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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 4088

Chapter 4088 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

F.X.aoPing; Kong BaoHua; Sun YaoXian; Wang ChongDe; Chen HaiRu, 2004:
Construction of expert system for diagnose and control of main flower disease and pests in Kunming District

Jin SongHeng; Weng XiaoYan; Wang NiYan; L.X.eQin; Mao WeiHua; Jiang DeAn, 2004:
Construction of expression vector with antisense Rubisco activase gene and its genetic transformation in rice

Yang GuiXiang; Peng XianFeng; Zeng ZhenLing; Chen ZhangLiu, 2005:
Construction of expression vectors for detection of beta -estradiol

Chen ZhaoJiu; Qiu XiaoHui; Zhang ShuGen, 2004:
Construction of farm commodity base - taking Gao'an City as an example

Amon, J.P.; Jacobson, C.S.; Shelley, M.L., 2005:
Construction of fens with and without hydric soils

Gao Jian; X.X.aoFeng; W.H.iLing; Chen XuePing; Zhou JiaHao, 2004:
Construction of full-length cDNA library from a native tobacco germplasm and its quality analysis

Dong HaiBin; Guan RongZhan; Jiang ShuHui; Zhang HongSheng, 2005:
Construction of full-length cDNA library of Descurainia sophia silique

Liu GuangQing; Liu ZaiXin; Xie QingGe, 2004:
Construction of full-length cDNA of foot-and-mouth disease virus OH99 strain

Chen XiaoYun; Yang HanChun; Guo Xin, 2005:
Construction of full-length cDNA of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus BJ-4 strain

Xu, J.; Hu, X.C.u; Ying, K.; Wu, Z.D.o; Chen, S.Y.; Xie, Y.; Yu, X.B.ng, 2004:
Construction of full-length gene expression library of Clonorchis sinensis adults and establishment of the gene expression pattern

Reverter, A.; Barris, W.; Moreno Sanchez, N.; McWilliam, S.; Wang, Y.H.; Harper, G.S.; Lehnert, S.A.; Dalrymple, B.P., 2005:
Construction of gene interaction and regulatory networks in bovine skeletal muscle from expression data

Zhou BaoLiang; Chen Song; Shen XinLian; Zhang XiangGui; Zhang ZhenLin, 2003:
Construction of gene pools with superior fiber properties in upland cotton through interspecific hybridization between Gossypium hirsutum and Gossypium wild species

Wang YanLi; Kaye, C.; Bordat, A.; Adreit, H.; Millazzo, J.; Zheng XiaoBo; Shen Ying; Tharreau, D., 2005:
Construction of genetic linkage map and location of avirulence genes from cross CH63 and TH16 of Magnaporthe grisea

Ibrahim, S.A.; Neverty, F.G.; Amal, M.H.; Hemat, E.S.A., 2000:
Construction of genetically modified yeast strains able to produce amylase

Yang LiangLiang; Sun XiaoWen, 2004:
Construction of genomic DNA library of the mirror carp

Ando, T.; Yamashiro, T.; Takita Sonoda, Y.; Mannen, K.; Nishizono, A., 2005:
Construction of human Fab library and isolation of monoclonal Fabs with rabies virus-neutralizing ability

Huang Ying; Jia LiLi; Sun ZhiWei; Wang ZhiWei; Y.W.iYuan; Y.Y.ngXin, 2003:
Construction of infectious Japanese encephalitis virus cDNA clones and acquirement of recovered virus

Yamanaka, S.; Ikeda, S.; Imai, A.; Luan YuShi; Watanabe, J.A.; Watanabe, K.N., 2005:
Construction of integrated genetic map between various existing DNA markers and newly developed P450-related PBA markers in diploid potato (Solanum tuberosum)

Zhang AiXiang; J.J.ng; Wang Gang; Zhang YanZhen, 2005:
Construction of leaf cDNA library of Lycium barbarum

Kim GyooBum; Lee JinYong; Lee KangKun, 2004:
Construction of lineament maps related to groundwater occurrence with ArcView and AvenueTM scripts

Shojaeiyan, A.; Ghareyazie, B.; Arzani, K.; Rahimiyan, H.; Lelley, T.; Pitrat, M., 2004:
Construction of linkage map in Iranian melon (Cucumis melo L.) using RAPD markers

Wang YiLei; Zhang ZiPing; Dai Jun; Zou ZhiHua; Wang ShuHong, 2004:
Construction of liver full length cDNA libraries of abalone Haliotis diversicolor infected with Vibrio parahaemolyticus for 12 and 24 hours

Gao YuShi; L.H.iFang; Chen GuoHong; T.Y.nJie; Wang KeHua; Chen KuanWei, 2005:
Construction of microsatellite DNA fingerprinting and analysis of genetic diversity of native chicken breeds

Yang, T-ting.; He, S-yi.; Jiang, H.; Gu, Q-min.; Cong, H.; Zhou, H-yu.; Zhang, J-qin.; Li, Y.; Zhao, Q-li., 2005:
Construction of monovalent and compound nucleic acid vaccines against Toxoplasma gondii with gene encoding p30

Wang XiaoTing; Zhu YinChang; Guan XiaoHong; S.J.n; Zhao Song; Harn, D.A.; Yin XuRen; H.W.i; Liang YouSheng; X.M.ng, 2005:
Construction of multivalent DNA vaccine of Schistosoma japonicum and its identification

Li, M.; Qian, W.; Meng, J.; Li, Z., 2004:
Construction of novel Brassica napus genotypes through chromosomal substitution and elimination using interploid species hybridization

Gao ShiTong; W.S.aoTing; Long CaiHong; Zhang HongLi; S.S.n; Huang DaNa, 2004:
Construction of pVAX1-SAG2 plasmid encoding the SAG2 protein of Toxoplasma gondii and the immune responses induced in mice

W.L.Min; Jiang QianTao; L.Q.n; Wei YuMing; Zheng YouLiang, 2005:
Construction of plant LMW-GS16 expression vector

Y.X.aoLin; Cao JiaShu, 2004:
Construction of plant expression plasmid vector containning the antisense gene CYP86MF and its application in the transformation of Chinese cabbage-pak-choi

Wang XianYan; Shan XiaoYi; Yang AiFang; Zhang JuRen, 2003:
Construction of plant expression vector and analysis of herbicide-resistance and salt-tolerance of transgenic tobacco

Zhou QingFeng; Cao YongChang; M.J.ngYun; Zhang HuiHua; B.Y.ngZou, 2005:
Construction of plant expression vector of VP2 gene of infectious bursal disease virus

Zheng Yun; L.H.aPing; Xiao HuoGen; Fan HuaiZhong, 2005:
Construction of plant expression vector of fusion genes with Banana bunchy top virus replicase and Cucumber mosaic virus coat protein

H.J.ng' ang; G.Q.nSheng; Liu LiFeng; Zhang Sui; Peng Bin; L.L., 2004:
Construction of plant expression vector of the coat protein gene of zucchini yellow mosaic virus from China

Zeng YongHui; Chen XiHan; Miao LiXia; Cao JunWei, 2005:
Construction of plant expression vector of the proBA gene from Bacillus subtilis mutant and analysis of the salt tolerance of transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana

Fan YuanYuan; Pang YongZhen; W.W.iSheng; Yao JianHong; Tang KeXuan; W.T.anLong, 2004:
Construction of plant expression vectors containing binary insect resistance genes Bt CryIA (a)-pta or Bt CryIA (c)-pta and their expression in transgenic tobaccos

Zhang ZhiYun; Zhang HuSheng; Sun Yi; Liang AiHua, 2004:
Construction of plant expression vectors containing two anti-insect genes

Pan Li; Zhang YongGuang; Wang YongLu; Wang BaoQin; Wang WenXiu; Fang YuZhen; Jiang ShouTian; Wang Wei; Sun Yuan; Xie QingGe, 2005:
Construction of plant seed-specific expression vector with VP1 of FMDV O/China/99 and transfer to Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Wafer, C.C.; Richards, J.Barrett.; Osmond, D.L., 2004:
Construction of platinum-tipped redox probes for determining soil redox potential

Cao RuiBing; Cai MeiHong; Chen DeSheng; Chen PuYan, 2004:
Construction of porcine interferon- gamma bicistron expression vector and its expression in Escherichia coli

Kim, R., 2004:
Construction of preferred product profiles and product differentiation: choice modeling (CM) of beef quality factors

Kajak, K.; Koozyn Krajewska, D., 2004:
Construction of primary non-linear and linear models of growth and survival of psychrotrophic bacteria in salted and cured meat products

Yuan ShiShan; W.S.aoTing; Huang DaNa; Zhang RenLi; Gao ShiTong; Lin QiPing; Y.X.nBing, 2004:
Construction of prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression plasmids with Toxoplasma gondii GRA8

Zhuang DongHong; Ouyang YongChang; H.Z.ong, 2004:
Construction of prokaryotic expression vector for MAP30 gene and study of PCR methods for rapid identification of recombinant

Yuan HuiJun; H.R.ngLiang; Bao ShiJun; Zhang ShouFeng; Yin Zhen, 2004:
Construction of rabies virus glycoprotein/nucleoprotein genetic vaccines and immunological experiments in mice

Law, K.H.; Cheng, Y.C.; Leung, Y.C.; Lo, W.H.; Chua, H.; Yu, H.F., 2003:
Construction of recombinant Bacillus subtilis strains for polyhydroxyalkanoates synthesis

Song ChangXu; Huang Zhong; L.C.unLing; Zhang ChunHong, 2005:
Construction of recombinant adenovirus with IBDV VP2 gene

Qian YingJuan; Zhang XueLian; Chen DeSheng; Chen PuYan, 2004:
Construction of recombinant fowl poxvirus tandem expressing the major antigen cluster gene of glycoprotein B of Marek's disease virus

Dong JinJie; Wang YongLu; Zhang YongGuang; F.X.aoPing; Pan Li; Fang YuZhen; Jiang ShouTian; Wang BaoQin; Wang WenXiu, 2005:
Construction of recombinant plasmid with VP1 gene against Asia I FMDV and elementary analysis of its immunological activity

Suvorov, A.; Ustinovitch, I.; Meringova, L.; Grabovskaya, K.; Leontieva, G.; Vorobieva, E.; Totolian, A., 2004:
Construction of recombinant polypeptides based on beta antigen C (Bac) protein & their usage for protection against group B streptococcal infection

L.X.angMin; Qian Ping; Jin MeiLin; Guo DongChun; Shu ZhuoHui; Chen HuanChun, 2004:
Construction of recombinant pseudorabies virus (TK-/gG-/PgG-P1) which expressed P1 gene of foot and mouth disease virus

Xu, G.; Xu, X.; Li, Z.; He, Q.; Wu, B.; Sun, S.; Chen, H., 2004:
Construction of recombinant pseudorabies virus expressing NS1 protein of Japanese encephalitis (SA14-14-2) virus and its safety and immunogenicity

Jin JunPei; Zhang TianZhen, 2004:
Construction of recurrent selection population for pooling high yield genes and their selection

Y.Y.Xun; Bao ManZhu; Sun ZhenYuan, 2004:
Construction of repeated carnation ACC oxidase gene plant recombinant expression vectors

Kasukawa, T.; Katayama, S.; Kawaji, H.; Suzuki, H.; Hume, D.A.; Hayashizaki, Y., 2004:
Construction of representative transcript and protein sets of human, mouse, and rat as a platform for their transcriptome and proteome analysis

L.J.; Tian ZhiWu, 2003:
Construction of rural technique extension organization in northern China plain areas - development and thinking of rural farmers' technique association

Duddalwar, S.M.; Ali, S.Z.; Ali, S.S.; Kuralkar, S.V., 2004:
Construction of selection indices based on sex chromatin frequencies, transferrin typing, haemoglobin typing and some economic traits in Murrah and Berari buffaloes

Liu Mei; Sun ZongXiu; X.T.ng, 2004:
Construction of several plant expression vectors using multiple cell wall degrading enzyme genes from Trichoderma harzianum and rice transformation

Motonaga, Y.; Kondou, H.; Hashimoto, A.; Kameoka, T., 1999:
Construction of shape and color analyzer for fruits available on internet

Zhao YuMei; Fang ShiSong; Cheng XiaoWen et al., 2004:
Construction of single chain antibody library against nucleoprotein of influenza virus A

Anoop Upadhyay; Eid, T.; Sankhayan, P.L., 2005:
Construction of site index equations for even aged stands of Tectona grandis (teak) from permanent plot data in India

Chen QingShan; Zhang ZhongChen; Liu ChunYan; Wang WeiQuan; L.W.nBin, 2005:
Construction of soybean genetic map with RIL population by Charleston x Dongnong 594

Kaletunc, G., 2003 :
Construction of state diagrams for cereal processing

Han, H.Y.; Zhao, Q.P.ng; Jiang, L.L.an; Dong, H.; Chen, Z.G.o; Huang, B., 2005:
Construction of subtractive cDNA libraries of Eimeria tenella to maduramycin and diclazuril by suppression subtractive hybridization

Wang, X-Lan.; He, R-Feng.; He, G-Cun., 2005:
Construction of suppression subtractive hybridization libraries and identification of brown planthopper-induced genes

Piruzian, E.S.; Bogush, V.G.; Sidoruk, K.V.; Goldenkova, I.V.; Mysiychuk, K.A.; Debabov, V.G., 2003:
Construction of synthetic genes for analogs of spider silk spidroin 1 and their expression in tobacco plants

Wang ZhaoJun; Jiang MinYuan, 2004:
Construction of systematic model for assets operation of state-owned forest resource

Li, W.; Jin, L.; An, L., 2003:
Construction of targeting vector and expression of green fluorescent protein in the silkworm, Antheraea pernyi

Sun YuCheng; Wang XueYing; Chen ShiJun; Wang Zhe; Zhang JiaBao, 2005:
Construction of template for detecting changes of microsomal triglyceride transfer protein mRNA in liver of dairy cows

Chen Liang; Zhao LiPing; Gao QiKang, 2004:
Construction of tender shoots cDNA library and preliminary analysis of expressed sequence tags sequencing of tea plant

Chen Hua; Y.G.nJun; X.X.aoBiao; Zeng JiWu, 2005:
Construction of the AFLP analysis system for Actinidia genome

Karlovic, M., 2004:
Construction of the Farrier school facilities in Zagreb and allocation of the premises to the Veterinary Experimental Station

Mishima, S.; Matsumori, M.; Inoue, T., 2004:
Construction of the database for estimation of nitrogen flow and nitrogen balance in the districts in Japan

Yi, B.; He, A.; Lei, Z.G.ng; Zheng, X.Y.ng; Zhang, R.L.n; Meng, J.X.u; Sheng, C.J.n; Li, Z.Y.; Zan, X.M.i, 2004:
Construction of the expression vector of Pichia pastoris yeast for the gene coding for proteinase cathepsin L2 of Schistosoma japonicum

Song HongYuan; Ding JianGang; Cao BiHao; Lei JianJun; Song Ming, 2004:
Construction of the expression vectors for artificial male sterility gene and fertility restoring gene

Yang JunPin; Rong TingZhao; Huang LieJian; Tang HaiTao; Xiang DaoQuan; Dai JingRui, 2004:
Construction of the frame molecular linkage map in maize

Koie, K.; Inaba, A.; Okada, Y.; Kaneko, T.; Ito, K., 2005:
Construction of the genetic linkage map and QTL analysis on hop (Humulus lupulus L.)

Tao XingLin; Huang YongHong; L.L.; Zhao ChangZeng, 2005:
Construction of the high-efficiency in vitro regeneration system for two Cucumis melo cultivars

Liu Yan; Xiao JanHua; Liao Li; Zhang YuKuai; Zheng GuQing, 2004:
Construction of the nucleic acid vaccine pcDNA3.1(+)/MLP of Schistosoma japonicum and its immuno-protective effect on rabbits

Zhou XiaoHong; Chen XiaoGuang; L.L.Qin; L.L.n; W.Y.u; Xian Peng; Yan Hui; W.K.n, 2004:
Construction of the plant expression vector for the truncated fragments of SAG1 gene of Toxoplasma gondii

X.W.iRong; Wang YueJin; Wang XiPing; Hao Wei; Sun Ma, 2005:
Construction of the plant expression vectors carrying resistant genes to powdery mildew and adversities in wild species of Vitis in China

Fang LiuRong; Xiao ShaoBo; Jiang YunBo; Niu ChuanShuang; Zhang Hui; Chen HuanChun, 2004:
Construction of the recombinant pseudorabies virus TK-/gG-/GP5+ expressing GP5 of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) and the preliminary study on its biological characterization

Takashima, Y.; Xuan, X.; Nagasawa, H.; Matsumoto, Y.; Igarashi, I.; Fujisaki, K.; Mikami, T.; Otsuka, H., 2000:
Construction of the recombinant pseudorabies viruses expressing Cryptosporidium parvum an immunodominant surface protein, p23

Bei, Z-chun.; Wang, J-yan., 2004:
Construction of the subtracted cDNA libraries related to artemisinin-resistance of Plasmodium berghei

Shu HengPing; Jiang LiPing; W.X.ang; Luo ShuHong, 2004:
Construction of the transfecting plasmid pGB/P5-P3 with the P24 gene of Toxoplasma gondii knocked out

X.X.aoJuan; H.Q.Gai; Chen HuanChun; X.G.oYuan, 2003:
Construction of the transfer vector pSKPG for a vaccine strain of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae by mutagenesis of the apx II C gene

G.C.unXi; Huang JiongLie; Chen GuanJin; W.Y.; Y.H.ngFeng, 2003:
Construction of transgenic vector pB and identification of its integrational function in mosquito cell

Nam, Y-W.; Lee, J-R.; Song, K-H.; Lee, M-K.; Robbins, M.D.; Chung, S-M.; Staub, J.E.; Zhang, H-B., 2005:
Construction of two BAC libraries from cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) and identification of clones linked to yield component quantitative trait loci

Chen, Q.; Sun, S.; Ye, Q.; McCuine, S.; Huff, E.; Zhang, H-B., 2004:
Construction of two BAC libraries from the wild Mexican diploid potato, Solanum pinnatisectum, and the identification of clones near the late blight and Colorado potato beetle resistance loci

Julier, B.; Flajoulot, S.; Barre, P.; Cardinet, Gëlle.; Santoni, S.; Huguet, T.; Huyghe, C., 2003:
Construction of two genetic linkage maps in cultivated tetraploid alfalfa (Medicago sativa) using microsatellite and AFLP markers

Razanskiene, A.; Rugienius, R.; Gelvonauskiene, D.; Vinskiene, J.; Zalunskaite, I.; Stankiene, J.; Sasnauskas, A.; Stanys, V., 2005:
Construction of vectors carrying (BRV) DNA sequences aimed at inducing RNA interference and virus resistance of black currants (Ribes nigrum L.)

Sorvig, E.; Gronqvist, S.; Naterstad, K.; Mathiesen, G.; Eijsink, V.G.H.; Axelsson, L., 2003:
Construction of vectors for inducible gene expression in Lactobacillus sakei and L plantarum

Endoh, D.; Izumi, K.; Oikawa, S., 2005:
Construction of web-based database system to share data on cows in Rakuno Gakuen University Research Farm

Pugachev, K.V.; Guirakhoo, F.; Mitchell, F.; Ocran, S.W.; Parsons, M.; Johnson, B.W.; Kosoy, O.L.; Lanciotti, R.S.; Roehrig, J.T.; Trent, D.W.; Monath, T.P., 2004:
Construction of yellow fever/St. Louis encephalitis chimeric virus and the use of chimeras as a diagnostic tool

Zhao WenMing; J.R.ng; Ding JiaBo; Cui ZhiZhong, 2004:
Construction recombinants of envelope gene of avian reticuloendotheliosis virus in eukaryotic expression system

Koch, M., 2004:
Construction solutions of selected equipment offered by AB TECHNO

Rodríguez-Lázaro, D.; D'Agostino, M.; Pla, M.; Cook, N., 2004:
Construction strategy for an internal amplification control for real-time diagnostic assays using nucleic Acid sequence-based amplification: development and clinical application

Kariyawasam, S.; Wilkie, B.N.; Gyles, C.L., 2004:
Construction, characterization, and evaluation of the vaccine potential of three genetically defined mutants of avian pathogenic Escherichia coli

Gabor, E.M.; de Vries, E.J.; Janssen, D.B., 2004:
Construction, characterization, and use of small-insert gene banks of DNA isolated from soil and enrichment cultures for the recovery of novel amidases

Payie, K.G.; Tanaka, T.; Gal, S.; Yada, R.Y., 2003:
Construction, expression and characterization of a chimaeric mammalian-plant aspartic proteinase

Zhu Yi; Zhu Jin; Feng ZhenQing; X.L.; L.Y.nQian; Qiu ZhenNing; Guan XiaoHong, 2005:
Construction, expression and characterization of a mono-specific bivalent antibody derived from an anti-anti-idiotypic monoclonal antibody NP48 of Schistosoma japonicum

Hulle, S.W.H. van; Broeck, S. van den; Maertens, J.; Villez, K.; Donckels, B.M.R.; Schelstraete, G.; Volcke, E.I.P.; Vanrolleghem, P.A., 2005:
Construction, start-up and operation of a continuously aerated laboratory-scale SHARON reactor in view of coupling with an Anammox reactor

Song HongYuan; Cao BiHao; Ding JianGang; Lei JianJun; Song Ming, 2004:
Constructions of male sterility gene and fertility restoring gene expression vectors by Cre/loxp site-specific recombination system

Sirbu, M.; Tanasescu, I.; Pascalau, S., 2002:
Constructive solutions for maternities in cattle shelters

Barbari, M.; Bianchi, M.; Bibbiani, C.; Camiciottoli, S.; Conti, L.; Gori, A.; Masi, G.; Monti, M.; Pellegrini, P.; Guerri, F.S., 2004:
Constructive solutions for the extensive management of beef cattle and pigs

Rollnick, S.; Butler, C.C.; McCambridge, J.; Kinnersley, P.; Elwyn, G.; Resnicow, K., 2005:
Consultations about changing behaviour

Maharaj, V.; Pietersen, T., 2004:
Consulting South Africa's diverse population about the country's proposed National Water Resource Strategy

Supriya Garikipati, 2005:
Consulting the development-displaced regarding their resettlement: is there a way?

Gambaro, A.; Fiszman, S.; Gimenez, A.; Varela, P.; Salvador, A., 2004:
Consumer acceptability compared with sensory and instrumental measures of white pan bread: sensory shelf-life estimation by survival analysis

Brajesh Singh; Dahiya, P.S.; Ezekiel, R.; Suresh Kumar; Pandey, N.K., 2004:
Consumer acceptability of CIPC treated potatoes in Malwa Region of Madhya Pradesh

Devereux, H.M.; Jones, G.P.; McCormack, L.; Hunter, W.C., 2003:
Consumer acceptability of low fat foods containing inulin and oligofructose

Ramcharitar, A.; Badrie, N.; Mattfeldt Beman, M.; Matsuo, H.; Ridley, C., 2005:
Consumer acceptability of muffins with flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum)

Dubost, N.J.; Shewfelt, R.L.; Eitenmiller, R.R., 2003:
Consumer acceptability, sensory and instrumental analysis of peanut soy spreads

Dustmann, H.; Weindlmaier, H., 2004:
Consumer acceptance and development perspectives of functional food in Germany

Sanni, L.O.; Ayinde, I.A., 2003:
Consumer acceptance and economic feasibility of dried fufu production in Nigeria

Kiesel, K.; Buschena, D.; Smith, V., 2004:
Consumer acceptance and labelling of GMOs in food products: a study of fluid milk demand

Carr, M.A.; Crockett, K.L.; Ramsey, C.B.; Miller, M.F., 2004:
Consumer acceptance of calcium chloride-marinated top loin steaks

Hersleth, M.U.land, O.A.lain, H.N.es, T., 2005:
Consumer acceptance of cheese, influence of different testing conditions

Johnson, A.M.; Reynolds, A.E.; Chen, J.R.; Resurreccion, A.V.A., 2004:
Consumer acceptance of electron-beam irradiated ready-to-eat poultry meats

Frewer, L.; Scholderer, J.; Lambert, N., 2003:
Consumer acceptance of functional foods: issues for the future

Verbeke, W., 2005:
Consumer acceptance of functional foods: socio-demographic, cognitive and attitudinal determinants

Scholtz, S.C.; Bosman, M.J.C., 2005:
Consumer acceptance of high-fibre muffins and rusks baked with red palm olein

Onyango, B.M.; Nayga, R.M.J., 2004:
Consumer acceptance of nutritionally enhanced genetically modified food: relevance of gene transfer technology

Luckow, T.D.lahunty, C., 2004:
Consumer acceptance of orange juice containing functional ingredients

Briz, J.; Felipe, I. de, 2003:
Consumer analysis in a dynamic food market

Kelley, K.M.; Behe, B.K.; Biernbaum, J.A.; Poff, K.L., 2004:
Consumer and professional chef perceptions and acceptance of edible flowers

Spaho, N.; Orucevic, S.; Begic Akagic, A., 2004:
Consumer as designer of trends in food technology

Behrens, J.H.; Silva, M.A.A.P. da, 2004:
Consumer attitude towards soybean and related products

McCluskey, J.J.; Curtis, K.R.; Li, Q.; Wahl, T.I.; Grimsrud, K.M., 2004:
Consumer attitudes and willingness to pay for genetically modified foods: a cross-country comparison

Padel, S., 2004:
Consumer attitudes in North-West England to organic and regional food

Hohn, E.; Gasser, F.; Mattle, S.; Napflin, B.; Ladner, J., 2004:
Consumer attitudes to DiwaReg., Elstar and Idared apples. Results of a consumer survey

Sondergaard, H.A.; Grunert, K.G.; Scholderer, J., 2005:
Consumer attitudes to enzymes in food production

Grimsrud, K.M.; McCluskey, J.J.; Loureiro, M.L.; Wahl, T.I., 2004:
Consumer attitudes to genetically modified food in Norway

Butz, P.; Needs, E.C.; Baron, A.; Bayer, O.; Geisel, B.; Bharat Gupta; Oltersdorf, U.; Tauscher, B., 2003:
Consumer attitudes to high pressure food processing

Napier, T.L.; Tucker, M.; Henry, C.; Whaley, S.R., 2004:
Consumer attitudes toward GMOs: the Ohio experience

Cates, S.C.; Carter Young, H.L.; Puro, E.L.; Post, R.C.; Manka, A., 2004:
Consumer attitudes toward and preferences for food standards of identity

Wolf, M.M.; McDonnell, J.; Domegan, C.; Yount, H., 2004:
Consumer attitudes towards GM food in Ireland and the USA

Nielsen, C.P.; Thierfelder, K.; Robinson, S., 2004:
Consumer attitudes towards GM foods: the modelling of preference changes

Johnson, A.M.; Reynolds, A.E.; Chen, J.R.; Resurreccion, A.V.A., 2004:
Consumer attitudes towards irradiated food: 2003 vs. 1993

Frewer, L.J.; Kole, A.; Kroon, S.M.A. van de; Lauwere, C. de, 2005:
Consumer attitudes towards the development of animal-friendly husbandry systems

Wilcock, A.; Pun, M.; Khanona, J.; Aung, M., 2004:
Consumer attitudes, knowledge and behaviour: a review of food safety issues

Kapsdorferova, Z.; Nagyova, L', 2005:
Consumer behavior at the Slovak dairy market

Dosen, O.; Prebezac, D., 2003:
Consumer behavior in tourism - attitudes and motivators as criteria for segmentation of tourism market

Mattila, A.S., 2004:
Consumer behavior research in hospitality and tourism journals

Ferraz, R.G.; Soares, N. de F.F.; Silva, N.M. da, 2003:
Consumer behavior towards nutrition information in food products labeling: a research on retails in Belo Horizonte - MG

Vicen, M.; Minarova, M., 2004:
Consumer behaviour at the poultry meat market

Chladkova, H., 2004 :
Consumer behaviour on the Czech wine market

Picha, K., 2004:
Consumer behaviour with regards to aspects of purchased food

Nizza, S.; Verneau, F., 2002:
Consumer choice and price variations; the fruit juice sector in Italy

Dransfield, E.; Ngapo, T.M.; Nielsen, N.A.; Bredahl, L.; Sjödén, P.O.; Magnusson, M.; Campo, M.M.; Nute, G.R., 2005:
Consumer choice and suggested price for pork as influenced by its appearance, taste and information concerning country of origin and organic pig production

Stavkova, J.; Turcinkova, J., 2005:
Consumer choice process when purchasing the staple food

Jaffry, S.; Pickering, H.; Ghulam, Y.; Whitmarsh, D.; Wattage, P., 2004:
Consumer choices for quality and sustainability labelled seafood products in the UK

Ngapo, T.M.; Martin, J.F.; Dransfield, E., 2004:
Consumer choices of pork chops: results from three panels in France

Meuwissen, M.P.M.; Latouche, K.; Lans, I.A.C.M. van der; Carpentier, A., 2004:
Consumer concerns about pork production in France and the Netherlands

Quintili, R.; Grifoni, G., 2004:
Consumer concerns for animal welfare: from psychosis to awareness

Lyon, P.; Colquhoun, A.; Janhonen Abruquah, H., 2003:
Consumer confidence and UK food retailing: why does local food matter?

Drummond, G.; Rule, G., 2005:
Consumer confusion in the UK wine industry

Radman, M., 2005:
Consumer consumption and perception of organic products in Croatia

Cooper, J.J., 2004:
Consumer demand under commercial husbandry conditions: practical advice on measuring behavioural priorities in captive animals

Hoehn, E.; Gasser, F.; Guggenbuehl, B.; Casutt, M., 2003:
Consumer demands on eating quality of apples: minimum requirements on firmness, soluble solids and acidity

Mahindra, R.; Megha Bhargava; Randhawa, A., 2004:
Consumer education through community participation

Abbott, J.A.; Saftner, R.A.; Gross, K.C.; Vinyard, B.T.; Janick, J., 2004:
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Context-bound knowledge production, capacity building and new product networks

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Context-dependent nestmate discrimination and the effect of action thresholds on exogenous cue recognition in the Argentine ant

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Contextual effect of income inequality on birth outcomes

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Continued anomalous warming in Australia

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Continued growth in colored mulch market

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Continuing education and training in animal industries

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Continuing professional development for veterinarians

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Continuing veterinary education needed in clinical subjects of the veterinary surgeons of Kerala

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Continuing veterinary education needs in zoo and wildlife management, livestock production and livestock products technology to the veterinary surgeons of Kerala State, India

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