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Cropping period and yield of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus sajor-caju) on different agro-substrates

Chavan, R.A.; Dhoke, P.K.; Bharose, A.A.; Jadhav, V.T.

Journal of Soils and Crops 13(2): 275-277


Accession: 004091593

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Oyster mushroom (P. sajor-caju) was cultivated on soyabean, paddy, wheat, cotton and jawar (sorghum) straws in the laboratory. The highest yield of mushroom was obtained when grown on cotton straw (993.00 g kg-1 of dry straw) followed by soyabean, paddy, wheat and jawar straws with yields of 935.25, 816.00, 708.25 and 445.50 g kg-1 of dry straw, respectively. The cropping period with cotton straw was less than that with soyabean straw (42.75 days).

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