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Chapter 4,085

Complex control of codling moth (Cydia pomonella) and oriental peach moth (Cydia molesta) in apple orchards with the programme of the company Karsia Dutovlje d.o.o

Kos, A.; Majcen, D.; Sirca, M.

Zbornik referatov 1 Slovenskega sadjarskega kongresa z mednarodno udelezbo, Krsko, Slovenia, 24-26 marec 2004 Del 2: 489-496


Accession: 004084393

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Chemicals suitable for use in integrated pest control (IPC) programmes in apple orchards produced by the Slovenian company Karsia Dutovlje d.o.o. include Mimic (active ingredient tebufenozide), Runner 240 SC (methoxyfenozide), Pyrinex 25 CS (microencapsulated chlorpyrifos-ethyl), Rimon 10 EC (nuvaluron), Diazol 50 EW (diazinon) and Ecodian Star (pheromone mating disruptor). All except Mimic and Diazol 50 EW are in the process of being registered for use in IPC programmes in Slovenia.

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