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Comparison of the pesticide coverage achieved in a trellised vineyard by a prototype tunnel sprayer, a hydraulic sprayer, an air-assisted sprayer and a pneumatic sprayer

Porras Soriano, A.; Porras Soriano, M.L.; Porras Piedra, A.; Soriano Martin, M.L.

Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 3(2): 175-181


ISSN/ISBN: 1695-971X
Accession: 004083401

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Spraying is the main method used to apply pesticides to trellised vines in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. If the efficiency of spray applications is to be improved, the amount of pesticide employed is to be reduced, and the performance of existing and new spray technology enhanced, the leaf coverage achieved must be known and a system developed that can rapidly determine it.

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