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Chemotherapy of malignant lymphoma in dogs. Results and experiences with the Hofheim-protocol in 57 cases

Kessler, M.; Kandel, B.

Kleintierpraxis 49(6): 349-358


ISSN/ISBN: 0023-2076
Accession: 004072804

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In this study, efficacy, survival times and side effects of a new poly-chemotherapy protocol (Hofheim protocol) were evaluated in 57 dogs (Germany). 40 of the 57 dogs were pure breed and the average body weight was 31 kg (range 8 to 65 kg) where large and medium size dogs were over represented. Age at time of diagnosis averaged 8.1 years (range 3 to 14 years). 35 (61%) dogs were male and 22 (39%) female. Average and median survival times of all patients were 15.3 and 14 months, respectively. 33 of the 57 dogs (57%) lived longer than 1 year, 40% (n=23) longer than 1.5 years, and 26% (n=15) longer than 2 years. 32 of the 57 patients experienced a tumour relapse after an average time period of 6.7 months. 18 of these (56%) had their relapse during the first 6 months of therapy, 8 (25%) after 6-12 months, and 6 (19%) during the second year after initiation of therapy. 31 of the 57 patients (54%) had one or more episodes of side effects. The most common side effects were gastrointestinal disturbances (53 episodes), followed by (haemorrhagic) cystitis after administration of cyclophosphamide (10 episodes) and severe leukopenia/sepsis (5 times). Most side effects were self limiting or improved after symptomatic therapy. In 5 patients with gastrointestinal side effects and 2 cases of sepsis, hospitalization was necessary. The Hofheim protocol for canine lymphoma was considered safe and effective. Survival times achieved with this protocol were similar or better compared to data from established protocols from the literature.

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