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Determining a combined sampling procedure for a reliable estimation of Araneidae and Thomisidae assemblages (Arachnida, Araneae)

Jimenez Valverde, A.; Lobo, J.M.

Journal of Arachnology 33(1): 33-42


ISSN/ISBN: 0161-8202
DOI: 10.1636/m03-10
Accession: 004101518

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As the disappearance of species accelerates, it becomes extremely urgent to develop sampling protocols based on efficient sampling methods. As knowledge of the Iberian spider fauna is extremely incomplete, it is becoming necessary to facilitate reliable and complete species richness inventory collection. In this work the results from six sampling methods (sweeping, beating, pitfall traps, hand collecting at two different heights and leaf litter analysis) in three habitats with different vegetation structure are compared for the inventory of Araneidae and Thomisidae in 1 km2 sampling plots. A combination of sweeping, beating and pitfall trapping prove to be necessary to achieve a reliable inventory of these two spider families. Hand collecting above knee level contributes to the improvement of the protocol in certain habitats where araneids, concentrated in patches of suitable vegetation, are easy to find.

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