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Difference in amylose content variation of rice grains and its position distribution within a panicle between two panicle types of japonica cultivars

Zhu HaiJiang; Cheng FangMin; Wang Feng; Zhong LianJin; Zhao NingChun; Liu ZhengHui

Chinese Journal of Rice Science 18(4): 321-325


ISSN/ISBN: 1001-7216
Accession: 004106655

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The grain amylose content (AC) and amylose position distribution in the panicle were compared in 6 japonica cultivars with erect panicle and 4 japonica cultivars with curved panicle. Panicle type had a significant effect in AC variation in grains. Erect panicle cultivars had higher variation coefficient, dispersing degree and variation range of AC than curved panicle cultivars.

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