Section 5
Chapter 4,085

Complete resolution of pulmonary Rhizopus oryzae infection with itraconazole treatment: more evidence of the utility of azoles for zygomycosis

Eisen, D.P.; Robson, J.

Mycoses 47(3-4): 159-162


ISSN/ISBN: 0933-7407
PMID: 15078434
DOI: 10.1111/j.1439-0507.2004.00959.x
Accession: 004084354

Zygomycosis often requires aggressive surgical and antifungal therapy. We report a non-neutropenic patient with myelodysplastic syndrome and iron overload receiving cytotoxic therapy, who presented with pulmonary Rhizopus oryzae infection. This patient was treated with itraconazole alone.

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