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Economic benefits of dolphins in the United States eastern tropical Pacific purse-seine tuna industry

Haraden, J.; Herrick, S.F.; Squires, D.; Tisdell, C.A.

Environmental and Resource Economics 28(4): 451-468


ISSN/ISBN: 0924-6460
DOI: 10.1023/b:eare.0000036773.77566.3d
Accession: 004115738

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This paper provides a profit-maximizing model with vessel-level dolphin mortality limits for purse seiners harvesting tunas in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean. The model analytically derives the shadow price (estimated economic value) for dolphin mortality, the fishing-fleet size, and the annual tuna harvest as functions of a few key fishing parameters. The model also provides a statistical method to determine the accuracy of all needed parameter estimates.

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