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Chapter 4,098

Deployment of genetically-engineered trees in plantation forestry - an issue of concern? The science and politics of genetically modified tree plantations

Walter, C.; Fenning, T.

Plantation forest biotechnology for the 21st century: 423-446


Accession: 004097327

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Few areas of scientific enterprise have attracted so much public attention over recent years as the rise of plant biotechnology. This technology holds promise to fundamentally change agriculture and forestry, both in terms of management practise and the quality and quantity of the products derived from it. While previous chapters have discussed the goals and the technologies used for forest biotechnology, this chapter takes a wider look at the concerns raised, in particular those relating to the use of genetic engineering to make improved planting stock for plantation forestry. We will discuss the perceived risks of GE in agriculture and forestry, the scientific basis for these risks, and the strategies to mitigate them.

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