Effect of culture media and growth regulators on micropropagation of peach rootstock GF 677

Touqeer Ahmad; Hafeez, U.R.hman ; Ahmed, C.M.S.; Laghari, M.H.

Pakistan Journal of Botany 35(3): 331-338


ISSN/ISBN: 0556-3321
Accession: 004119725

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The effects of Murashige and Skoog (1962) and Anderson (AND; 1984) media with different benzyladenine (BA) concentrations (0.3, 0.6, 0.9 mg l-1) on the in vitro shoot proliferation of peach rootstock GF 677 were investigated. Shoot proliferation, elongation and growth on MS medium was the best whereas on AND medium the shoots were chlorotic, small and vitrified. BA at 0.6 mg l-1 produced the highest number of shoots having >2 cm length. Higher level of BA (0.9 mg l-1) induced callus formation and shoot apical necrosis. The best root system was developed on half strength MS media supplemented with 3 mg IBA l-1. Higher level of IBA (4.0 mg l-1) induced callus and inhibited normal root development.