Eco-regions and the problems of surface water quality objectives indication in the Ob River (Siberia, Russia)

Zemtsov, V.A.

Hydrology science and practice for the 21st century, Volume II Proceedings of the British Hydrological Society International Conference, Imperial College, London, July 2004: 226-232


Accession: 004114999

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The concept of eco-regions was applied in this study for geographical characterisation of regional water quality patterns in small and medium-sized local rivers with catchment areas of up to 20,000 - 30, 000 km2. The study focused on:- spatial and temporal variations in local river water quality, regionalisation of the Ob river basin, and estimation of reference conditions for water quality monitoring and management. Four large eco-regions were defined based on multi-variable clustering of river stations under geographical control (taking their locations into account). Each eco-region was distinguished by the water quality pattern describing chemical parameters and seasonal differences. The paper supports an approach to the indication of reference conditions that describe water quality patterns of clean or least polluted rivers in the high and low water seasons within each eco-region.