target

Lenzi, M.; Orth, A.I., 2004:
Characterization of the functional reproductive system of the pink-pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi), in Florianopolis, SC, Brazil

Kimbara, J.; Endo, T.R.; Nasuda, S., 2004:
Characterization of the genes encoding for MAD2 homologues in wheat

Terauchi, K.; Asakura, T.; Nishizawa, N.K.; Matsumoto, I.; Abe, K., 2004:
Characterization of the genes for two soybean aspartic proteinases and analysis of their different tissue-dependent expression

Lindroos, H.L.; Mira, A.; Repsilber, D.; Vinnere, O.; Näslund, K.; Dehio, M.; Dehio, C.; Andersson, S.G.E., 2005:
Characterization of the genome composition of Bartonella koehlerae by microarray comparative genomic hybridization profiling

Pimenta, A.F.; Levitt, P., 2004:
Characterization of the genomic structure of the mouse limbic system-associated membrane protein (Lsamp) gene

Guan, J-Chou.; Jinn, T-Luo.; Yeh, C-Hui.; Feng, S-Pin.; Chen, Y-Ming.; Lin, C-Yung., 2005:
Characterization of the genomic structures and selective expression profiles of nine class I small heat shock protein genes clustered on two chromosomes in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Yang ShuHui; Shieh GuangJauh; W.S.uTu, 2003:
Characterization of the germination response to temperature of Tainan-White maize populations

Akoachere, M.; Iozef, R.; Rahlfs, S.; Deponte, M.; Mannervik, B.; Creighton, D.J.; Schirmer, H.; Becker, K., 2005:
Characterization of the glyoxalases of the malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparum and comparison with their human counterparts

Ventura, M.; Canchaya, C.; Zink, R.; Fitzgerald, G.F.; van Sinderen, D., 2004:
Characterization of the groEL and groES loci in Bifidobacterium breve UCC 2003: genetic, transcriptional, and phylogenetic analyses

Palacio, H.A. de Q.; Carneiro Neto, J.A.; Teixeira, A. dos S.; Andrade, E.M. de, 2004:
Characterization of the groundwater availability in the Trussu Valley-CE

Medeiros, J.F. de; Lisboa, R. de A.; Oliveira, M. de; Silva Junior, M.J. da; Alves, L.P., 2003:
Characterization of the groundwater used for irrigation in the melon producing area of the Apodi Plateau

Herrera, M.J.W.; Aristizabal, L.M., 2003:
Characterization of the growth and production of some plantain hybrids and cultivars in Colombia

Zhang, H.M.; Primak, A.; Cape, J.; Bowman, M.K.; Kramer, D.M.; Cramer, W.A., 2004:
Characterization of the high-spin heme x in the cytochrome b6f complex of oxygenic photosynthesis

Wagner, B.; Greiser-Wilke, I.; Antczak, D.F., 2003:
Characterization of the horse (Equus caballus) IGHA gene

Sugio, A.; Yang, B.; White, F.F., 2005:
Characterization of the hrpF pathogenicity peninsula of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae

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Characterization of the two arginine decarboxylase (polyamine biosynthesis) paralogues of the endemic subantarctic cruciferous species Pringlea antiscorbutica and analysis of their differential expression during development and response to environmental stress

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Characterization of the type I secretion system of the RTX toxin ApxII in "Actinobacillus porcitonsillarum"

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Characterization of the vacuome of giant cells induced by Meloidogyne species in roots of rubber tree 'RRIM 600'

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Characterization of the variability of the daily course of leaf water potential in the dominant shrub species within Sahelian fallows in south-west Niger

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Characterization of the water rights market in irrigation districts

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Characterization of thermal power station fly-ash with relevant to plant nutrients availability

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Characterization of thermal time requirement of five wheat cultivars under varied weather conditions

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Characterization of thermally assisted hydrolysis and methylation products of polyphenols from modern and archaeological vine derivatives using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

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Characterization of three GnRH cDNA sequences in the pejerrey fish Odontesthes bonariensis

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Characterization of three Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus phages and the physicochemical analysis of phage adsorption

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Characterization of thymic atrophy and the mechanism of thymocyte depletion after in vivo exposure to a mixture of herbicides

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Characterization of trace metal leachability from highway construction solid waste using the toxicity characteristic leaching procedure

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Characterization of transcriptional oscillation of an Arabidopsis homolog of PnC401 related to photoperiodic induction of flowering in Pharbitis nil

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Characterization of transcriptional regulatory genes for biphenyl degradation in Rhodococcus sp. strain RHA1

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Characterization of transferable tetracycline resistance genes in Enterococcus faecalis isolated from raw food

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Characterization of transgenic Arabidopsis plants overexpressing GR-RBP4 under high salinity, dehydration, or cold stress

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Characterization of transgenic Trifolium subterraneum L. which expresses phyA and releases extracellular phytase: growth and P nutrition in laboratory media and soil

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Characterization of translocation of rye strains with Dasypyrum villosum (Crimea, Ukraine)

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Characterization of transmissible gastroenteritis virus proliferation in ST cell

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Characterization of transplastomic tobacco plants with a plastid localized barley 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase

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Characterization of treatment processes and mechanisms of COD, phosphorus and nitrogen removal in a multi-soil-layering system

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Characterization of tree architecture in two-year-old apple seedling populations of different progenies with a common columnar gene parent

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Characterization of triacylglycerols from overwintering prepupae of the alfalfa pollinator Megachile rotundata (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)

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