Chemical composition of cypress essential oils: volatile constituents of leaf oils from seven cultivated Cupressus species

Pierre Leandri, C.; Fernandez, X.; Lizzani Cuvelier, L.; Loiseau, A.M.; Fellous, R.; Garnero, J.; Andreoli, C.

Journal of Essential Oil Research 15(4): 242-247


ISSN/ISBN: 1041-2905
DOI: 10.1080/10412905.2003.9712130
Accession: 004072014

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Essential oils from leaves of cypress cultivated in France that originated from various geographic origins were analyzed by GC/MS. In total 120 constituents were characterized, from which 46, 57, 52, 57, 59, 67, and 58 compounds were found in the oils of Cupressus atlantica Gaussen, C. cashmeriana Royle, C. chengiana Hu, C. duclouxiana Hickel, C. funebris Endl., C. guadalupensis S. Wats. and C. macnabiana A. Murr., respectively. The main components of the oils were found to be: alpha-pinene and delta-3 carene for C. atlantica Gaussen; alpha-pinene and sabinene for C. cashmeriana Royle, C. chengiana Hu and C. funebris Endl.; alpha-pinene and alpha-cadinol for C. macnabiana A. Murr; alpha-pinene, terpinen-4-ol and a sesquiterpene for C. guadalupensis S. Wats; limonene and alpha-cadinol for C. duclouxiana Hickel.